Miami Marlins 2019 Midseason Top 50 Prospects

Monte Harrison, New Orleans Baby Cakes, April 13, 2019. Photo credit Minda Haas Kuhlmann, on Twitter @minda33 and on Instagram @minda.haas

Miami is not having the worst season in baseball, but they are having the worst season in the NL. This was expected going into the year. So lets focus on PROSPECTS!!!!! I have made some comments from some of my Marlins preseason top 50 prospects midway through the season and I have reconfigured a new midseason top 50 list. I have also indicated if I think it’s time to BUY, SELL, or WATCH if you’re in dynasty leagues. You could also make the argument that WATCH could mean SELL, but as an optimist I hold out hope for a reversal of fortunes. The one hitter that I would look to add is a tossup between Isan Diaz and Monte Harrison, I think they both will be starting position players next season, but the nudge would have to go to Diaz, mainly because I think that he could get the call sooner. I would not be sad getting Harrison but if you can get both you will be happy. The pitcher that I would target to get now is #6 on my list, Trevor Rogers. If you act now the prices will be reasonable, but if he proves to handle upper minor league levels, that stock will rise quickly.

Some players who are not on the list due to getting to The Show and/or who I expect to exceed, or have exceeded, the rookie limits are Sandy Alcantara (preseason #4), Jordan Yamamoto (preseason #6), Austin Dean (preseason #14), Zac Gallen (preseason #17), Jose Quijada (preseason #29), Riley Ferrell (preseason #31), and Nick Anderson (preseason #38). Others have fallen off due to performance.

I look forward to your comments and my next article will focus on the minor league breakout guys and the Marlins draft. If you have anyone you would like highlighted for the next article please let me know. Hit me up on Twitter @stoffer81.

Prospects1500 Tiers:
Tier 1: Players with high expectations of both making the majors and playing at an All-Star level for a number of years
Tier 2: Players with an above average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 3: Players with an average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 4: Players who have the potential of making the majors, or have high likelihood of making the majors but providing minimal impact (e.g. middle reliever, low-ceiling UT guys)
Tier 5: Players who are worth keeping an eye on, but likely to never make a team’s 40-man roster

Tier 1:


Tier 2:

1. JJ Bleday, OF (21) A+, preseason NR
Miami’s first selection in the 2019 MLB Draft had the ability to go high and he did. He has power to all fields and an arm that will play in right. Scouts say he was the best pure hitter in the draft! He is the future. BUY

2. Monte Harrison, OF (23) AAA, preseason #1
In 2019 he has lowered his K-rate by 6 points down to 35% which is a remarkable improvement and leaving him with an .372 OBP and he did not sacrifice his power as he is slugging .479! His baserunning has improved as well being caught only once in 21 attempts. BUY

3. Sixto Sanchez, RHP (20) AAA, preseason Phillies #1 before the trade
The prize of the trade that sent Realmuto packing, Sixto has held his own this season as the top pitcher in the Marlins organization. He owns a 3.71 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP through 80 innings. BUY

4. Isan Diaz, 2B (23) AAA, preseason #7
20 home runs and a .386 OBP in 298 AB, this man is on fire. Clearly looking like the future at 2B for your Marlins. Second half call up seems inevitable. P.S., he lowered his K-rate by 7% points too. BUY

5. Braxton Garrett, LHP (21) A+, preseason #11
He’s back and showing why he was a 1st round selection in 2016. In 74.2 innings he has a 3.01 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP with 91 strikeouts. Get him before anyone notices he is healthy. BUY

6. Trevor Rogers, LHP (21) A+, preseason #19
He’s back and showing why he was a 1st round selection in 2016. In 74.2 innings he has a 3.01 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP with 91 strikeouts. Get him before anyone notices he is healthy. BUY

7. Edward Cabrera, RHP (21) AA, preseason #13
Having a spectacular season @A+, Cabrera has been promoted to Jacksonville and brought with him the same results. So far, he has pitched 70 innings producing 84 strikeouts with a 2.06 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP. BUY

8. Kameron Misner, OF (21) ROK, preseason NR
Nice left-handed swing with big power potential. The Marlins got a steal snagging him with pick 35 in the draft. BUY

9. Victor Victor Mesa, OF (23) A+, preseason #7
The transition was a little harder on VVM than anticipated as he is hitting only .239 with a .286 OBP and a .237 SLG. He does have 11 steals in 13 attempts and he has an excellent K-rate of 14%. Should be cheap to acquire. BUY and HOLD

Tier 3

10. Connor Scott, OF (19) A, preseason #8
His professional career has yet to take off but the 2018 first round pick still has a few indicators that things could be turning around. He has 19 stolen bases and is SLG .344 with a respectable K-rate. WATCH

11. Nick Neidert, RHP (22) AAA, preseason #3
Injuries (knee) have derailed his 2019 giving only a small sample size early in the year. Looking to see if he can get back to the mound in the second half. WATCH

12. Brian Miller, OF (23) AA, preseason #9
Power is still not Miller’s game but he does have 15 stolen bases. He hasn’t increased his OBP so far in 2019 but his k-rate is still good. He faces stiff competition from other Miami prospects and needs a strong second half to get the September call up. WATCH

13. Jorge Guzman, RHP (23) AA, preseason #12
K-rate has dipped this year but seems to have corrected his WHIP struggles from a year ago. WATCH

14. Will Banfield, C (19) A, preseason #18
Regressing from his 2018 debut numbers is concerning but Catchers have a steeper learning curve than other positions. On a positive note he does have 8 home runs in 275 at bats with 11 doubles. Should be cheap to acquire, BUY and HOLD

15. Victor Mesa Jr, OF (17) ROK, preseason #16
The younger Mesa brother (17) is showing an excellent batting eye with only 9 strikeouts in 61 AB’s adding in 10 walks. His stat lines from only 16 games are .262 AVG, .366 OBP, and .344 OBP. BUY

16. Robert Dugger, RHP (24) AAA, preseason #15
Starting the season at AA he proved that he was ready to move up to New Orleans. The 24-year-old is looking like a viable MLB starting pitcher. BUY

17. Cristhian Rodriguez, SS(17) ROK, preseason NR
25 extra base hits in 148 at bats is a good sign that his bat can play. He does have 43 strikeouts but balancing that with 27 walks keeps his OBP at .371. BUY

18. Kyle Keller, RHP (26) AAA, preseason #25
Keller has been filling in the stat line as a reliever in New Orleans. Through 42.2 innings he has 53 strikeouts with a 1.13 WHIP and has converted 10 out of 12 saves. WATCH

19. Jose Devers, SS (19) A+, preseason #20
Injuries have limited Devers to only 123 ABs this season, but he does own a .325 AVG, .385 OBP and he is 5-5 on stolen base attempts. Power is not his game as he only has 4 XBH on the season. WATCH

20. Tristan Pompey, OF (22) A+, preseason #10
Has pedigree but needs to start making some progress. In his 50 ABs he does carry a .356 OBP but those 23 strikeouts are not what we want to see. WATCH

21. Jerar Encarnacion, OF (21) A+, preseason NR
He strikes out a bit, 106 in 380 at bats but he also has 35 extra base hits. He’s hitting .282 with an OBP of .344. BUY

22. Demetrius Sims, SS (24) A+, preseason NR
The former 14th round pick (2017) has showed some power with 23 XBH in 248 ABs with a .282 average and a .392 OBP. Stats like that make promotions happen quicker. BUY

23. Nasim Nunez, SS (18) ROK, preseason NR
The second-round pick in the 2019 draft for the Marlins has 9 stolen bases in 85 at bats with a .350 OBP. WATCH

24. Humberto Mejia, RHP (22) A+, preseason NR
Having a spectacular season pitching 83.2 innings with a 2.04 ERA, 0.91 WHIP and 81 strikeouts. He has worked mostly as a starter. Looking forward to seeing how he does after his promotion to AA. BUY

25. Osiris Johnson, SS (18) A, preseason #26
Recovering from surgery. WATCH

Tier 4

26. Joe Dunand, 3B (23) AA, preseason #21
Having the same type of season as 2018 but less power is never a good sign from a position that requires power for promotion. He has lowered his K rate slightly but his .238 AVG, .310 OBP and 18 XBH in 311 at bats really portray the type of season he is having. WATCH

27. Colton Hock, RHP (23) A+, preseason #36
In 2019 has up’d his K-rate slightly but also his WHIP. WATCH

28. Lazaro Alonso, 1B (24) AA, preseason #45
He has already matched his HR total from 2018 while keeping his average and OBP in line. WATCH

29. McKenzie Mills, LHP (23) AA, preseason #35
About on course from last season. Limiting walks would help his overall numbers. WATCH

30. Thomas Jones, OF (21) A, preseason #32
Has increased his power output and his OBP from 2018. Needs to work on putting everything together. WATCH

31. Riley Mahan, 2B (23) AA, preseason #40
Has improved significantly from 2018. In 2019 he is hitting .275 with a .349 OBP. He has 22 XBH all while sprinkling in 3 stolen bases. BUY

32. Alex Vesia, LHP (23) A+, preseason NR
71 strikeouts in 47.1 innings pitched with a 2.47 ERA and 1.10 WHIP is a fantastic season for the 2018 17th round pick. He is showing late inning stuff. WATCH

33. Bryson Brigman, SS/2B (24) AA, preseason #23
2019 has not been kind. Through 303 at bats he is hitting .244 with a .325 OBP and only 15 XBH. WATCH

Tier 5

34. Jordan Holloway, RHP (23) A+, preseason #22
Through 14 games he has 57.2 innings pitched with 62 strikeouts, and that is where the good ends as his ERA is 5.15 and his WHIP is 1.60. Without a remarkable turnaround the second half of the season we could be looking at a change to RP which might fit better for him and increase his strikeout rate. WATCH

35. Davis Bradshaw, OF (21) A, preseason #33
The round 11 pick from the 2018 draft has struggled the first half of this season. He needs to get on base to make his presence felt. WATCH

36. Cody Poteet, RHP (24) AAA, preseason NR
In 17 starts (104.1 IP) he has a 2.76 ERA and a 1.11 WHIP. He does not possess strikeout stuff and pitches more to contract which could make him a viable 4th or 5th starter by the end of the season, if he can get the HR under control. WATCH

37. Milton Smith, OF (21) A-, preseason #39
Small sample size but encouraging to say the least. In 84 at bats he is hitting .405 with a .457 OBP. WATCH

38. Tommy Eveld, RHP (25) AA, preseason #5
Rough start to 2019 saw him get sent back to AA from AAA. He has 36 strikeouts in 32.2 innings, but he also carries a 6.34 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. He still has a minors career 2.78 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP. WATCH

39. Christopher Torres, SS/3B (21) A, preseason #24
2019 has seen all his numbers decrease the board except for stolen bases. He will need to improve offensively to have the SB make an impact. WATCH

40. Dylan Lee, LHP (24) AA, preseason #47
Effective high leverage RP in Jacksonville. He has converted 10 of 12 saves with a 3.26 ERA and 1.24 WHIP. WATCH

41. Luis Palacios, LHP (19) ROK, preseason #41
2019 is showing the same as 2018, Extremely low ERA and WHIP, averaging a K per inning. Please be aware the sample size is only 17 innings in rookie ball but still one to keep an eye on. WATCH

42. Parker Bugg, RHP (24) AAA, preseason #42
Having trouble this year converting save opportunities, but the numbers are there. In 41.1 innings he has 57 strikeouts with a 1.20 WHIP. WATCH

43. Alejandro Mateo, RHP (25) AA, preseason #44
The former 22nd round pick has 49 strikeouts in 41 innings with a 3.29 ERA. Needs to figure out how to pitch for outs a little better as his WHIP is 1.41. WATCH

44. Jake Walters, RHP (23) A – preseason NR
In 12 games (10 starts, total of 51 IP) he has a 2.82 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP with 50 strikeouts. Also converted his lone save opportunity. WATCH

45. Tanner Andrews, RHP (23) A, preseason NR
In 15 games (10 starts, total of 79 IP) he has a 3.87 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP with 59 strikeouts. Converted both of his save opportunities. WATCH

46. Jorge Caballero, OF (19) A-, preseason #46
No stats, hasn’t played yet in 2019. WATCH

47. Bubba Hollins, 3B (23) A, preseason NR
Starting to find some power in his third pro season, hitting .288 with a .349 OBP in 226 at bats. WATCH

48. Alvaro Montero, 2B (19) ROK, preseason #48
Only 10 at bats on the year, hopeful for more in the second half. WATCH

49. Leudy Martinez, RHP (19) ROK, preseason #43
Walks have been the issue this year, issuing 12 in 11.2 innings. WATCH

50, Sean Reynolds, 1B (21) A-, preseason #50
Has 26 XBH in 262 at bats but he is hitting only .183 with a .289 OBP. 157 strikeouts isn’t helping. WATCH

Stoffer is an avid baseball fan who grew up in the heart of Braves country, but felt he never really fit in until the Marlins came along and then it was game over. He has been playing in deep dynasty keeper leagues for 20+ years and only plays in leagues where there is a prospect component. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, which is the perfect place for him because it's home to the Jumbo Shrimp, the Marlins' Triple-A affiliate.


  1. What’s the deal with James Nelson? He was a fast riser two years ago and now is completely off the list. Just a flash in the pan in 2017?

    • His OBP is dependent on his average which is low the last couple of years. Plus the power seems to have dried up. I am a fan of him but need to see some strides in the box to recrack the list.

    • Andrew Turner is someone I am keeping an eye on because he does know how to get on base but we haven’t seen any power or speed (YET) which makes him hard to rank for fantasy purposes.
      Kolton Mahoney is having a good year but a RP (mainly) that doesn’t strike people out or get a lot of save opportunities or conversions there were other players I felt had some better fantasy upside.
      Thomas Rowan the 20th round selection last year has not had many chances so far, appearing in only 1 game with no hits but did register a walk. He led his team in HR (13) but would like to see more out of him.

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