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Hello. My name is Donovan Scotch and I’m thrilled to be joining Prospects1500 as minor league correspondent for the Cleveland Indians. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of the current Indians’ prospects will be able to make a significant contribution in 2018 as the Indians seek that elusive World Series championship. They certainly have the talent to win it. I thought they would do so last season.

A little about me. Like so many of you, I was a kid who excelled in athletics, especially on the baseball field. A lot of that came from having two older brothers (seven and ten years older) and playing with them and all of their friends at a very early age. I was routinely at least five years younger than anyone else on the field, but held my own, and often surprised them with line drives over their heads. I played throughout school, but like many of you, I fell far short of attaining any lofty goals despite having the talent to probably play at higher levels. I blame it on my 3rd Grade teacher, Ms. Irvine, or, Evil Eye Irvine, as I called her. Ms. Irvine cornered me a number of times in order to deliver what seemed like endless sermons concerning my ability to achieve tremendous things if only I learned to apply myself. I was quite rebellious, and I made it my lifelong ambition (at least my adolescent ambition) to prove Ms. Irvine and anyone else with similar thoughts, wrong. I planned make it just fine without applying myself at all.

Later, I coached high school and small college athletics, and I admit delivering similar Evil Eye speeches to guys that I knew would never apply themselves.

There’s nothing like the sounds and the smells of the baseball field. It’s home for me. More so than any other place has ever been. I’m fortunate to be living in Phoenix, AZ where I get to see a lot more baseball than almost anyone. 15 MLB teams are here every spring within a 45 minute drive. All 30 teams send guys here every fall for the Arizona Fall League. Plus, of course, we have the D-Backs games during the summer. I am grateful to Prospects1500 for giving me the chance to report on the progress of the Cleveland prospects. I plan on keeping the reader updated on young Indians’ performances and hope to bring something to my columns that will help the reader enjoy the game, or even provide a thought or two that maybe would not have been otherwise considered.

I’m just getting started on Twitter too, so bear with me as I get acclimated there. My handle is @DonovanScotch.

Go Indians!


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