Greg Rosenthal (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Hello everyone! My name is Greg Rosenthal and I am a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. It sounds like I am admitting to a problem when I put it that way. I swear I am not. I have been asked many times why I would put myself through such a thing. At various low points, I have even asked myself why. The answer is simple. I did not get to choose this fate, like I did not get to choose whether or not to have brown eyes or a receding hairline. It is part of my DNA. It is a passion. I have loved baseball and the Pirates since I was 6 years old. I am really excited for the chance to share that passion with those of you who also love baseball, dynasty leagues, prospects, the Pirates or all of the above.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh but I grew up in South Florida. Living down here has not diminished my love for the Pirates. If anything, it has given me the rare opportunity to see prospects during Spring Training or their time in Bradenton before they made it to The Show. That connection with Pirates prospects makes every major league debut something special for me.

I am an attorney practicing real estate litigation for the last 28 years. In my job, I have to present an argument and make a case for my clients. I intend to bring that same thought process to this assignment. I will try to base my opinions on observable facts and do my best to separate my fandom and Black and Gold colored glasses from reality.

I have been playing in fantasy baseball leagues for at least 28 years. The leagues I enjoy most are dynasty leagues where you have the chance to find the next great player before your fellow team owners do. It is the closest thing to being a GM that we can get and at the same time scratch that competitive itch.

We are going to have fun together learning about the Pirates prospects as they climb the ladder from the DSL, GCL, Bradenton, Greensboro, Altoona and Indianapolis on their way to the Major Leagues. I welcome all ideas and look forward to interacting with you on Twitter at @bucfish67.

Greg Rosenthal is a lifelong baseball fan and now the Pittsburgh Pirates correspondent for Prospects1500. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he has lived in South Florida his entire adult life. Greg graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Political Science as well as a law degree. Greg is married with three college aged kids. He plays in several fantasy baseball leagues including two dynasty leagues. He can be reached on Twitter at @bucfish67.


    • You are correct. Although my friends and family may argue he is the other Greg Rosenthal and that he spells his name wrong. 👍

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