Nate Handy (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Photo credit - Nate Handy, @TheNeedle12 on Twitter

I like to get dirty picking up whatever scraps I find, turning over rocks, digging in the mud to find whatever underappreciated, passed-over, forgotten prospect morsel I can find. However fruitless an endeavor it may be, I enjoy casting huge nets into waters claimed barren…because you never really know. My love of baseball and longshots fuels me.

Honored to be part of Prospects1500, offering up my D’Back harvests to all you fine readers.

Baseball has always been an obsession of mine…like unhealthy sometimes. I used to pitch, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about being on the mound everyday, cause I do. I’m a competitive old guy and dynasty baseball is where I focus most of these juices now.

In addition to baseball, I am passionate about large collections of data. Swimming in the endless universe of baseball observation and analysis is where I spend my time when husband and father duties are met. Prospect evaluation, historical success rates, and how to apply all these measures to win your leagues is what I’m about. And having fun doing it.

The endless dialogue this game gives us is my favorite part of it all, and I promise to be honest with my opinions and reasons for them. As a new guy starting to poke around this “industry” I aspire to be like the truck I drove for 17 years, ugly, reliable, and working harder than my neighbor’s flashy new rig.

You can follow me on Twitter @TheNeedle12.

Nate enjoys picking up the prospect scraps, turning over rocks to share what muddy treats he can find. Residing high up the Rocky Mountains with his wife and children, trying to stay cool, getting a broader view. A fan of the underappreciated, overlooked and disregarded. A true mud person trying to make informed mistakes.

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