On the Road Again

Richie: Hey Adam! Where you going now?

Adam: Atlanta.

Richie: Yeah? I was in the NL East once. For 9 days.

Adam: That’s rough. I’ve gotten around this offseason, but my shortest stop was 2 weeks.

Richie: And you’ve only been on 4 teams, right?

Adam: And I didn’t even get traded like you.

Richie: True enough. Seattle traded 3 guys to get Motter and the right to DFA me. The other 3 got those rights for free!

Jesus: You guys seem to know how this works. Should I start packing now?

In the comment section of Scott’s article on AAAA hitters, I mentioned Jesus Aguilar.

I view Aguilar as a classic AAAA hitter. Hits just well enough to be dominant at AAA but cannot quite make the adjustments needed to succeed at the major league level. Though, in Mr. Aguilar’s case, perhaps he just needs more time.

Conveniently enough he was just designated for assignment today to make room for Richie Shaffer.

You’ll be forgiven for not following the MLB transactions page compulsively like I do and realizing that Cleveland is now Richie’s 5th home this offseason.

One thing is for sure. Richie has noticed but remains positive:

And then we have Adam Brett Walker who was claimed today by his fourth team–yes, more teams than he has names–this offseason.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was hope for him to be a sleeper enjoying Camden Yards. Of course that was before Trumbo came to town. And Walker got DFA’ed to make room.

And now he gets to take his two true outcomes approach (though perhaps just under 10% walk rate can qualify as a three outcomes player) to SunTrust Park. Or perhaps another team. Still months to go before the season starts.

It’s the life of an AAAA hitter.

Nothing glamorous, but at least you get a filled out transaction section on your player page.


  1. Walker does hit more than home runs. He either leads his leagues or finishes top 3 in extra base hits and total bases every year. That is more than 2 outcomes for sure. Lots of doubles and triples too. Gotta love a guy who puts himself in scoring position without the help of a bunt or stolen base.

  2. Braves might regret trying to sneak ABW through waivers. Keep on 40 man until after spring training. Twins – Brewers – Orioles tried and failed. Diamond in the Rough

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