Jeremy Mahy (Oakland Athletics)

Hello fellow prospect followers! My name is Jeremy Mahy and I am honored to have the opportunity to cover the Oakland Athletics for Prospects1500. Baseball has been a love of mine since the days when my friends and I would ride our bikes to the corner convenient store to buy and trade baseball cards. Growing up in the Midwest as a Cardinals fan in the mid to late 80’s, I was always trying to trade for the players on my favorite team. However, at that same time there was a team out on the west coast that caught my attention and on one hot summer day I made a trade for a 1987 Mark McGwire Topps baseball card.

With my best friend being an aspiring football star, the trade cost me Dan Marino and Steve Largent football cards. I still have that card to this day along with the memories of those early days. Trading baseball cards in a lot of ways is like dynasty baseball, sometimes you have to pay up to get the guy that you want. It is a bit ironic that thirty plus years later I get to cover the organization of the young prospect whose baseball card I traded for all those years ago.

I am new to the journalism side of prospect analysis and I am excited to learn from the great team here at Prospects1500. I have been playing dynasty baseball for over 5 years and thanks to a couple of very competitive leagues, I have learned the importance of not only properly valuing prospects but also in being able to get in on a rising prospect early in order to beat my league mates to them. When analyzing prospects I like to use a combination of statistical analysis mixed with live looks and video to build a more complete picture of the player. There is so much prospect analysis out there so the big names are already well known. My goal is to bring further statistical analysis to some of those better known names while also finding the guys that have yet to pop in the main stream.

The Oakland Athletics are a team in transition at the major league level allowing the opportunity for some of their top prospects to make an impact at the highest level sooner rather than later. I will dive into their minor leagues and identify some of those upcoming guys that could be pieces of their major league roster and valuable dynasty league pieces of the future. I will use the combination of “looks” and specific statistical analysis to help the readers go beyond the tool grades and find those players that can be assets to dynasty teams.

In addition to here on Prospects1500, you can follow me on Twitter @JMahyfam.

Jeremy covers the Oakland organization and contributes on Prospects of the Week for Prospects1500. Born and raised in the Midwest, as a lifelong baseball fan he is passionate about the game from Little League to the Big Leagues. You can follow him on Twitter @JMahyfam for more baseball content.

"Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too." -Yogi Berra

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