Casey Krish (Texas Rangers)

Hey everyone! My name is Casey Krish, and I am excited to be joining Prospects1500. Sports have been a passion of mine, but nothing can compare to my love of baseball. The game has brought me so many memories and good times over the years.

I am a 20-year-old college student from the Jersey Shore… I know you know the TV show! I study digital communications, and my ultimate goal is to either work in television or with the written media covering professional sports.

I work covering high school sports in New Jersey, so despite my age, I have experience covering and writing about sports. I also write a daily recap segment on

I have been a season ticket holder with the Lakewood BlueClaws (A – Philadelphia Phillies) for nine years (01-03, 14-current) and have not missed a game since late in the 2014 season. Having a local minor league club in close proximity has certainly strengthened my love of the game. Even when I did not have season tickets, I would be at 30-40 games a summer. I was also a host family in 2001 and 2002; getting the chance to have players stay with me.

While I see the Phillies prospects and South Atlantic League clubs in person a significant amount, I will be covering the Texas Rangers. They are a fun up-and-coming club that will be making noise in the American League very soon with the talent they have in the pipeline.

Of course, my writing is by no means perfect, and I am a strong believer that getting feedback is the best way to improve. I would love to hear ways that I could improve my articles, or even throw in something you like about it. I can be reached on Twitter (@CaseyKrish).

My messages are always open if you want to talk baseball!


Thanks all!


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