Predicting the Yankees 2025 Roster

Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For this exercise I worked on a roster for the Yankees in the Year 2025. I put a total of 34 players on the roster expecting rosters to expand in the near future and being indecisive as well for a few positions. I did my best to include current talent in the Minor Leagues and current talent that will be and should be signed in 2025. I know the Yankees usually spend money, but I expect them to cut back some with some big contracts to their own guys due very soon. Guys such as  Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres and Aaron Judge should be due for extensions with big money. I included guys I suspect will still be under their current contracts in 2025 such as Giancarlo Stanton (I don’t think he opts out after this season), Aaron Hicks (He has a team opt out in 2026) and Gerrit Cole (Signed though at least 2025 though his contract allows Cole to opt out and become a free agent again after the fifth year ; however, if he attempts to do so, the Yankees can choose to prevent him from doing so by adding an additional year and $36 million to his contract)

Starting Lineup
C – Austin Wells

I maybe rushing Wells and maybe Anthony Seigler or Josh Breaux could be placed here. Really only time will tell. It sure seems like current catcher Gary Sanchez is going to be moved very soon. Between Sanchez’s defensive issues and the wear and tear on his body a move to 1B or DH may be best for him long term.

1B – Gary Sanchez

As stated above Sanchez moves in this exercise. This would be a good move long term for his body. He will be 32 in the 2025 season so he should still be fairly productive as well.

2B – Anthony Volpe

I’m moving Volpe to 2nd to get him to the bigs. With Torres entrenched in the infield at either SS or 2nd I’m leaving Torres at SS for this exercise. I like Volpes long term potential more than Oswaldo Cabrera, Oswald Peraza, Ezequiel Duran and Josh Smith whou could all be options here by 2025.

SS – Gleyber Torres

A star that will be the Yankees’ cornerstone for years to come! Only 28 in the 2025 season he should still be in his prime. It’s only a matter of time before the Yankees sign him to a huge extension and he is well worth it. I also think Torres could head to 2nd base if he can’t fix his defensive issues at shortstop.

3B – Miguel Andujar

Andujar is another young bright spot on the Yankees young team. I can see the Yankees trading him away for a piece they may need but I hope they keep him. A move to the OF is possible as well. He will be 30 in 2025 so in his prime. His defense is extremely spotty so if he can shore it up he could stay at 3rd. If not a move to DH is not out of the question either.

LF – Canaan Smith

Smith has an excellent hitting tool with great patience at the plate. He could easily hit .290 with 20 homers and 20 steals. Just 20 now he would be 25 in 2025 there will be plenty of room to grow!

CF – Estevan Florial / Jasson Dominguez

If Florial can have a healthy season he will break out. I think he could be fast-tracked once he shows he can stay healthy. Florial has all the tools to be a top centerfielder so I hope he can stay healthy and turn it around. Like Smith, he is just 20 and will be 25 in 2025 with plenty of room to grow. A .270 average with 20 homers and 20 steals isn’t out of the question for him either. I’m a little bullish on Dominguez here. In 2025 he will be just 22. Based on what we know about Dominguez it’s very possible he will be in NY by 2025 or knocking on the door. I can’t wait to see what he can do against stateside pitching!

RF – Aaron Judge

In 2025 Judge will be 33. If he can stay healthy, he should still be mashing the ball and have made a few more All-Star teams. He has the athleticism and ability to stay in the field and play solid defense. In 2025 pending health an average of .285 on the season with 35 homers is money in the bank.

DH – Clint Frazier / Giancarlo Stanton

I would love for the Yankees to move Fraizer by 2025. He still has a ton of potential but his defense has kept him from showing that at Yankee Stadium on a full-time basis. There is no question about his ability to hit. With a full season of at-bats, a .300 average, and 30 homers on a season is very possible. Stanton can opt-out at the end of the season but if he doesn’t he will still be under contract in NY. I don’t think he opts out of his 13-year, $325 million extension he signed with the Marlins in 2014. Stanton will be 35 and pending health should still be very productive from the DH spot.

Bench / Depth
1B – Chris Gittens

Won the defensive first baseman of the year award for the Eastern League in 2019. He could easily be a backup at first, defensive replacement, and part-time in the corner OF if needed. I would like to see him get a chance to stay in NY but he could be another trade piece for the Yankees.

SS/2B/3B – Oswaldo Cabrera / Oswald Peraza / Ezequiel Duran / Josh Smith

As stated above any of these guys could win the 2nd base job I just happen to like Volpe more. Cabrera is a versatile switch hitter who has really improved over the last few years. He could play SS or 2nd. He should hit 15-20 homers with a .300 average. Cabera will be just 26 in 2025. Peraza is another young infielder that can play any spot including third. He has a good hitting tool and barrels up the bat very well. He will be just 25 in 2025. A .280 average with 12-15 homers and 20 steals isn’t out of the question. Duran will be 26 in 2025. He is strong and athletic with great bat speed. He profiles as a bat/first second baseman with a little speed. Josh Smith isn’t flashy but does a lot of things very well. He makes consistent contact from the left side of the plate, using the entire field to spray line drive. He manages the strike zone very well. He has solid raw power and drives the ball enough to hit 15 or more homers on an annual basis. He also has solid to plus speed and knows how to use it on the bases. A 15/15 player is very possible. Smith will be 27 in 2025. I think a few of these guys get moved by the Yankees or lost in the Rule 5 draft when it comes time.

OF – Isiah Gilliam

Gilliam is a switch-hitting outfielder who should be able to hit for monster power once he reaches his potential. Currently 23 he reached Double A in 2019. He would be a great power asset off the bench in the future.

OF – Kevin Alcantara

He will be just 23 in the 2025 season so I may be to bullish on Alcantara as well. He just oozes raw tools and raw upside. At 6’6”, 190 pounds, and only 17 now he could continue to grow. He has potential for plus tools across the board once he fills out and adds more muscle. His size gives him great leverage and naturally adds length to his stroke, which he has displayed the ability to make consistent. A right-handed hitter with a ton of bat speed and strength, he should stay in center field with his plus speed and quality defense. Alcantara has plenty of arm to play anywhere in the OF.

OF – Aaron Hicks

It’s the last year of his deal in 2025. Hicks signed a seven-year, $70 million contract extension in 2019. The deal includes a $12.5 million club option for 2026, a $1 million buyout. I can’t see the Yankees picking up the club option in 2026 and he could be off the team by 2025 if they can buy him out or trade him. In the 2025 season, he will be 35 years old. He will make a great locker room influence on the young kids but I don’t think he will be all that productive by then. I believe he probably will be gone by 2025. But for this exercise, I’ll keep him on knowing he is under contract.

Catcher – Anthony Seigler or Josh Breaux

I fully expect one to be moved and one to be kept as a backup catcher. Depending on if the Yankees want to keep the better defender in Seigler or the better bat in Breaux. I expect them to keep Seigler since I went with Wells as a future catcher. This is mostly because at this time Wells is a work in progress on the defensive side at catcher. Both Seigler and Wells have futures in the majors in my opinion.

Pitching Rotation
SP 1 – Gerrit Cole

Cole will still be under contract in 2025 and I expect him to still preform as ace. He will be 34 in 2025.

SP 2 – Luis Severino

I think Sevy gets healthy and gets an extension. In 2019 he signed a four-year, $40 million contract extension, that included a club option for a fifth season worth an additional $12.25 million. I think the Yankees resign him if he can get and stay healthy. In 2025 he will be 31.

SP 3 – Clarke Schmidt

The future ace was drafted 16th overall in 2017! He may just be the ace by 2025. His fastball sits between 92-94 mph and tops off at 96. He has a fantastic four-pitch mix, with a fastball, low-80s curveball, mid-80s slider and a changeup. I expect him to throw 200 plus innings and be the homegrown ace the Yankees have not had in a long time. I expect 18 wins with a 3.25 era and 200 k’s in over 200 innings.

SP 4 – Deivi Garcia

Garcia will be just 26 in 2025. His size is underwhelming at 5’9” 163 pounds, but the movement and command of his fastball make it a plus pitch as it regularly hits 93-96. He backs it up with a high spin curveball with depth, which may be his best pitch, and an above-average changeup that is still developing but should be able to be a strong third pitch shortly. He has made a lot of progress in 2019 in both controlling his pitches and commanding the ball. With very clean mechanics and a low-effort delivery, he should be able to have success as a starter. Trenton Thunder manager Pat Osborn compared him to Pedro Martinez and as a Yankees fan, I hope we can see that success by 2025 if not sooner!

SP 5 – Jordan Montgomery

The Yankees love the big lefty. Mid 90s fastball with effective secondary pitches. A true innings eater that will keep you in the game. He is a perfect back end of the rotation pitcher. I expect 15 wins with a 3.75 era with about 200 k’s in 200 innings.

RP – Jonathan Loaisiga

Electric arm would be great as a long reliever. His three-pitch repertoire generates 93-96 mph fastballs that top out at 98 with life down in the strike zone. His low-80s curveball features a high spin rate and his upper-80s changeup has a nice fade, albeit with a bit too much velocity. He will make a great reliever out of the pen

RP – Nick Nelson

His fastball is 94-98 mph and he has good stamina to maintain the velocity throughout a game. He also has a curveball that is a work in progress because at times he can’t get a strike with it. His splitter and slider are also still developing. If the Yankees develop him as a reliever he could be in the big leagues in 2021. I think the Yankees would just keep him in the pen long term with the depth in the rotation.

RP – Albert Abreu

All of Abreu’s pitches grade out as plus or better when he commands them. His fastball hits mid-90s and tops out at 101 with some sink and run. He also owns a power breaking ball that wipes out right handers. Abreu owns a curveball and changeup as well. His short-arm delivery provides deception but sometimes hampers him from locating his pitches. He struggles with command at time which makes me believe he ends up in the bullpen.

RP – Luis Medina

His fastball sits in the mid-90s, sometimes hitting triple digits. He has two secondary pitches, a curveball and changeup. Both are above-average right now but have the potential to become plus pitches in the future. He is still young and extremely raw. He too often lacks the ability to locate his pitches. He threw 27 wild pitches in 2019. If he can get his location under control at a reasonable rate he has the potential to be an ace. I think he ends up in the bullpen as a high leverage reliever.

RP – T.J. Sikkema

Lefty swingman hits 89-91 mph with run and sink on his fastball from a lower three-quarters slot. He also can raise his arm angle and reach back for 93-95 mph when needed. HIs 78-83 mph slider features high spin rates and can be a plus offering when it’s on. He also has a nice feel for his sinking changeup and the trust to use it in any count. Good lefty weapon out of the pen.

RP – Miguel Yajure

– Yajure operates at 92-95 mph with his fastball. His best pitch is a solid to plus changeup that keeps left-handers honest. He has added it with good potential but it is a work in progress. He also has feel for spinning a curveball that should be at least an average offering. While Yajure isn’t overpowering, he has a long history of throwing strikes and commands his pitches well. He pounds the bottom of the strike zone and generates a lot of soft ground ball contact. Would be a very good middle reliever.

RP – Yoendrys Gomez

Gomez throws a fastball between 92-97, with a high spin rate and downhill plane. He also throws a high spin curveball in the upper 70s and is working on a changeup that has shown at times it could develop into a plus pitch. He has a clean high three-quarters delivery that he sometimes has a hard time repeating.

Closer – Luis Gil

Gil’s big arm helps him regularly hit 94-98 mph and reach 101 mph with his four-seam fastball. He keeps his velocity deep into his starts and can blow his heater by hitters up in the strike zone. He can also miss bats with an excellent power curveball that has exceptional spin rates and a decent changeup that’s still a work in progress. He has trouble keeping his delivery in sync and repeating his release point, which makes it difficult for him to harness his overpowering stuff at times. He will end up a dynamic closer in this exercise because of his rapport will work better as a reliever.

There are many other minor league prospects that could step into a role by 2025, or that could be traded (or traded for) by that time. Right now, though, these are the players I most see filling out the Yankees major league roster. Other players I strongly considered were Antonio Cabello, OF, Roansy Contreras, RHP, Everson Pereira, OF, and Trevor Stephan, RHP.

Paul Woodin is a huge sports fan who leads the New York Yankees minor league farm system coverage for the Prospects1500 team. Growing up playing and watching baseball while collecting baseball cards, Paul developed a love for the game. Born and raised in Connecticut between Yankees and Red Sox territory, Paul become a Yankees fan because of Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter. An avid sports card, memorabilia and autograph collector, he participates in redraft, dynasty and prospect-only fantasy baseball formats during each season. Feel free to reach out on Twitter

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