NFBC and Prospects1500: Second Base

I feel fair warning is warranted.

If you’re competing this year, there is not much for you to look at here.

If you’re playing in NFBC drafts, one of these players may benefit you. But, to be honest, there is probably a 30-something that would do just as well.

And also, there are only 4 Prospects1500 2B being selected in drafts this year.

Don’t worry, you can get your middle infield fix tomorrow with 11 shortstops listed.

Note: NFBC draft positions were exported around January 31st.

Wilmer Difo

NFBC draft position – Average: 592 | Minimum: 458 | Maximum: 746

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 5th Nationals

As Chris Mitchell mentions in his Nationals KATOH article from last offseason, Difo is an intriguing prospect due to ++ speed and a small amount of power. If it were not for his pesky contact problems.

Difo is currently projected to start in the minors but should find his way to the majors at some point in 2017. He should be the first man up if there are injuries or struggles among the Nationals middle infield (Murphy, Turner, and Drew).

Joey Wendle

NFBC draft position – Average: 612 | Minimum: 535 | Maximum: 734

Prospects 1500 Team Rank: 35th Athletics

Similar to Difo, Wendle offers a mix of power and speed, though perhaps a bit more of the former and a lot less of the latter. Wendle, though, is not guaranteed to be the first man up (see Pinder below).

Still, he could be a cheap enough acquisition target if you’re in a deep league. Clearly, preference may be given to higher upside prospects, but Wendle does have the potential to provide modest contributions towards the end of the year. For what it’s worth, Steamer projections are not too optimistic.

Chad Pinder

NFBC draft position – Average: 658 | Minimum: 520 | Maximum: 728

Prospects 1500 Team Rank: 18th Athletics

Pinder, not Wendle, may be the infielder of choice if Oakland needs to recall one from the minors. Roster Resource projects Pinder as an early 2017 callup. Steamer, though, projects him for fewer at-bats than Wendle.

Whether Pinder or Wendle, it seems unwise to depend on either. If targeting in deeper leagues, Pinder may be the correct call given his age relative to Pinder’s.

Willie Calhoun

NFBC draft position – Average: 675| Minimum: 618 | Maximum: 748

Prospects 1500 Team Rank: 6th Dodgers

Calhoun earned a non-roster invite to spring training this offseason after a productive season in AA. Because of that, it is unlikely you would be able to acquire Calhoun without giving up top talent. But, if you’re looking to compete this year and have that type of talent, it would be best used to acquire a major league asset. And if you’re not competing, then it would be advisable to hand onto the budding 2B.


Players are listed with their primary position. So, I should highlight that Ozzie Albies is a good MI prospect target in NFBC or deep leagues. Though it’s hard for me to imagine a dynasty league where Albies would not already be rostered. And acquiring him may come at a hefty price.

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