Scout the Statline: Way-Too-Early Prospects to Target

Junior Caminero, Tampa Bay Rays Minor League Spring Training 2022. Photo credit Bryan Green, begreen90 on Flickr


In this series, we shed light on notable changes in the prospect landscape based on results from our statistical data models (which can be found on our website here). Our goal is to help YOU find THE NEXT BIG THING before others get to it. 

This is my second article in the series. In early March, I highlighted some potentially misvalued players based on differences between our data models findings compared to analyst rankings across the industry. Some of these have been runaway successes: Emmanuel Rodriguez, Edouard Julien, and Christian Encarnacion-Strand have already seen their stock rise dramatically since the article was published. Others, such as Cristian Santana, have failed to rise up to the expectations our model placed on them. Having a high success rate is always a goal of ours, but at its heart, Scout the Statline is about actionable intelligence. Its evolving nature, as a result of daily data updates, allows you to quickly react to changes in the landscape before the market wisens up. This is what we call the “StS advantage”.

Just about one month into the MiLB season, I am returning to share who our models are saying you should be looking at now. Without further ado!

2023’s Way-Too-Early Priority Prospect Buys

Jackson Holliday (BAL, SS, 19, High-A)

Yeah I know, he’s hardly unknown. I’m here to make a prediction, and it’s with a very high degree of confidence: Jackson Holliday will be the #1 overall prospect by the start of 2024, and it will be near-unanimous. Enough said!

Evan Carter (TEX, OF, 20, Double-A)

If you follow me or Scout the Statline at all, you know we’ve had a love-affair with Carter going back to 2021. I’m not going to belabor this one, but Carter is off to a scorching start and is still somehow underrated by the industry. Scout the Statline says this is going to be your #1 overall prospect until he goes pro (which I think happens this year).

Edgar Quero (LAA, C, 20, Double-A)

Another one that stretches back to 2021 for us, Quero surprised almost everyone by getting the boost all the way up to Double-A to start the season. The over-the-fence power hasn’t shown up yet (it will), but Quero has been dominant nonetheless.

Junior Caminero (TBR, 3B, 19, High-A)

We told you this guy was going to break out (technically you can say this happened already, but it hasn’t been properly reflected in his rankings yet). Lo and behold, Caminero has been nothing short of a marvel, with 5 HRs and .683 SLG. Caminero is going to skyrocket up rankings throughout 2023.

Gabriel Gonzalez (SEA, OF, 19, Single-A)

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but this is another one that we said was going to be a high-riser this season. Similar to Quero, he has yet to hit any home runs, but I expect they will follow soon. He’s just been a hitting machine, and soon enough it will be obvious to everyone.

Okay okay, but who’s new? Now we get into the good stuff!

Dalton Rushing (LAD, C, 22, High-A)

Rushing has been a masher since entering the league, sporting a career 1.185 OPS. It’s possible he’s a man-among-boys (this guy has some legit massive quads), but the production simply cannot be ignored any longer.

Ryan Clifford (HOU, OF, 19, Single-A)

Clifford came into the league with a reputation as a hitter. The Astros pulled some kind of voodoo magic to sign him in the 11th round of last year’s draft nonetheless, and Clifford has shown off some impressive skills since, slashing .351/.526/.509 with a couple of home runs and more walks (18) than strikeouts (16) as of this writing.

Cole Young (SEA, SS, 19, Single-A)

He hasn’t been quite as hot as he was when the season started, but Mariner’s fans have a lot to be excited for with Cole Young. Their 1st round pick last season has been a hitting machine since entering the league, possessing a career .328/.420/.489 slash dating back to last season with almost as many walks (22) as strikeouts (25) in 157 career plate appearances.

Luke Adams (MIL, 3B, 19, Single-A)

Just barely 19, Adams is another teen that the StS models can’t get enough of. So far, Adams has flashed impressive power and speed, currently projecting for 28 home runs and 32 stolen bases at peak! He’s flashing those skills with superior plate discipline to boot, walking more (14) than he has struck out (13) on the season so far!

Chase Meidroth (BOS, 2B, 21, High-A)

Meidroth is one of my first new targets of 2023, thanks to his impressive plate discipline (a theme here, 32 walks and 24 strikeouts since debuting in 2022) and all-around hitting skills. He’s currently going through a drought (.154 AVG over the last week), but continues getting on base. It’s only a matter of time before things turn back around.

A Final Word

This is some, but not all, of the interesting new players that have been popping up so far in 2023! I encourage everyone to check in on our leaderboards regularly to unearth everyone. If you play in highly-competitive dynasty leagues or are looking for a market advantage in whatever other baseball-related endeavor you are in, consider a membership with us to unlock the full potential of our data models!

Happy prospect hunting!

Ross Jensen

Scout the Statline

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