2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Preview

2023 Bowman Chrome is finally here and it is loaded! Scheduled to be released this week, below is every team listed in alphabetical order by team name with their 1st Bowman players. A lot of players in this set are auto exclusive. Some of these players autos will not be stamped with the 1st bowman logo, despite it being their first bowman autograph. That’s because the player’s 1st Bowman card (non auto) was already included in a previous product (e.g. 2023 Bowman).

It is important to understand players highlighted and written about are not necessarily the best, but as an avid collector, I’ve highlighted prospects who I think have a lot of potential to grow within #thehobby.

B = Has base
A = Has autos
B+A = Has both

Arizona Diamondbacks

Cristofer Torin (B+A)
Christian Cerda (A)
Demetrio Crisantes (A)
Deyvison De Los Santos (A)
Juan Corniel (A)
Junior Franco (A)
Ruben Santana (A)

Despite having a base card in 2023 Bowman, De Los Santos did not have autographs. With a rough start to the 2023 season he has been able to bounce back with three consecutive months batting over .260. In those same three months he has smashed 11 HR. Though the power is present, the SO and lack of speed will likely place him at the 1B/DH position long term. Two more players with base cards in 2023 Bowman, Cerda and Santana both gain autographs in this set. Both really solid prospects worth keeping eyes on. The highlight for the Diamondbacks is Torin. The 18-year-old speedy shortstop has burst into headlines this year with his stateside debut season. Though just 18, Torin has already reached Single-A Visalia where he holds a .314 OBP with 2 HR.

Atlanta Braves

Luis Guanipa (B+A)
Geraldo Quintero (A)
Jair Casanova (A)
Javier Valdes (A)
Justyn-Henry Malloy (A)
Royber Salinas (A)

Another lackluster set for the Braves, the main chases here are Luis Guanipa and Justyn-Henry Malloy. Guanipa, a 17 year old international signee from Venezula is holding his own in the DSL. Despite a low .238 AVG, Guanipa holds a .361 OBP with 20 SB and 4 HR in just 172 AB. With an already above average plate approach at just 17 years old, and above average speed Guanipa is the clear leader in this set for the Braves. Despite being traded to the Tigers in December of 2022, Malloy is yet again pictured as a Brave in this set. Royber Salinas was also traded away from the Braves and is currently in Double-A with Oakland where he has posted a near 6ERA.

Baltimore Orioles

Carter Young (B)
Luis Almeyda (B+A)
Anderson De Los Santos (B+A)
Frederick Bencosme (A)
Joey Ortiz (A)
Samuel Basallo (A)

Yet another set with an absolutely stacked Orioles lineup. I would say everyone on this list is worth keeping an eye on. Though Luis Almeyda didn’t have quite the debut fans were hoping for, the 17-year-old was a top 20 international signee and regarded as a 5 tool player. Another player with 2023 Bowman base cards, Bencosme is featured as an auto only player in this set and continues to be a sneaky buy as he ends the season on a high note. Saving the best for last, Basallo is a clear top 10 chase in this entire set as he finishes a monster 20+HR, .300 AVG season as a 19-year-old in High-A. Basallo has just been promoted to AA on 9/10 and looks to end the season strong.

Boston Red Sox

Brooks Brannon (B)
Luis Perales (A)
Wikelman Gonzalez (A)

Though off to a strong start to the 2023 season, Brannon is currently on the 60 day IL and hasn’t played since July 14th. With the only other 2 players for the Red Sox being pitchers, they are some of the top pitchers to chase in this set. With Gonzalez having one of the best 2023 seasons out of any Red Sox pitcher, he has held batters to just a .187 AVG with 157 SO in just 103 IP. Perales has been just as good, and at just 20 years old in High-A, he has posted a 3.91 ERA in 89 IP with 115 SO.

Chicago Cubs

Ludwing Espinoza (B+A)
Angel Cepeda (B)
Adan Sanchez (B+A)

Not too much here for the Cubs as all three prospects are 17 or 18 years old in their first or second professional seasons. Cepeda seems to be the most desirable as he held a .286 AVG with a .427 OBP in his DSL debut season. Though his offense was present his fielding lacked so it will be interesting to see where he lands in the INF.

Chicago White Sox

Cristian Mena (A)
Darío Borrero (A)
Luis Reyes (A)

With only 3 autos, and two of them being pitchers the White Sox are definitely a weaker team. Despite this Borrero is someone to keep an eye on. The 6’5” 1B is just 19 years old in his 3rd professional season. Despite his large frame, Dario has little to no home run power so it will be interesting how he develops.

Cincinnati Reds

Alfredo Duno (B+A)
Cade Hunter (A)
Trey Faltine (A)

With the two best players for the Reds in this set being catchers in Duno and Hunter, Duno is definitely someone to consider watching. Displaying a well above-average plate approach at just 17 years old in his DSL debut, Duno also possesses some serious power potential. In 152 AB he posted a .303 AVG with 6 HR, 9 2B, and 6 SB.

Cleveland Guardians

Juan Benjamin (B+A)
Victor Izturis (B+A)
Welbyn Francisca (B+A)
Maick Collado (A)
Wuilfredo Antunez (A)

Being one of the more sneaky teams in this set, the Guardians land in my top 5 teams to chase. Benjamin, Antunez, Collado, and Francisca are all extremely solid bats and are at the top of my list to chase. A more approach heavy bat with little power Collado is a 20-year-old switch hitter from the Dominican Republic. With more walks then strikeouts, Collado mainly played 1B in Low-A despite being listed as a shortstop. I think this is mainly because of the stacked Lynchburg roster so it will be interesting to see how the Guardians develop him.

Colorado Rockies

Bladimir Restituyo (B+A)
Andy Perez (A)
Bryant Betancourt (A)
Connor Staine (A)
Jesus Bugarin (A)
Jordy Vargas (A)

With two of these players being average to above-average pitchers, the Rockies lose some value in team breaks. With Restituyo being the highlight, he has blasted 14 HR and 20 2B in Double-A this year as a 22-year-old. With above average speed it is also worth noting he can pretty much play any defensive position. Seeing time at 2B and 3B early in his career, the Rockies have transitioned him to a full time outfielder but the experience is worth noting. Perez and Bugarin are the other two players worth noting for the Rockies. Perez possess above average speed to compliment his slender 6’3” frame and has hovered a 15 K% all year. If he can bulk and add some muscle this off season I can see him rising in rankings substantially for the Rockies. Burgarin, though just 5’11” possess an above average power tool for his size with solid speed. Though strikeouts are a clear issue as he makes the jump from ACL to Single-A this year I think this is a player that will be easily obtainable with a solid upside.

Detroit Tigers

Danny Serretti (A)
Javier Osorio (A)
Luke Gold (A)

Despite having only three players the Tigers are a strong team. All three of these players have solid upside with Osorio leading the pack. The 18 year old ended his 2nd DSL season batting .272 with 5HR and 6 2B, a huge improvement from his 2022 debut where he hit for .175. A sleeper college bat from the 2022 draft Gold was selected in the 5th round out of Boston College. With average speed and good infield defense, Gold has shown off a solid bat between Single and High-A.

Houston Astros

Camilo Diaz (B+A)
Jacob Melton (A)
Kenedy Corona (A)
Kenni Gomez (A)
Luke Berryhill (A)

Diaz, Melton, Corona, and Gomez are all viable bats within the Astros organization. Diaz, who was a top 2023 international signee out of the Dominican Republic had a solid DSL debut. With a near .400 OBP despite just a .209 AVG Diaz slashed 4HR, 2 3B, and 6 2B in just 153 AB. Jacob Melton, who had base in 2022 draft will not have a 1st logo stamped on his autos. The 23 year old has reached Double-A this year smashing 21 HR with 44 SB. His Double-A teammate Corona had base in 2023 Bowman and now has autos in Chrome. Pretty much the same story as Melton, Corona has 22 HR with 32 SB this year.

Kansas City Royals

Hayden Dunhurst (A)
Henry Ramos (A)
Jack Pineda (A)
Juan Olmos (A)
Junior Marin (A)

Olmos and Ramos were both in 2023 Bowman and now gain autos in this set. Ramos is the clear leader as stat wise, the Royals have one of the worst team sets on this checklist. On the other hand Junior Marin is a very solid bat but was traded to the Phillies and currently sits on the 60-Day IL.

Los Angeles Angels

Luis Torres (B+A)
Dario Laverde (A)
Kristin Munroe (A)

Luis Torres and Dario Laverde are the two highlights of the Angels in this set. Both have solid plate approaches, and at just 18, Laverde has reached Single-A.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Oswaldo Osorio (B+A)
Jesus Galiz (B+A)
Joendry Vargas (B+A)
Arnaldo Lantigua (B)
Chris Newell (A)
Yunior Garcia (A)

By far one of the best players in the entire Dodgers farm, Newell was an absolute steal from the 2022 draft. Playing a near flawless CF, LF, and RF this year Newell has top 50 prospect peak potential. With a huge 6’3” 200LB frame he still possesses plus speed for his size with 15 SB this season. As for the rest of the players on this checklist, all are very well above average prospects and have the potential to rise substantially next year. Joendry Vargas was the 3rd best international prospect according to MLB.com in 2023. So far the 6’4” SS has hit for a .328 AVG with 7 HR and 19 SB with an extremely advanced approach making him a top 5 chase in the entire product.

Miami Marlins

Janero Miller (B)
Jose Gerardo (B+A)
Antony Peguero (A)
Javier Sanoja (A)
Marco Vargas (A)
Paul McIntosh (A)
Ronald Hernandez (A)
Torin Montgomery (A)

Sanoja and Montgomery are the clear leaders for the Marlins in this set. Torin is a definite 1B/DH while Sanoja shifts between SS, 2B, and CF. Given Torin’s 6’3” 230 lb build, I don’t see him having any issue adding some HR power to his bat this offseason. As for Sanoja I would regard him as strictly a contact/speed bat. I don’t think its crazy to compare Sanoja to Nelson Rada, though he is quite a bit older. I pair Hernandez and Vargas together as they were both traded from the Marlins to the Mets in exchange for RHP David Robertson. With both being young, just 18 and 19, these are some legit prospects. Vargas has more walks then strikeouts and has held his own in 6 Low-A games holding a .301 AVG. His partner in crime Ronald Hernandez also has more walks then strikeouts this year and has some plus power potential in his switch hitting bat. As prices have came out for breaks, Vargas is emerging as one of the top chases.

Milwaukee Brewers

Jadher Areinamo (B)
Kevin Ereu (B)
Abner Uribe (A)
Ben Metzinger (A)
Carlos Rodriguez (A)
Daniel Guilarte (A)
Dylan O’Rae (A)
Luis Lara (A)
Robert Moore (A)

An absolutely loaded team the Brewers add autos to Robert Moore (non 1st bowman), Luis Lara, and Daniel Guilarte who are all featured in previous sets. Abner Uribe who is already in the MLB is a sneaky buy as he could develop into an elite closer once there is an opening in Milwaukee. By far the best Brewers pitcher in the farm system, Rodriguez has ace potential. With a four pitch mix Rodriguez has thrown 117 innings while holding batters to a .181 AVG in AA this year. With a 0.7 HR/9 and 11.2 K/9 Rodriguez, has been dominant in back to back years.

Minnesota Twins

Ariel Castro (B+A)
Hendry Chivilli (B+A)
Fredy Michel (A)
Jorel Ortega (A)
Omari Daniel (A)
Ricardo Olivar (A)

Ortega has been one of the more dominant Twins prospects this year. Though the strikeouts are high, there is huge potential for Ortega as the power is legit. Signing out of Tennessee in the 2022 draft this is Ortega’s first real season. With the ability to stay at 3B I think Ortega is one of the premier chases in this set.

New York Mets

Daiverson Gutierrez (B+A)
Dangelo Sarmiento (B+A)
Jacob Reimer (B+A)
Blade Tidwell (A)
Chase Estep (A)
Diego Mosquera (A)
Joel Diaz (A)
Vincent Perozo (A)
Yonatan Henriquez (A)

Reimer, a 4th rounder in the 2022 draft, though just 19 has already reached High-A this year. Playing a pretty abysmal 3B this season as it stands 1B and DH are the likely long term positions for Reimer. On a brighter note, at just 19, Reimer holds an advanced plate approach with average to above-average power projections.

New York Yankees

Luis Serna (B+A)
Hans Montero (B+A)
Brandon Mayea (B+A), listed as Brando Mayea on some sites including MiLB.com
Keiner Delgado (B+A)
Jesus Bastidas (A)
Will Warren (A)

If you follow MILB you should know how stacked the Yankees FCL squad was this year. Delgado and Montero were some of the leaders on the 1st place team and make the Yankees one of the most desirable teams to chase.

Oakland Athletics

Bjay Cooke (A)
Brennan Milone (A)
Clark Elliott (A)
Joey Estes (A)
Yeniel Laboy (A)
Zack Gelof (A)

With the success of Zack Gelof in the majors he gets his 1st bowman auto in this set. Milone, on the other hand, was a 6th round pick in the 2022 draft out of Oregon. With one of the best offensive seasons out of any A’s player this year I expect Milone to shoot up lists if he can continue at this level of play. With top 100 prospect potential Milone has played exclusively 2B in High-A where he was much better in the field. With a solid plate approach and plus power, Milone is yet another Oregon alumni that deserves more respect.

Philadelphia Phillies

Jesus Caba (B)
Bryan Rincon (A)
Carlos De La Cruz (A)
Griff McGarry (A)
Marcus Lee Sang (A)
Rickardo Perez (A)

With a huge 6’8” frame and the ability to play LF, RF, CF, 1B, and DH, De La Cruz has been underrated for far too long. With 23 HR and a slightly improved approach from last year the only knock is the strikeouts. I don’t think it’s too outrageous to say Carlos is the OF version of Elly De La Cruz without the elite speed. Just 19 years old, Rincon earned a High-A call-up this year. So far holding his own with a .400 OBP in 42 AB, the 5’10” switch hitter has an extremely advanced plate approach. With plus speed and the ability to stay at SS, Rincon is an extremely underrated bat in the Phillies organization.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Jun-Seok Shim (B+A)
Javier Rivas (B+A)
Raymond Mola (B)
Axiel Plaz (B+A)
Enmanuel Terrero (A)

With solid improvements across the board this year, Terrero is a sneaky bat for the Pirates. Though it would have been nice to see a jump to High-A this year as he turned 20 years old, I expect him to start in Greensboro next year.

San Diego Padres

Ethan Salas (B+A)
Eddy Beltre (A)
Lamar King Jr. (A)
Spence Coffman (A)

Unless you live under a rock, this is the team everyone is raving over. The 17-year-old catching phenom Salas has already reached AA this year and is by far the number one chase in this set. With Salas it is easy to overlook another Padres catcher in King Jr. Though he has shown little power this season he’s a sneaky player as he possesses a 6’3” frame that still has room for power. It is also key to note his autos will not have the 1st bowman stamp as his base cards were in 2022 draft.

San Francisco Giants

Rayner Arias (B+A)

The lone Giants player in this set, Rayner was a top international signee. Being one of the more riskier prospects due to only having 58 total professional AB, he has been great in his limited ABs. Posting a .414 AVG and more walks then strikeouts Arias is a sneaky bat at just 17 years old. Signing for $2.7 MIL and ranked 15th in the 2023 international class, Arias has a lot of hype to fulfill.

Seattle Mariners

Felnin Celesten (B+A)
Edryn Rodriguez (B)
Axel Sanchez (A)

Yet another highly touted 2023 international signee, Celesten was top 5 in the class and signed for almost $5 million. Not yet making his professional debut, this 17 year old is much more risky then Arias despite being a top 5 chase in the set.

St. Louis Cardinals

Gordon Graceffo (A)
Leonardo Bernal (A)
Luis Rodriguez (A)

Not much going for the Cardinals here in this set. Bernal is the most notable of the three. Reaching Single-A at just 19 years old, Bernal has held a great plate approach while slamming 15 2B in just 268 AB.

Tampa Bay Rays

Miguel Tamares (B)
Brailer Guerrero (B+A)
Brett Wisely (A)
Jhonny Piron (A)
Miguel Tamares (A)

Despite hitting the 60 Day-IL after just 23 pro at bats, Guerrero was a top 15 international signee in the 2023 class. He and Piron are the lone highlights of the Rays in this set. Though Piron has struggled, I think he has some intriguing raw tools he can develop going into his fourth professional season next year at just 19 years old. It is also key to note Piron’s autos will not be stamped with the 1st bowman logo.

Texas Rangers

Sebastian Walcott (B)
Yosy Galan (B+A)
Daniel Mateo (A)

One of the more sneaky teams in the entire checklist it kills that Walcott does not have autos in this set as he is emerging as one of the top young prospects. One of the more long shot players on the list Mateo is still a solid bat and glove in CF. While he only walked 8 times in 419 AB this year the power and speed are there. As for Galan, don’t count him out either has he is currently 2 HR and 1 SB away from a 20/20 season.

Toronto Blue Jays

Adrian Pinto (B+A)
Peyton Williams (A)
Sem Robberse (A)
Yosver Zulueta (A)

With Robberse and Zulueta both being pitchers, this is one of the more lackluster teams on this checklist. The lone highlight, Peyton Williams, was a 7th round pick out of Iowa in 2022 and remains as a ture power 1B. With a solid approach and reaching High-A after starting in the complex Williams holds a solid approach through all three levels while belting 14 HR and 14 2B.

Washington Nationals

Edwin Solano (B)
Elian Soto (B)
Andy Acevedo (B)
Everett Cooper III (A)
Yoander Rivero (A)

Coming from the same high school as Ryan Clifford, the Nationals have yet again proved their eye for prep bats. Signing for $125,000 out of the 16th round Cooper forwent his commitment to ODU. With a solid foundation to his swing, I would regard him as more of a contact/speed hitter unless some adjustments are made.

Personal Top 10 Players to chase:

Everett Cooper III
Javier Sanoja
Chris Newell
Brennan Milone
Ronald Hernandez
Jorel Ortega
Bryan Rincon
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos De La Cruz
Welbyn Francisca

Top 12 Most Expensive Players (as of 9/11):

Brailer Guerrero
Brandon Mayea
Ethan Salas
Felnin Celesten
Joendry Vargas
Keiner Delgado
Luis Guanipa
Luis Lara
Marco Vargas
Rayner Arias
Samuel Basallo
Welbyn Francisca

Top Teams to chase:

Brewers (likely one of the expensive teams)
Diamondbacks (likely one of the expensive teams)
Marlins (likely one of the expensive teams)

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