Jeff Manning (Reds)

Hello fellow baseball fans,

I’m Jeff Manning, your guide to the Cincinnati Reds Top Prospects. I live in Eaton, OH and am a Reds season ticket holder. Yearly I visit several Minor League stadiums, especially Dayton (A Reds), Indianapolis (AAA Pirates), Louisville (AAA Reds), Columbus (AAA Indians), and Lexington (A Royals). I’m also a baseball card, ticket stub, and memorabilia collector. My prize possessions are the Lifetime passes of “Bullet” Bob Turley and George Foster.

I’m not in a dynasty baseball league, but do compete in a head-to-head redraft league with a points system based on OPS+. I’m a fan of baseball analytics and look forward to creating a system to track the best minor league prospects in the Reds organization. This is Jeff Manning rounding third and heading for home. Go Reds!

Lover of baseball analytics. Baseball card, ticket stub, and memorabilia collector. Cincinnati Reds Season Ticket Member. MLB Passport and MiLB Passport carrier.


  1. Very cool Jeff. I’m a huge baseball card collector myself and plan on spiffing you guys with some cards once we really get going. I started collecting in 1978 and have every Topps set since then (with some other Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck sets too) but I also went back and collected & completed the 1971 (year I was born!) and 1976 sets. My goal is to fill in the ’72, ’73, ’74 and ’75 sets at some point in my lifetime. My current love as you might expect since we’re launching Prospects1500 is the Bowman brand and all the top prospect cards.

  2. I also do some collecting. Have been off and on since I was a kid in the 60s. Of course, my mom threw out my first collection when I went to college. I guess there is a reason that is a stereotype. I’ve been collecting cards and memoribilia randomly for the past 30 years or so. My project is working on a set of 62 Topps, the first season for the Mets. Doubtful I’ll ever complete it, but I have had a great time looking for the cards I’m still missing.

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