2023 NCAA Regionals: Prospects To Watch

Rhett Lowder, Wake Forest University. Photo credit Benjamin Rush, @BenRushPhoto on Twitter

With the NCAA Baseball Tournament kicking off this Friday, June 2 it is time to dive into the top MLB draft prospects to watch in each regional. These are players that are draft eligible in each of the next three years (2023, 2024, and 2025) and will be listed in alphabetical order by team and player. This is not a rankings list. That is to come later in the month. The order of the regionals is set based upon ranking with Winston-Salem coming first given Wake Forest got the number one national seed, and Tuscaloosa coming last as they are the number 16 national seed. 

Winston-Salem Regional

Teams: George Mason, Maryland, Northeastern, Wake Forest

Top prospects to watch:

Ian Petrutz, OF, Maryland, 2024 Draft

Jason Savacool, RHP, Maryland, 2023 Draft

Kyle McCoy, LHP, Maryland, 2025 Draft

Luke Shliger, C, Maryland, 2023 Draft

Matt Shaw, 2B, Maryland, 2023 Draft

Nick Lorusso, 3B, Maryland, 2023 Draft

Nigel Belgrave, RHP, Maryland, 2023 Draft

Mike Sirota, OF, Northeastern, 2024 Draft

Brock Wilken, 3B, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft

Camden Minacci, RHP, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft

Josh Hartle, LHP, Wake Forest, 2024 Draft

Marek Houston, SS, Wake Forest, 2025 Draft

Michael Massey, RHP, Wake Forest, 2024 Draft

Nick Kurtz, OF, Wake Forest, 2024 Draft

Rhett Lowder, RHP, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft

Sean Sullivan, RHP, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft

Seth Keener, RHP, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft

Teddy McGraw, RHP, Wake Forest, 2023 Draft


Wake Forest was a no-brainer number one overall seed, but they were not done any favors by the committee given the teams in their regional. While there is not a big draft name on the George Mason squad, Maryland is absolutely loaded and Sirota is one of my favorite players in the 2024 class. Wake has been known as Rake Forest, and for good reason, but the depth of arms they have is most impressive. They will need to be with the nation’s RBI leader in Nick Lorusso in the Maryland lineup, and he might be the third best prospect on that team. When Wake decides to throw Lowder will be really interesting, as he may be the second best pitching prospect in this year’s draft. 

Gainesville Regional

Teams: Florida, Florida A&M, Texas Tech, UConn

Top prospects to watch:

Brandon Neely, RHP, Florida, 2024 Draft

Brandon Sproat, RHP, Florida, 2023 Draft

Cade Kurland, MIF, Florida, 2025 Draft

Hurston Waldrep, RHP, Florida, 2023 Draft

Jac Caglianone, 1B/LHP, Florida, 2024 Draft

Josh Rivera, SS, Florida, 2023 Draft

Wyatt Langford, OF, Florida, 2023 Draft

Gage Harrelson, OF, Texas Tech, 2025 Draft

Hudson White, C, Texas Tech, 2024 Draft

Kevin Bazzell, C/3B, Texas Tech, 2024 Draft

Mason Molina, LHP, Texas Tech, 2024 Draft

Tracer Lopez, SS, Texas Tech, 2025 Draft


Want to get yourself familiar with some big names for next year’s draft, this is the regional for you. Caglianone is the number one prospect for 2024 as of right now, and clearly the best two way player in college baseball right now. Molina is an impressive lefty arm who would probably be the top LHP from the college ranks if he was eligible to be drafted this year. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of names to keep an eye on come this year’s draft. Langford is a top three guy while Waldrep will hear his name called in the first round as well. 

Fayetteville Regional

Teams: Arizona, Arkansas, Santa Clara, TCU

Top prospects to watch:

Chase Davis, OF, Arizona, 2023 Draft

Mason White, 2B, Arizona, 2025 Draft

TJ Nichols, RHP, Arizona, 2023 Draft

Brady Tygart, RHP, Arkansas, 2024 Draft

Hagen Smith, LHP, Arkansas, 2024 Draft

Hunter Hollan, LHP, Arkansas, 2023 Draft

Jace Bohrofen, OF, Arkansas, 2023 Draft

Jaxon Wiggins, RHP, Arkansas, 2023 Draft

Kendall Diggs, OF, Arkansas, 2024 Draft

Peyton Stovall, 2B, Arkansas, 2024 Draft

Tavian Josenberger, OF, Arkansas, 2023 Draft

Anthony Silva, SS, TCU, 2024 Draft

Brayden Taylor, 3B, TCU, 2023 Draft

Cam Brown, RHP, TCU, RHP, 2023 Draft

Karson Bowen, C, TCU, 2025 Draft


The best prospect in this group is Davis, as he has firmly planted himself in the first round given his smooth swing and great power. That said Arizona was one of the last teams in and have struggled with pitching which was highlighted by Nichols being shifted to a bullpen role. Arkansas is a very balanced team with some quality prospects but might not have a guy go on day one. That won’t be the case in 2024, as Diggs and Stovall should both be drafted early. Taylor is the key bat for TCU, but Bowen has faired extremely well in his freshman season. 

Clemson Regional

Teams: Charlotte, Clemson, Lipscomb, Tennessee

Top prospects to watch:

Jake Cunningham, OF, Charlotte, 2023 Draft

Caden Grice, 1B/LHP, Clemson, 2023 Draft

Cam Cannarella, MIF, Clemson, 2025 Draft

Cooper Ingle, C/OF, Clemson, 2023 Draft

Will Taylor, OF, Clemson, 2024 Draft

Andrew Lindsey, LHP, Tennessee, 2023 Draft

Blake Burke, INF, Tennessee, 2024 Draft

Chase Burns, RHP, Tennessee, 2023 Draft

Chase Dollander, RHP, Tennessee, 2023 Draft

Christian Moore, INF, Tennessee, 2024 Draft

Dylan Dreiling, OF, Tennessee, 2025 Draft

Jared Dickey, C/OF, Tennessee, 2023 Draft

Maui Ahuna, SS, Tennessee, 2023 Draft


Clemson vs. Tennessee is one of the better potential matchups to determine a regional, and there is a ton of draft talent on both sides. Grice has a real shot to be drafted as a two way player while Cannarella has had a heck of a freshman campaign. Dollander opened the season with an argument to be the top arm in the class, but he has been very inconsistent this season and has fallen out of that clear cut top five and may even be the second arm selected anymore. Ahuna missed a good chunk of the beginning of the season due to ineligibility tied to his transfer to Tennessee, and he hasn’t put up the numbers he would have hoped, but he is still an immensely talented player and could really raise his stock with a good postseason. 

Baton Rouge Regional

Teams: LSU, Oregon State, Sam Houston, Tulane

Top prospects to watch:

Brady Neal, C, LSU, 2025 Draft

Chase Shores, RHP, LSU, 2025 Draft

Christian Little, RHP, LSU, 2023 Draft

Dylan Crews, OF, LSU, 2023 Draft

Jared Jones, C/OF, LSU 2025 Draft

Grant Taylor, RHP, LSU, 2023 Draft

Paul Skenes, RHP, LSU, 2023 Draft

Thatcher Hurd, RHP, LSU, 2024 Draft

Tommy White, CIF, LSU, 2024 Draft

Tre’ Morgan, 1B, LSU, 2023 Draft

Ty Floyd, RHP, LSU, 2023 Draft

Garret Forrester, 1B, Oregon State, 2023 Draft

Travis Bazzana, SS, Oregon State, 2023 Draft


The list of names I that didn’t make the list for LSU is as impressive as a some other regionals themselves, so it is clear why LSU was ranked number one to start the year. Skenes and Crews could very well find themselves going 1-2 in the draft, with there being some debate still as to who would go number one. Crews really struggles over the past month, so there are some concerns he could “fall” as far as third come the draft, but a big tournament could cement him going 1-1. Hurd has a chance to be the number one pitcher selected next year, while Bazzana could be the best Australian baseball prospect we have seen and will likely go early in round one next year. 

Nashville Regional

Teams: East Illinois, Oregon, Vanderbilt, Xavier

Top prospects to watch:

Drew Smith, 3B, Oregon, 2025 Draft

Jacob Walsh, 1B, Oregon, 2024 Draft

Sabin Ceballos, 3B, Oregon, 2023 Draft

Andrew Dutkanych, RHP, Vanderbilt, 2024 Draft

Carter Holton, LHP, Vanderbilt, 2024 Draft

Davis Diaz, INF, Vanderbilt, 2024 Draft

Enrique Bradfield Jr., OF, Vanderbilt, 2023 Draft

Hunter Owen, LHP, Vanderbilt, 2023 Draft

Jonathan Vastine, SS, Vanderbilt, 2023 Draft

Nick Maldonado, RHP, Vanderbilt, 2023 Draft

RJ Austin, INF, Vanderbilt, 2025 Draft


All the big draft prospects in this regional coming from two teams, but those two certainly have no shortage of names who will hear their names called in the MLB Draft. Vandy is loaded as usual which is highlighted by the incredibly talented freshman Austin, but there are real concerns with his swing and it’s consistency. There may not be a faster player in baseball, at any level, than Bradfield who will only be helped at the next level with the larger bases and pick off limitations. Ceballos is the star of the Ducks, but Smith is the future and is a middle of the order bat already as a freshman.  

Charlotttesville Regional

Teams: Army, East Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia

Top prospects to watch:

Jacob Jenkins-Cowart, OF, East Carolina, 2024 Draft

Trey Yesavage, RHP, East Carolina, 2024 Draft

Zach Root, LHP, East Carolina, 2025 Draft

Casey Saucke III, SS, Virginia, 2024 Draft

Ethan O’Donnell, OF, Virginia, 2023 Draft

Griffin O’Ferrall, SS, Virginia, 2024 Draft

Jake Gelof, 3B, Virginia, 2023 Draft

Kyle Teel, C, Virginia, 2023 Draft


Don’t sleep on this regional just because the list of names isn’t as long as some others. Oklahoma is a very good overall team, Army has plenty of tournament experience, and East Carolina still has veteran arms like Carter Spivey and Josh Grosz even if they aren’t the draft prospects they were two years ago. Teel is all but a lock to be the first catcher off the board and will likely be selected in the top ten picks, while Gelof could very well hear his name in the first round as well. 

Stanford Regional

Teams: Cal State Fullerton, San Jose State, Stanford, Texas A&M

Top prospects to watch:

Charles McAdoo, OF/2B, San Jose State, 2023 Draft

Braden Montgomery, OF/RHP, Stanford, 2024 Draft

Quinn Mathews, LHP, Stanford, 2023 Draft

Tommy Troy, INF, Stanford, 2023 Draft

Jace LaViolette, OF, Texas A&M, 2025 Draft

Jack Moss, 1B, Texas A&M, 2025 Draft

Nathan Dettmer, RHP, Texas A&M, 2023 Draft


I am a lot higher on McAdoo than most as I think he has a shot to stay in the dirt and be a power hitting 2B and is gonna be fun to watch against some elite arms in the regional. Montgomery is an elite two way player with double plus power at the plate and a closer stuff on the mound. Troy is a guy who has played all over the infield, playing second last year, a lot of third this year, and some scouts feel he has a shot to play short at the next level. LaViolette had one heck of a tournament in Hoover while Moss is a guy who doesn’t put up the typical power numbers from a 1B, but he has a plus bat tool and reminds me a lot of Brandon Belt

Coral Gables Regional

Teams: Louisiana, Maine, Miami, Texas

Top prospects to watch:

Carson Roccaforte, OF, Louisiana, 2023 Draft

Julian Brock, C, Louisiana, 2023 Draft

Kyle DeBarge, SS, Louisiana, 2024 Draft

Quinn McDaniel, 2B, Maine, 2023 Draft

Andrew Walters, RHP, MIami, 2023 Draft

Blake Cyr, 2B, Miami, 2025 Draft

CJ Kayfus, 1B/OF, Miami, 2023 Draft

Lorenzo Carrier, OF, Miami, 2024 Draft

Yohandy Morales, 3B, Miami, 2023 Draft

Jalin Flores, SS, Texas, 2024 Draft

Jared Thomas, OF, Texas, 2025 Draft

Lebarron Johnson, RHP, Texas, 2023 Draft

Tanner Witt, RHP, Texas, 2023 Draft


One of the teams I was on the edge of my seat hoping to see make the tournament was Louisiana as I love watching DeBarge for them and Brock is a quality catcher. Miami has some quality arms but also have two bats with a ton of power in Morales and Carrier. I am not sure there is a player this postseason is more important for in terms of draft position than Witt for Texas. He threw just 11 innings a year ago before going down due to injury and currently has an ERA higher than his inning pitched this year, 8.22 ERA with less than eight innings pitched. Based on pure stuff, Witt is a first rounder, but the sample size is a real concern. 

Conway Regional

Teams: Coastal Carolina, Duke, Rider, UNC Wilmington

Top prospects to watch:

Caden Bodine, C, Coastal Carolina, 2025 Draft

Levi Huesman, LHP, Coastal Carolina, 2025 Draft

Alex Mooney, SS, Duke, 2023 Draft

Andrew Fischer, 3B, Duke, 2025 Draft

Andrew Healy, LHP, Duke, 2025 Draft

James Tallon, LHP, Duke, 2025 Draft

Jay Beshears, INF, Duke, 2023 Draft

Mason Murdock, RHP, UNC Wilmington, 2025 Draft

Tanner Thach, 1B, UNC Wilmington, 2025 Draft


In terms of first round talent, this may be the weakest regional, but that does not mean it won’t be plenty of fun to watch. Mooney is the only big name prospect for this year, but the freshman that will be on the field in Conway are incredibly impressive. Bodine, Fischer, and Thach are all guys who currently project to be first rounders come 2023, While Huesman and Murdock could easily be there in two years. 

Stillwater Regional

Teams: Dallas Baptist, Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts, Washington

Top prospects to watch:

Jace Grady, OF, Dallas Baptist, 2023 Draft

Luke Heefner, INF, Dallas Baptist, 2024 Draft

Beau Sylvester, C, Oklahoma State, 2025 Draft

Juaron Watts-Brown, RHP, Oklahoma State, 2023 Draft

Marcus Brown, SS, Oklahoma State, 2023 Draft

Nolan McLean, RHP/OF, Oklahoma State, 2023 Draft

Nolan Schubart, OF, Oklahoma State, 2025 Draft

Roc Riggio, 2B, Oklahoma State, 2023 Draft

Jonah Cox, OF, Oral Roberts, 2023 Draft

Kiefer Lord, RHP, Washington, 2023 Draft


Heefner and Grady at the heart of the DBU lineup always gives them a chance, while Oral Roberts is a better club than they look on paper, and Cox is a guy who could really climb ranks with a good regional. Lord has been a bit inconsistent for Washington and they need him to be the ace this weekend. Stillwater was as much fun a regional as there was a year ago, and Oklahoma State brings plenty of power with Shubart and Riggio, while Watts-Brown has slipped down a lot of boards since the beginning of the season but is still very much a potential day one arm.

Lexington Regional

Teams: Ball State, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia

Top prospects to watch:

Blake Bevis, 1B/RHP, Ball State, 2025 Draft

Ryan Brown, RHP, Ball State, 2023 Draft

Devin Taylor, OF, Indiana, 2025 Draft

Magdiel Cotto, LHP, Kentucky, 2023 Draft

Carlson Reed, RHP, West Virginia, 2023 Draft

Grant Hussey, 1B, West Virginia, 2024 Draft

JJ Wetherholt, 3B, West Virginia, 2024 Draft


The star of this regional should be Taylor, as he is a player with a shot to go 1-1 in 2025 thanks to his quick bat and real power. Another guys with plenty of power is Hussey with West Virginia while Reed might be the best pitcher in the regional. Wetherholt could be a top ten pick next year although there are some positional questions and he can get too pull happy. Cotto has a career ERA over 6, but he has enough stuff that he could be a guy who really improves in pro ball. 

Auburn Regional

Teams: Auburn, Penn, Samford, Southern Miss 

Top prospects to watch:

Chase Allsup, RHP, Auburn, 2024 Draft

Cole Foster, SS, Auburn, 2023 Draft

Ike Irish, C, Auburn, 2025 Draft

Cole Zaffiro, RHP, Penn, 2023 Draft

Jayden Davis, INF, Samford, 2025 Draft

Matthew Etzel, OF, Southern Miss, 2023 Draft

Tanner Hall, RHP, Southern MIss, 2023 Draft


The top pick from a team in this regional could very well be a guy that isn’t listed in the injured Joseph Gonzalez. The highest pick who will take the field this weekend is likely Foster, as he will likely stick at short and has a quality bat. Irish might be the best player in the regional despite being a freshman. He is currently the best catching prospect in the 2025 class. Zaffiro is an arm that could lead Penn to a surprise victory on the weekend, as he has quality stuff, although it regresses to average too often and his fastball can get too hittable. 

Terre Haute Regional

Teams: Indiana State, Iowa, North Carolina, Wright State

Top prospects to watch:

Randal Diaz, 3B, Indiana State, 2024 Draft

Brody Brecht, RHP, Iowa, 2024 Draft

Cade Obermueller, LHP, Iowa, 2024 Draft

Mac Horvath, 3B, North Carolina, 2023 Draft

Vance Honeycutt, OF, North Carolina, 2024 Draft

Andrew Patrick, OF, Wright State, 2024 Draft

Justin Riemer, 2B, Wright State, 2023 Draft


While Caglianone is currently the favorite to go 1-1 a year from now, he is a two way player, so the top pure pitcher and position player for 2024 just may be Brecht and Honeycutt in this regional. Brecht is exactly what you want out of an ace, he isn’t afraid to attack the zone and has absolutely filthy stuff too. Honeycutt is one of the better centerfield prospects you are going to find and has a smooth stroke to go with it. Despite that, the centerfielder who may open the most eyes this weekend could be Patrick from Wright state, as he is a really good defender and has good pop and balance at the plate.

Columbia Regional

Teams: Campbell, Central Connecticut State, NC State, South Carolina

Top prospects to watch:

Cade Kuehler, RHP, Campbell, 2023 Draft

Ty Cummings, RHP, Campbell, 2023 Draft

Cannon Peebles, C, NC State, 2025 Draft

Carter Trice, INF/OF, NC State, 2023 Draft

LuJames Groover III, INF, NC State, 2023 Draft

Cole Messina, C/1B, South Carolina, 2024 Draft

Eli Jerzembeck, RHP, South Carolina, 2024 Draft

Ethan Petry, 1B, South Carolina, 2025 Draft

Matthew Becker, LHP, South Carolina, 2024 Draft

Jack Mahoney, RHP, South Carolina, 2023 Draft

Will Sanders, RHP, South Carolina, 2023 Draft


The best pitcher in the regional is Kuehler for Campbell despite all his mechanisms screaming reliever, he holds his stuff deep into ballgames and has proven himself in the NCAA tournament before. Groover has long been a guy who oozes talent but three years into his time in college baseball I still have no clue what position he will wind up sticking at as a pro, but he has a shot to be the best player in the regional. Sanders had an up and down season for the Gamecocks and his stock has fallen some, a good showing in a home regional could definitely turn things around. Meanwhile, the top three picks in the MLB Draft this year will likely be SEC talent, the top prospect for next year is in the SEC, and for a good chunk of the year one could argue the best player in the conference was freshman Petry.

Tuscaloosa Regional

Teams: Alabama, Boston College, Nicholls State, Troy

Top prospects to watch:

Ben Hess, RHP, Alabama, 2024 Draft

Brock Blatter, RHP, Alabama, 2025 Draft

Grayson Hitt, LHP, Alabama, 2023 Draft

Adonys Guzman, C, Boston College, 2025 Draft

Travis Honeyman, OF, Boston College, 2023 Draft

Caleb Bartolero, C, Troy, 2023 Draft


Alabama earned themselves a home regional on the back of their pitching, and Hitt has a shot to be the first college lefty taken, although it won’t be in the first round as this is likely to be the first draft without a college LHP since 1979. Honeyman was on a bit of a load management program this year as he frequently did not play in the mid-week games, but he is a quality fielder and has a really good bat and should be a day one pick in July. 

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