John Stewart (Midwest League)

My name is John Stewart and I am excited to cover the Midwest League on Prospects1500. I have been a minor league baseball junkie since I was a kid, as the only professional baseball we have here is the AAA Louisville Bats (Reds) and formerly Louisville Redbirds (Cardinals/Brewers). I’ve always enjoyed the fact that I get to have a look at players as they rise through the ranks before they become big leaguers (or don’t).

I am very much looking forward to putting a fantasy slant on my evaluation of the players in the Midwest League, as I have been involved in leagues with very deep minor league systems for over a decade now. I find the idea of uncovering hidden gems and getting them for next to nothing before they break out to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of fantasy sports….as well as knowing when it’s a good time to sell high and move on.

Thanks for reading and always feel free to drop me a line or post in the comments, especially if you see an oversight or error on my part. Find me on Twitter @jonance.

John Stewart is a graphic & website designer, event promoter, and baseball enthusiast based in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been obsessed with minor league baseball since childhood, as the AAA Louisville Redbirds (now the Louisville Bats) were the only local team...which is still the case today. Now a season ticket holder, John enjoys watching top prospects as they come through town, as well as purchasing far too much cotton candy for his kids throughout the baseball season. Follow John on Twitter at @jonance.


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