Sean Lakind (Indians)

I’m Sean Lakind, and together we’ll be exploring the Cleveland Indians farm system.

I live in Durham, North Carolina, and am a huge Durham Bulls fan. As for the big leagues, in my addiction to fantasy baseball I’ve replaced having favorite teams with players for whom I’d gladly overpay on draft day.

Goldy, please return my calls…

Still, there are teams I love to see succeed, and that includes the Indians. Others on that list are the Astros (Jeff Bagwell for HOF!), and Rays (Go Bulls!), among others. On the flipside, if come October there isn’t a Cardinal, Yankee, or Giant in sight, I’ve had a good year.

I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for as long as I can remember, bringing home many a championship and a Yahoo! Top 100 finish. My strategy is always to get multiple top-tier hitters you can bank on plus a few high-upside prospects, and leave the pitching for the $1 bin.

Of course having the right insight on the best prospects can make or break your season. Knowing who they are, their potential, and when they’ll get their call up can separate you from the pack. Here at, you’ll get the latest and greatest info on all the important prospects across every organization. So, stick with us throughout the season, enjoy the content, and come ready to argue about your favorite prospect.

Thanks for tuning in!

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