Who’s Next? The 51st Prospects

Each day this month we’ve delivered a different organization’s Top 50 prospects column, thanks to the amazing team of writers here at Prospects1500. If you’ve missed any of them you can find them from each team page on the website, or right here in our main 2021 Top 50 index page.

To finish out the month of January we’d like to present Who’s Next? If each team’s writer(s) could add one player to their list who wasn’t included in the Top 50, who would it be? This is that list of thirty potential #51’s. These players could turn out to be diamonds in the rough, especially if you’re looking for some deep dynasty league nuggets.

Editor note: Some team Top 50 columns this month did include number 51s (and sometimes even more than that). The players listed here may or may not be different than the previously ranked prospects. Our writers wanted the chance to either revise their choice or add someone new. The international signing period on January 15 happened after half of our Top 50s had already been published, so you will see some international flavor below.

Arizona Diamondbacks

51. Tyler Holton, LHP
Age: 24
Highest Level: Short Season (NWL)
The former two-way All-American at Florida St. is trying to shake off injuries to become that rare major league pitcher with a mid-80s fastball. Holton has forever dominated hitters with his stellar command, excellent changeup, and an ok curve…but has not had a chance to try his hand at upper-level competition. It may prove difficult to get by with an unchallenging fastball as he moves up, but it can be done, and Holton has always been a fierce competitor. (Nate Handy)

Atlanta Braves

51. Ethan Workinger, OF
Age: 19
Highest Level: College
Workinger was an undrafted free agent in 2020 after a taking a unique path on his way to pro ball. The former Little League World Series star last played competitively for San Diego City College for just a handful of games before the pandemic ended the season. As you’d expect, the 19-year-old is extremely raw, but he has an athletic build with good raw power and speed. He has been a Perfect Game showcase standout while mashing the ball in those appearances. (Jake Berry)

Baltimore Orioles

51. Mason Janvrin, OF
Age: 22
Highest Level: A-
The rumor is that Janvrin once was clocked at 3.6 seconds from home to first. For those of you that don’t keep track of these kinds of things, that’s fast! 4.0 generally equates to 80 grade speed. He’s one to watch. (Ryan James)

Boston Red Sox

51. Miguel Bleis, OF
Age: 16
Highest Level: 2021 International signee
Boston’s top signing this past January 15th ($1.5M signing bonus out of the baseball hot bed that is San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic), Bleis is years away but looks to have all the tools. He should spend the 2021 season playing in the Dominican Summer League as a 17-year-old. (Scott Greene)

Chicago Cubs

51. Luis Rodriguez, LHP
Age: 21
Highest Level: Rookie
The lack of competition last year probably most negatively affected players that were 19-20-years-old and were not at least at the Low-A level. They are now 20-21-year-olds without experience at a high level of competition. One of those players is Rodriguez. As a 19-year-old, he performed respectfully at a low level. Now Rodriguez will have to demonstrate he is capable of jumping two levels without the intensity of competition. The one thing Rodriquez has going for him is that he is left-handed, which is always at a premium. (Tom Usiak)

Chicago White Sox

51. Kade Mechals, RHP
Age: 23
Highest Level: College
Taken fresh from Tommy John surgery, the White Sox fourth round pick in the 2020 MLB Draft was signed to a meager $10K bonus. He caught the eye of the very astute John Kazanas who was also responsible for signing Mark Buehrle and Avery Weems. The latter thrived under somewhat similar circumstances. The right-handed Mechals throws a very interesting change up that he can cut to tail away from either left or right-handed batters. He also talks to himself on the mound which will be fun to watch. (Dan Victor)

Cincinnati Reds

51. Chuckie Robinson, C
Age: 26
Highest level: AA
At 26, Robinson is a bit old to still be at AA, but his high strikeout rates and poor defense behind the plate really limit his ceiling going forward. However, he has hit for some modest power in the past. If he can improve his hitting, he could take up a 1B role, or DH if the league and Players Association can agree to that. (Rudie Verougstraete)

Cleveland Indians

51. Junior Sanquintin, SS
Age: 19
Highest Level: Rookie (DSL)
Sanquintin is a bat-first prospect who provides a good amount of power along with a healthy amount of strikeouts. He needs to improve his approach to increase his on-base numbers, and his defense is a work in progress. If he can prove himself in the DSL, Sanquintin may quickly move up the Top 50 once he reaches the US. (Jim Zele)

Colorado Rockies

51. Isaac Collins, 2B/OF
Age: 23
Highest Level: A-
Collins was a ninth-round draft pick from Creighton University limited by injury in 2019 but he did show well in 37 games at short-season A-level Boise. Collins has blazing speed and the chops to play centerfield as well as second base. His upside is limited but his speed and defense could eventually land him a job as a fourth outfielder. Stolen bases would be his fantasy carrying card. (Michael Parnell)

Detroit Tigers

51. Joseph Salazar, RHP
Age: 21
Highest Level: Rookie League
The 2016 International signee has spent the last two years adding strength and mass to his wiry 6’1” sub-200 frame. Salazar continually throws four pitches, although at average grades, for strikes and causes hitters to make soft, off-center contact. If Salazar can continue to work on his off-speed pitch command and pick up a few more mph on his fastball, there could be quick movement into A or AA levels in 2021. How Salazar starts 2021 will prove whether the missed MiLB season lowered the ceiling of this young pitcher. (Kurt Moody)

Houston Astros

51. J.C. Correa, SS
Age: 22
Highest Level: College
The younger brother of superstar Carlos Correa was drafted by the Astros in the 33rd round in 2018 and again in the 38th round in 2019 before finally signing as a free agent after the shortened 2020 draft. Correa was a consistent producer at the junior college level before spending his junior and senior season at Lamar University, where he hit .332 with 10 home runs in 2019. (Jared Chapman)

Kansas City Royals

51. Charlie Neuweiler, RHP
Age: 21
Highest Level: A
It was a rough start in 2019 for the young hurler, but he seemed to have turned the corner in August. Over his last 5 starts, he went 4-1 with 43 K’s, 10 BB, 2.70 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. Neuweiler, a fifth round pick in 2017, knows how to miss bats, however it will be his ability to cut down on walks that will ultimately determine his pathway to the Show. (Michael Kelley)

Los Angeles Angels

51. John Swanda, RHP
Age: 21
Highest Level: A
Swanda started off 2019 pretty well with but in just his 4th start he needed TJ surgery. Swanda has a low 90s sinker and a decent curve. Likely his best chance to get to the majors is through the bullpen, but the Angels will give him a chance to prove himself as a starter. (Andrew Rhodes)

Los Angeles Dodgers

51. Wilman Diaz, SS
Age: 17
Highest Level: 2021 International signee
Signed just days prior to the publishing of the Dodgers Top 50, Diaz is arguably the best SS prospect in this year’s international class. Already 6’2”, 180 lbs, Diaz’s ultra-athletic frame, quick hands, and raw power project him to be yet another 5-tooled beast developing in Dodgers’ system for the years to come. (Nate Eckert)

Miami Marlins

51. Nic Ready, 3B
Age: 23 (24 on 2/13)
Highest level: A-
A 2019 23rd round draft pick from Air Force had a decent average (.263), low OBP (.311) but solid SLG (.508) in his 2019 debut. The Marlins are not deep with 3B prospects, and if the former 2018 College World Series Home Run Champion can cut back on the strikeouts, we could have a real Cinderella-type story here. (Stoffer Cochran)

Milwaukee Brewers

51. Korry Howell, SS/OF
Age: 22
Highest Level: Low-A
Howell was drafted in the 12th round in 2018 with the upside of a power/speed threat up the middle. The power hasn’t quite shown up yet, but he’s stolen 31 bases in just 119 minor league games in his career. If he’s able to make the offensive adjustments to tap into his raw power, Howell can make a big jump forward in his ranking and his big league potential. (David Gasper)

Minnesota Twins

51. Marco Raya, RHP
Age: 18
Highest Level: High School
Marco Raya is an intriguing prospect in that he possesses four pitches at such a young age. His fastball tops out in the mid 90’s and has some spin on it too. How his talents will translate into professional ball is unknown, but he could turn into something quite good many years from now. (Dave Funnell)

New York Mets

51. Matthew Dyer, C/UT
Age: 22
Highest Level: College
Drafted by the Mets in the fourth round of the 2020 MLB Draft, Dyer is a tall (6’4”), athletic catcher who has the ability to play the corner outfield and everywhere in the infield besides shortstop. While his bat isn’t plus, he shows enough hit and power potential to make it as a catcher or utility player in the majors. Dyer has plus intangibles and good athleticism which should boost both his real-life and fantasy potential. (Christian Kainer)

New York Yankees

51. Mauro Bonifacio, OF
Age: 19
Highest Level: Rookie (DSL)
Great power and speed combo from the right side of the plate. Bonifacio’s swing tends to get long at times causing him to strike out, but when he makes contact the ball flies off his bat with power and authority. (Paul Woodin)

Oakland Athletics

51. Pedro Pineda, OF
Age: 17
Highest Level: International
Pineda just missed being on the top 50 list due to late close of the signing period. I am hesitant to rank him much higher anyway, based on the limited information available to us at this time. He signed one of the largest contracts this year as an international free agent, but that doesn’t equal production. A raw talent with plus tools, he projects very closely to Robert Puason but with more power potential. Pineda is an OF who projects defensively in a corner spot. He has some speed and is considered solid on the base paths, so that might equate to stolen bases in the future. He has the ability to hit to all fields with some power, so it’s possible he could soar to a Tier 2 ranking in the near future with his floor in Tier 3 most likely. (Ben Wilson)

Philadelphia Phillies

51. Andrick Nava, C
Age: 20
Highest Level: Rookie
Nava was on the team’s Fall Instructional league roster after having a good debut in 2019, hitting .314/.349/.372 with one home run in 44 games. He has a good approach at the plate and could grow into more power as he develops and matures. His defense hasn’t been great, but he’s still only 20-years-old. In an organization with many good catching prospects, Nava is still someone to keep an eye on. (Tony Bps)

Pittsburgh Pirates

51. Shalin Polanco, OF
Age: 16
Highest Level: 2021 International signee
This is an easy decision. There isn’t much to go on for Shalin Polanco, but Baseball America had him rated as the #8 prospect for the 2021 IFA class, and that is enough to highlight him for you here. He signed for $2.5 million and reports on his swing are positive so far, which is about all we have at the moment. (Kyle Brown)

San Diego Padres

51. Henry Henry, RHP
Age: 22
Highest Level: A
More than just a name – well, two identical names – Henry provides decent deception with a nasty slider that might prove useful as a lock reliever. Lack of upside limits his overall ranking, but he has a good chance to break through to the big leagues. (Alex Sanchez)

San Francisco Giants

51. Alexander Suarez, OF
Age: 19
Highest Level: Rookie (DSL)
Suarez was signed out Venezuela along with cousin Matos in what will go down as one of the most successful J2 signing class in Giants history. Suarez started off 2019 hot but was only able to play in 12 games before being placed on the IL with a muscle strain. A potential top-of-the-order hitter, keep an eye on Suarez as he hopes to return to full health and get back on track in 2021. (Paul Aiton)

Seattle Mariners

51. Taylor Dollard, RHP
Age: 21
Highest Level: College
The right hander was taken in the fifth round of last year’s MLB Draft out of Cal Poly. He has excellent command and a four-pitch arsenal with his slider being his best pitch. Should he be able to increase his velocity, he could be a fast riser in the M’s system. (Joe Rush)

St. Louis Cardinals

51. Brady Whalen, 1B/2B/3B
Age: 23
Highest Level: A-
Whalen had a stellar 2019 season with seven home runs and 81 RBI. His average is never much to look at, but he has a decent OBP. If he can be more consistent from both sides of the plate he will become a much better hitter. (Chris Eros)

Tampa Bay Rays

51. Tanner Murray, SS
Age: 21
Highest Level: College
Murray displayed an impressive stick at UC Davis, hitting .343/.394/.469 over three years before being selected in the fourth round of the 2020 MLB Draft. He is a strong defender at shortstop and has the potential to carry an above-average contact tool as he develops in the Rays’ organization. (Jake Wiener)

Texas Rangers

51. Reid Anderson, RHP
Age: 25
Highest Level: High-A
Last year I ranked Anderson with the last spot of my Top 50. I had him ranked lower than most other rankings at the time. He struggled in 2019, and missing the 2020 season also hurt his development. He had issues keeping a delivery working consistently the last time he faced game action. Anderson should start next season in AA, but this might be the last chance for him to make an impact as a prospect. (Casey Krish)

Toronto Blue Jays

51. Davis Schneider, 2B/3B
Age: 22
Highest Level: A-
Schneider was drafted in the 28th round of the 2017 Draft. In his third season at rookie level Bluefield, he finished with six HR and a slash line of .313/.380/.550 in 34 games. With the amount of talented infielders ahead of him in the system, though, he will need to take a step forward soon. (Greg Bracken)

Washington Nationals

51. Telmito Agustin, OF
Age: 24
Highest level: A+
The 2021 season will be an important one for Agustin in terms of his prospect relevance. Agustin has been in the Nats’ system for seven seasons now and has just never taken his game to the level that many expected. His 2019 totals were more productive than the past, but time is running out. Telmito’s plate discipline needs to improve, and while his power numbers increased in 2019, we will look to see if that continues in 2021. (Jacob Swain)

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