Daniel Gentile (Seattle Mariners)

My name is Daniel Gentile. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to learn about me and the passion I have for baseball. I’m based in the Northern California area. I was raised in South Florida and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I share a passion for prospecting, whether that be for actual baseball purposes or fantasy baseball and trading cards.

I’m very up-to-date on most of the West Coast teams. My specialty, and why you’re reading my bio, is the Seattle Mariners. Why, the Mariners, after all, as I’m a Guardians fan? Since I’ve been in Northern California, Seattle has had the most exciting prospects in baseball! I’ll occasionally be in Modesto watching the young guys.

I’m sort of a newer baseball fan. I grew up with a passion for basketball (which I still have). I’m someone who loves a challenge. I never thought of baseball as a calling. However, I was featured on Bleacher Report for numerous football articles, and had a brief stint at the Hockey Writers. I’m way out of my comfort zone on those two sports, but I succeeded and learned so much. I have a deep passion for baseball. Unlike with the other two sports, in baseball I have some deep takes and opinions. I want to share those with you.

Feel free to comment on my posts. I guarantee you I’m going to get you thinking. You’ll definitely not agree with things, but that’s what discussion is for. Let’s face it, everyone has an opinion, and opinions are never wrong. I’m ready to engage and interact with this community. If you want to engage outside of the site, and learn more about my passions away from baseball or just follow an intriguing mind on the game of baseball, follow me on Twitter @DGentleman9288.

I'm a passionate and dedicated writer for all things prospects. Have a question about a future Seattle star (or any prospect)? Don't be afraid to comment or reach out to me on Twitter @DGentleman9288. Thank you for reading my work. I always love a good debate!


    • I wish I had more to tell you. Perez is someone who I definitely think should be in Everett. He’s got real power, however, I wonder how much of him being 21 has to do with his success thus far. He’s already been in Everett in 2019, and honestly he might just be one of the Covid casualties. He’s just getting lost in the shuffle.

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