Ross Jensen (Special Contributor)

Hello Prospects1500 readers. I’m here to introduce…myself! My name is Ross Jensen. I grew up playing baseball and possessing a fascination for box scores. When I was a youngster, I flipped through the sports section of the newspaper to pore over the box scores every chance I got, obsessively checked scores and stats on the Internet during Comp. Sci. in high school, and have been playing dynasty-style fantasy baseball since I fled the nest.

After four years writing and editing for the Dynasty Guru (where I remain an editor and continue to contribute to the consensus rankings), I come to Prospects1500 as a special contributor. During my time with the Dynasty Guru, I partnered up with the brilliant Jordan Rosenblum (follow him on Twitter @RosenJordanBlum) to create Scout the Statline. Scout the Statline is a dynasty-baseball-oriented project designed to bring actionable intelligence on MLB players and prospects for baseball hobbyists (whether your interest is fantasy baseball, card collecting, or otherwise). My contributions here at Prospects1500 will focus on sharing insights gained from compulsively reviewing our leaderboards 1,500 times a day to find the next “can’t miss” prospects.

In addition to loving the game of baseball, I’ve always been statistically-oriented, so it’s not much of a surprise that the bulk of my professional experience has come in some form of masquerading as a data analyst. I moonlight by building MLB prospect content and regularly updating the data models that comprise Scout the Statline’s leaderboards. My personal interests include my beautiful family, great friends, and an unhealthy obsession with a bunch of things that conveniently start with the letter B: Bitcoin, Batman, beer, and baseball (of course).

My most significant baseball accomplishments include maintaining a .300 batting average as a scrawny 16-year-old during my final season of baseball and building a dynasty team that demoralized his hometown league by winning 5 straight titles.

Follow me on Twitter @RossJensen12 to rage at me for my unconventional (some may say idiotic) rankings and ravings about all things baseball-related. If you love prospects, you might as well also give a follow to @StatlineScout for automated updates on baseball things as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!

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