Philip Case (Milwaukee Brewers)

Hello everyone, my name is Philip Case. I will be taking over the coverage of the Milwaukee Brewers and their farm system for Prospects1500.

My love of baseball began during little league and grew as I started collecting baseball cards from the corner grocery store in the 1970’s. The smells of spring still bring back vivid memories of riding my bike several miles to the store to purchase as many packs as I could with my allowance.

I began following prospects in the early 80’s by reading the Collegiate Baseball News and Baseball America that were supplied to our high school baseball team by our coach. After college, I moved to Arizona where I attended spring training games at the various minor league complexes and met people such as Harry Caray, Bob Uecker, and Jimmy Piersall.

My fantasy baseball experience started in the early 1990’s with a small 10 team league with just 23 man rosters. Then in 2004, I was able to bring together 24 people online to create a non-pay league with 250 man rosters and a 30 round First Year Player Draft. A pay version of that league began 2008 and has evolved into one of the best fantasy leagues in the sport.

I look forward to covering the Milwaukee Brewers and following the development of their prospects as they strive to reach the majors. Follow me on Twitter at @FillmorePhil.

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