Arizona Fall League Rosters Preview

Baseball welcomes back the Arizona Fall League on October 3rd of this year. The league first started back in 1992 and features some of the best prospects in the sport. Each team selects 6-8 players to represent them in the league. The season lasts six weeks and ends with the Arizona Fall League Championship game on November 12. Many notable players appeared in this league in past seasons such as Ronald Acuna, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout.

The league consists of two divisions of three teams each. Each team represents 5 teams from the major leagues.

East Division:
Mesa Solar Sox – A’s, Cubs, Marlins, Rays, Yankees
Salt River Rafters – Blue Jays, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Tigers
Scottsdale Scorpions – Angels, Braves, Giants, Orioles, Red Sox

West Division:
Glendale Desert Dogs – Brewers, Dodgers, Reds, Twins, White Sox
Peoria Javelinas – Guardians, Mariners, Mets, Nationals, Padres
Surprise Saguaros – Astros, Phillies, Pirates, Rangers, Royals

In an interesting move, the league will incorporate the new rules that were recently announced including shift restrictions, pitch timer, pick-off limits, and bigger bases.

So what good are knowing these names for fantasy league owners? Well, success in this league could lead to a promotion the following year and many of these players listed below may not be rostered in deeper dynasty leagues. Any extra information gives us an advantage over other owners to get a jump on a player who can help us win that championship, whether it’s a middle reliever for saves/holds or a speedy hitter who can steal some bases.

For more information on these players, clicking on the divisions will take you to our divisional midseason Top 50s. The numbers next to the player names indicate their ranking on their organizations’ midseason Top 50 list.

American League East

Baltimore Orioles

Noah Denoyer, RHP (40)
Nolan Hoffman, RHP
Heston Kjerstad, OF (8)
Easton Lucas, LHP
Cesar Prieto, 2B/SS (9)
Nick Richmond, RHP
Reed Trimble, OF (23)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Heston Kjerstad – he’s finally healthy this year and I’m interested in seeing if he’s going to develop power and be another cornerstone for an improving Baltimore team.

Boston Red Sox

Wilyer Abreu, OF (11 on Astros)
Niko Kavadas, 1B (10)
Aaron Perry, RHP
Stephen Scott, C (50)
Thad Ward, RHP (25)
Jacob Webb, RHP
Nick Yorke, 2B (3)
Ryan Zeferjahn, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Nick Yorke – struggled this season after a really solid 2021. Can he get back on track?

New York Yankees

Nelson Alvarez, RHP
Yorlin Calderon, RHP
Jasson Dominguez, OF (3)
Tyler Hardman, 3B (44)
Shaine McNeely, RHP
Leam Mendez, RHP
T.J. Rumfield, 1B

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Jasson Dominguez – recently promoted to AA, I’m interested in seeing how he develops as he moves up levels with all his talent.

Tampa Bay Rays

Mason Auer, OF (34)
Alexander Ayala, Jr. (43)
Sandy Gaston, RHP (22)
Blake Hunt, C (37)
Antonio Menendez, RHP
Tanner Murray, INF
Evan Reifert, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Sandy Gaston – the pitcher always had potential but has struggled to put it together.

Toronto Blue Jays

Zach Britton, OF
Addison Barger, 3B (45)
Hagen Danner, RHP (30)
Hunter Gregory, RHP
Tanner Morris, 2B (34)
Anders Tolhurst, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on?  Addison Barger – the third baseman could be a classic three-true-outcomes player with his power, walks, and strikeouts.

American League Central

Chicago White Sox

Moises Castillo, SS
Declan Cronin, RHP
Adam Hackenberg, C (19)
Sammy Peralta, LHP
Lane Ramsey, RHP (26)
Chase Solesky, RHP
Terrell Tatum, OF (34)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Sammy Peralta – the hard-throwing reliever gets a lot of strikeouts and there could be openings in the bullpen next season.

Cleveland Guardians

David Fry, 3B
Mason Hickman, RHP (49)
Connor Kokx, OF
Angel Martinez, SS (16)
Cade Smith, RHP
Lenny Torres, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Lenny Torres – he’s struggled but has some good tools and is in an organization known for developing pitching.

Detroit Tigers

Jack Anderson, RHP
Dillon Dingler, C (20)
Colt Keith, 3B (5)
Andrew Magno, LHP
Tyler Mattison, RHP (27)
Parker Meadows, OF (16)
Gage Workman, SS (9)
Joey Wentz, LHP (13)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Parker Meadows – Austin’s younger brother had a solid year and I’m looking forward to watching his development.

Kansas City Royals

Christian Chamberlain, LHP
Jonah Dipoto, RHP
Tyler Gentry, OF (11)
Walter Pennington, LHP
John Rave, OF (23)
T.J. Sikkema, LHP (20 on Yankees)
Samad Taylor, 2B (5 on Blue Jays)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on?  John Rave – pretty cool sounding last name!

Minnesota Twins

Denny Bentley, LHP
Alex Isola, C
Edouard Julien, 2B (16)
Austin Martin, OF (2)
Jon Olsen, RHP
Francis Peguero, RHP
Ryan Shreve, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Austin Martin – is he ever going to hit and hit with power?

American League West

Houston Astros

J.C. Correa, SS (18)
Colton Gordon, LHP
Rhett Kouba, RHP
Matt Ruppenthal, RHP
Scott Schreiber, 1B
Jonathan Sprinkle, RHP
Will Wagner, 2B

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? J.C. Correa – Carlos’s younger brother had a solid season in High-A ball.

Los Angeles Angels

Ivan Armstrong, RHP (34)
Werner Blakely, 3B (5)
Kelvin Caceres, RHP
Jack Kochanowicz, RHP (47)
Kyren Paris, SS (4)
Bryce Teodosio, OF
Connor Van Scoyoc, RHP (18)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Kyren Paris – the talented shortstop gets on base and steals bases and could be ready to take the next step.

Oakland Athletics

Lawrence Butler, 1B
Ryan Cusick, RHP (14)
Denzel Clarke, OF  (10)
Zack Gelof, 3B (3)
J.T. Ginn, RHP (6)
Michael Guldberg, OF (35)
Mason Miller, RHP (25)
Colin Peluse, RHP (17)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Zack Gelof – talented third baseman may start with the big-league team next season. Also, Ginn is healthy and there are always openings in Oakland’s rotation.

Seattle Mariners

Ty Adcock, RHP
Jorge Benitez, LHP
Jose Caballero, INF
Adam Macko, LHP (10)
Spencer Packard, OF (32)
Robert Perez, Jr., 1B (21)
Alberto Rodriguez, OF (13)
Juan Then, RHP (25)
Bryan Woo, RHP (36)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Jorge Benitez – the hard-throwing reliever may factor into the team’s bullpen mix next year.

Texas Rangers

Luisangel Acuna, SS (11)
Jayce Easley, 2B
Cody Freeman, C
Trevor Hauver, OF (22)
Jake Latz, LHP (38)
Kumar Rocker, RHP
Nick Starr, RHP
Grant Wolfram, LHP
Aaron Zavala, OF (9)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Kumar Rocker – is he healthy?

National League East

Atlanta Braves

Cal Conley, SS (25)
Justyn-Henry Malloy, OF (15)
Jose Montilla, RHP
Alex Segal, LHP
Austin Smith, RHP
Allan Winans, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on?  Their pitchers – the team always seems to have a pitcher come out of nowhere to be successful!

Miami Marlins

Tyler Eckberg, RHP
Justin Fall, LHP
Penn Jones, RHP
Chandler Jozwiak, LHP
Joe Mack, C (15)
Victor Mesa, Jr., (23)
Jose Salas, 2B/SS (4)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Victor Mesa, Jr. – is this the league to jump-start himself and put it all together?

New York Mets

Stanley Consuegra, OF (36)
Grant Hartwig, RHP
Kevin Kendall, SS (21)
Brandon McIlwain, OF
Troy Miller, RHP
Luke Ritter, SS (41)
Franklin Sanchez, RHP
Christian Scott, RHP (25)
Mike Vasil, RHP (20)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Stanley Consuegra – toolsy outfielder with speed and power who needs to hit.

Philadelphia Phillies

Carlos De La Cruz, OF (41)
Taylor Lehman, LHP
Francisco Morales, RHP (7)
Jhailyn Ortiz, OF (14)
Johan Rojas, OF (2)
Brett Schulze, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? All of them, as a Phillies fan, but specifically Johan Rojas. Can he further develop his hit-tool to combine with his game-changing speed to lead off for the team in 2024?

Washington Nationals

Yasel Antuna, OF (15)
Darren Baker, 2B
Tim Cate, LHP (43)
Will Frizzell, 1B
Robert Hassell III, OF (2 on Padres)
Lucas Knowles, LHP
Brady Lindsly, C
Drew Millas, C
Orlando Ribalta, RHP
Amos Willingham, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Robert Hassell III – he struggled after being traded from San Diego so I’d like to see him get back on track.

National League Central

Chicago Cubs

Brennen Davis, OF (1)
Bailey Horn, LHP
Zac Leigh, RHP (35)
Riley Martin, LHP
Matt Mervis, 1B (15)
Sheldon Reed, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Brennen Davis – he should have been in the majors this season if it wasn’t for injuries.

Cincinnati Reds

Sam Benschoter, RHP
Jake Gozzo, RHP
Rece Hinds, OF (8)
Noelvi Marte, SS (1 on Mariners)
Matt McLain, SS (3)
Christian Roa, RHP (30)
Vin Timpanelli, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Marte and McLain – what a middle infield combination for Cincinnati fans to look forward to!

Milwaukee Brewers

Tyler Black, 2B (9)
Logan Henderson, RHP (25)
Ryan Middendorf, RHP
Jeferson Quero, C (7)
Russell Smith, LHP (27)
Abner Uribe, RHP (19)
Je’Von Ward, OF
Zavier Warren, SS (16)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Tyler Black – he didn’t play much this year due to injuries but I’ve always been excited about his potential.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Omar Cruz, LHP
Henry Davis, C (2)
Nick Gonzales, 2B (3)
Matt Gorski, OF (23)
Jacob Gonzalez, 1B (27)
Quinn Priester, RHP (5)
Blake Sabol, C (26)
Colin Selby, RHP
Tahnaj Thomas, RHP (41)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Nick Gonzales – is finally healthy so I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of doing.

St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Antico, OF (28)
Tink Hence, RHP (8)
Kyle Leahy, RHP
Ryan Loutos, RHP
Pedro Pages, C (44)
Connor Thomas, LHP (22)
Jordan Walker, OF (1)
Masyn Winn, SS (4)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Walker and Winn – two exciting prospects from an organization known to develop players very well.

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks

Kyle Backhus, LHP
J.B. Bukauskas, RHP
Deyvison De Los Santos, 3B (5)
Jackson Goddard, RHP
Cooper Hummel, C (36)
Jordan Lawlar, SS (2)
Chad Patrick, RHP

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? De Los Santos – he’s the youngest player in the league and shot up prospect rankings this summer.

Colorado Rockies

Warming Bernabel, 3B (7)
Blair Calvo, RHP
Finn Del Bonta-Smith, RHP
Braxton Fulford, C
Stephen Jones, RHP (36)
Peter Lambert, RHP
Grant Lavigne, 1B (15)
Zac Veen, OF (2)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Zac Veen – can he play well enough to put himself into contention for an Opening Day roster spot in 2023?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Hyun-Il Choi, RHP (28)
Tanner Dodson, RHP
Ben Harris, LHP
Andy Pages, OF (5)
Jose Ramos, OF (9)
Emmet Sheehan, RHP (47)
Jorbit Vivas, 2B (15)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Andy Pages – will he continue his power surge into Arizona this season?

San Diego Padres

Nerwilian Cedeno, 3B (49)
Efrain Contreras, RHP (29)
Jordan Guerrero, RHP
Alek Jacob, RHP
Chris Lincoln, RHP
Joshua Mears, OF (8)
Jackson Merrill, SS (10)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Joshua Mears – San Diego hasn’t always produced great offensive talent from the minors but Mears could be special.

San Francisco Giants

Will Bednar, RHP (14)
Hunter Dula, RHP
Luis Matos, OF (3)
Tyler Myrick, RHP
Adrian Sugastey, C (18)
Andy Thomas, C
Carson Whisenhunt, LHP
Logan Wyatt, 1B (36)

Who I’m keeping my eyes on? Luis Matos – he was highly touted coming into this year but struggled in High-A. Can he get back on track with a good showing here?

Tony Bps Spina is a lifelong baseball fan hailing from the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia! Tony has loved baseball since 1980 and has followed the Phillies through good and bad times. Tony is married with 3 kids and works for a financial institution but has enough free time to play in 20 fantasy baseball leagues with 75% of them being Dynasty Leagues. He lives a few blocks away from Citizens Bank Park and attends many Phillies games per year in addition to their minor league teams in Lehigh Valley and Reading. He can be reached on Twitter at @TonyBps1.

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