Gail Verderico (California League)

As a California girl, I’m really looking forward to covering the California League. I grew up in the Bay Area and watching the San Jose Giants was a big part of my childhood. As I got older, my friend and I would beg our Dads to take us to Candlestick Park to watch the San Francisco Giants. My Dad wasn’t a fan of Candlestick weather, and really, who was? Gradually, he started taking us to more Oakland A’s games. So in the mid-1980’s, I fell in love with the A’s and that love grew watching The Bash Brothers play in three straight World Series.

I’ve lived in Southern California longer than I was in the Bay Area, so I’ve watched a lot of SoCal baseball. The 1988 Kirk Gibson World Series home run still stings, but I’ve learned to deal, and my love for baseball outweighs my need to get in heated discussions with Dodgers fans.

I’m on a quest to visit all 30 Major League ballparks, but new parks are opening faster than I can complete the task! I’m close though, just needing a handful in the Midwest. I also try to visit any minor league stadium in the city where I’m visiting. I love baseball and look forward to sharing that passion and talking prospects with you.

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Gail is Bay Area born and raised. She was conflicted on which side of the Bay to root for early on, but eventually made the right choice and sided with the A’s. Gail now lives in Southern California and enjoys travelling around the country watching as many baseball games as she can. Follow her on Twitter @1baseball_gail.

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