Milwaukee Brewers Midseason Top 50 Prospects

Most of the national system rankings have the Milwaukee Brewers’ minor leagues down a few notches after this season and I can’t disagree too much. Many of Milwaukee’s top prospects have slipped a bit or have been treading water. However, there’s still a lot to like here with some breakouts (Burnes, Peralta, M.Harrison, Gatewood), continued solid performances (Brinson, Phillips, Ortiz, Hader, Woodruff, Dubon) and new additions (KJ Harrison, Lutz, Lemons, Hiura, Ernesto).  Did I miss anyone?  Who’s ranked too high or too low?  Hit me up on Twitter at @steve0080 or comment below to let me know your thoughts on my list.  For reference, link is here for my 2017 Preseason Brewers Top 50.

Prospects1500 Tiers:
Tier 1: Players with high expectations of both making the majors and playing at an All-Star level for a number of years
Tier 2: Players with an above average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 3: Players with an average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 4: Players who have the potential of making the majors, or have high likelihood of making the majors but providing minimal impact (e.g. middle reliever, low-ceiling UT guys)
Tier 5: Players who are worth keeping an eye on, but likely to never make a team’s 40-man roster

Tier 1
1. Lewis Brinson, CF (pre-season #1)
Age: 23 (DOB: 05/08/1994)
Brinson has played well at AAA and got a taste of MLB with 47 AB’s slashing 106/236/277 in limited time. At Colorado Springs this season, Brinson’s hit 334/404/568 in 337 PA’s. Brinson kept his power with 39 XBH in AAA and increased his walk rate to 9.5% and improving his K rate once more to 18.4%. I expect Brinson will about keep his position on top 100 prospect lists, perhaps falling slightly with poor MLB debut, but it’s been another good year for Brinson who now only has to prove himself at MLB level.

Tier 2
2. Josh Hader, LHP (pre-season #2)
Age: 23 (DOB 04/07/1994)
Hader has been with the Brewers in Milwaukee since June, and pitched 25.1 IP of generally n low leverage relief situations. He has excelled in some areas with striking out 32 and allowing just 11 hits, showing some dominating stuff. However, his 0.71 ERA and 1.184 WHIP have been despite the lack of control his 6.8 BB9 illustrates. The Brewers would still like to get Hader in a starting role but I like giving him his taste of the big leagues in the role (and getting him out of Colorado) they’ve had him in this season. There will be plenty of opportunity for the lefty to start if control can be improved.

3. Brandon Woodruff, RHP (pre-season #10)
Age: 24 (DOB 2/10/1993)
Woodruff has moved up this list substantially with another good year and 2 solid games at the MLB level. He would’ve had more starts but had a hamstring issues warming up for his 1st anticipated start. Woodruff earned the callup pitching well in AAA Colorado most of the year with a 4.46 ERA and nice rates (8.7 K9 & 3.0 BB9) in 72.1 IP. Woodruff will continue to get starts at MLB level for this season, his time missed won’t put him to any IP limits, so we may get a handle on what kind of upside he has at MLB level. A successful season for Mr. Woodruff.

4. Luis Ortiz, RHP (pre-season #5)
Age: 22 (DOB 9/22/1995)
Still just 22 in AA Biloxi, the 30th overall pick in 2014has pitched well again this season. Ortiz sports a 3.98 ERA and 1.18 WHIP in 81.1 IP over 18 starts. He’s allowed just 64 hits. Ortiz has the fastball and slider as plus pitches with an average change in development. Some think Ortiz could get a quick look in Milwaukee as a September call up. I’d like to see Ortiz prove in the minors he can handle a SP workload.

5. Corey Ray, OF (pre-season #3)
Age: 22 (DOB 9/22/1994)
Ray has not performed as expected in his full year at A+ Carolina. The 5th overall pick in 2016, Ray slashed 243/316/372 in 416 PA’s. This line is not too far off from what he did in A+ last season, but he’s now about league average age. His lack of game power is concerning but his speed (30 SB), defense and raw power no one’s giving up on him. Ray is striking out over 30% of PA’s so he’ll have to get a handle on that to improve at the plate. I suspect Ray will fall off many of the mid-season top 100 polls.

6. Keston Hiura, 2B/DH (pre-season not ranked)
Age: 21 (DOB 8/2/1996)
Hiura was the 9th overall pick in MLB’s 2017 FYPD. Some expected him to opt for arm surgery but he’s instead tore up the Arizona and Midwest Leagues. Hiura has not played the field in games (has taken some fielding practice) playing DH, but is hitting 389/440/664 in 166 PA’s at both levels. This includes 23 XBH and tolerable walk and K rates (6.6% & 20.5%). Milwaukee would likely prefer if he can wind up playing 2B given the slew of OF prospects. So far, so good for Hiura. One of best college hitters in draft, Hiura could make it to majors relatively quickly, even with an impending elbow surgery.

7. Corbin Burnes RHP (pre-season #25)
Age: 23 (DOB 10/22/1994)
Burnes makes a big jump up this list with a breakout season. Burnes is getting national attention in prospect circles starting the year in A+ with a 1.05 ERA and 0.883 WHIP in 10 starts, allowing 37H, 16BB and 56K in 60 IP there. He was promoted to AA Biloxi where he’s dominated as well, to the tune of 2.10 ERA, 0.971 WHIP in 12 starts totaling 64.1 IP with 49 HA and 67K. His command has taken a step forward and the results have been fantastic. At 23 Burnes could get a look-see on the mound in September and will get a good long look at rotation next spring.

Tier 3
8. Mauricio Dubon, SS (pre-season #8)
Age: 23 (DOB 7/19/1994)
Most will have Diaz ahead of Dubon in their rankings, but I really like Dubon. Many feel he’s major league ready. Dubon started the year in AA getting 310 PA’s and slashing 276/338/351 with a league leading 31 SB. He walked 25 times with just 42 K’s. Dubon was promoted to AAA where he’s slashed 286/318/446 in 178PAs. The contact dipped slightly at the higher level with 7 BB to 25 K. This is the sort of hitter Milwaukee could use at the top of their lineup. Overall Dubon has played 7 games at SS and 34 at 2B where he’d play at MLB level with Arcia at short.

9. Brett Phillips, OF (pre-season #13)
Age: 23 (DOB 5/30/1994)
Phillips made it to bigs this season for 39 PAs slashing 229/289/429 with 16 K’s to just 3 walks. He did have a successful season at AAA with 375 PA’s where he hit 318/387/598 landing in Top 10 in total bases. His walk rate wasn’t bad at about 10% but was 4th in PCL in K’s with 108 (28.8%). It will be difficult to translate his AAA line at MLB with contact issues and we saw this with his brief appearance. Milwaukee did think enough of him to not trade Phillips and I’m hopeful their patience can be rewarded.

10. Isan Diaz, 2B/SS (pre-season #4)
Age: 21 (DOB 05/27/1996)
Diaz has slowed after a nice start to A+ ball in Carolina. Overall he’s slashing 225/339/374 in 416 PA. This is about as well as he did in his short debut here last season but he’s not improved as hoped. The 116 K’s and low BA indicate some concerns over contact may be warranted despite a 14% walk rate. He is very young though so his next go around at the level should be better. Isan has hit 12 HR and 20 2B which is nice power from a lefty batting middle infielder. Most of Diaz’s games have been at 2B vs. SS this season which most seem to feel better for his skills.

11. Tristen Lutz, OF (pre-season not ranked)
Age: 18 (DOB 8/22/98)
Lutz was the 34th overall pick out of a high school in Texas. A high school bat drafted this early and likely to play a corner outfield position had better hit. And he’s tore up the Arizona and Pioneer leagues in 103 PA so far with 6 HR and 14 XBH slashing 319/392/648 with 7 BB and 24 K’s. Lutz has mostly been playing CF with some LF.

12. Monte Harrison, OF (pre-season #20)
Age: 22 (DOB 8/10/1995)
Harrison has played well enough this year to raise his stock considerably. A 2nd rounder from 2014 he’s had a tough time staying healthy and fans have been waiting for his performance to catch up with the tools. Harrison started at A with 261 PA slashing 265/359/475 promoted at A+ and has hit 248/323/490 in 161 PA’s. His combined walk rate is 9.2% but is still striking out at 27.3%. These are slight improvements but Harrison has upped the power with 19 HR and 42 XBH. Harrison played CF at Wisconsin but has split time in CF and LF at Carolina. Harrison is young and this year shows a nice tick up in performance.

13. Trent Clark, OF (pre-season #6)
Age: 21 (DOB: 11/01/1996)
Clark has had a full season in A+’s Carolina outfield. Some good news, he’s stayed healthy, he can take a walk (81 leads league, 17.0% walk rate) and he can steal a base (29 – top 5 in league). Some bad news, Clark is only hitting 224/356/362 and striking out at a high rate (25.2%). Clark is still only 21 years old in A+ so I suspect they’ll give him another run in A+ and let him figure out how to strike out less and hit for some power. He can still be a force in the majors.

14. Lucas Erceg, 3B (pre-season #1)
Age: 21 (DOB: 5/1/1995)
Erceg logged a full season at 3B in Carolina. He was not as impressive as in his start there last year. In 461 PA’s Erceg slashed 242/284/395. Erceg has improved lately with the bat and has had power among league leaders in HR, doubles, and RBI. Erceg’s arm at 3rd has impressed again this year. His defense at 3B is rated as average with 13 errors. Curious to see what Milwaukee will do with Erceg next season. His bat has not advanced as hoped but he’d be old for league if staying in Carolina again.

15. Freddy Peralta, SP/RP (pre-season #26)
Age: 21 (DOB 6/4/1996)
Peralta has a nice year starting with 56.1 IP in A+ and 42.1 in AA. Peralta has for the most part been a starter with 15 of his 21 games this year being as a starter so it’s nice to see Milwaukee giving him a chance to stick there. So far so good as overall he sports a 2.83 ERA in his 98.2 IP. He’s allowed just 65 hits, struck out 139 with a 1.186 WHIP. If there’s an issue is control with 52 BB’s for a 4.7 BB9. Peralta should get a chance to spend next year in AA to work on control but there’s much to be excited about after a breakout year.

16. Jake Gatewood, 3B/1B (pre-season #27)
Age: 21 (DOB: 9/25/1995)
Gatewood has drastically improved his strike zone judgement this season, more than doubling his walks to 444 already, a 9% walk rate up from 3.4% last season. He’s improved his game offensively across the board slashing 269/340/438 in 470 PA’s in A+ Carolina. This has earned him a promotion to AA Biloxi. The lack of power is still an issue for Gatewood who has primarily played 1B in the field. His defense at first has been an issue as well with 14 errors. Gatewood has played 3B since his promotion to AA so his position going forward is unclear. Overall this season gives fans hope for the 2014 supplemental 1st round pick. Will be fun to watch going forward.

17. Phil Bickford, SP (pre-season #7)
Age: 22: (DOB 7/10/1995)
This has really been a lost year for Bickford with a 50 game suspension and hand injury. He has made it back to pitch in three games for the ARIZ Brewers and has shown some rust for sure. Milwaukee’s hoping he can pick up where he left of in 2016.

Tier 4
18. Jorge Lopez, SP (pre-season #11)
Age: 24 (DOB 2/10/1993)
The Brewers granted my wish and kept Lopez out of Colorado. After a really nice start, Lopez couldn’t keep that pace and had an average year. Lopez split time as a starter and reliever with 13 of his 31 games as a starter. He pitched to a 4.65 ERA and 1.330 WHIp with 86 HA, 95 K’s and 35 BB’s. So control has been an issue and he’s not necessarily warranted a call to the big leagues, but he got one anyway making a couple appearances in the Brewer’s pen. He may have a chance to make pen for next year if he can do well this season.

19. Marcos Diplan, RHP (pre-season #12)
Age: 20 (DOB 9/18/1996)
Diplan has fallen in my rankings after a full year pretty in A+ similar to what he did last season. The numbers don’t look great but Diplan is almost 3 years younger than average for Carolina league. He posted a 5.23 ERA, 1.580 WHIP with 106 HA, 108 K’s and 63 BBs in 108.1 IP. Brewers have kept his as a starter all through the season but will expect improvements when he repeats level next year. They’ll looking for pitcher that dominated A ball as a 19 year old.

20. Nathan Kirby, LHP (pre-season #17)
Age: 21 (DOB 11/23/1995)
Kirby has not pitched since 2015 with a Tommy John surgery. I was expecting him to see some innings in 2017 but no dice. Kirby’s ranking fell slightly with some improvements from other players and draft additions.

21. KJ Harrison, C (pre-season not ranked)
Age: 21 (DOB 8/11/1996)
Milwaukee drafted Harrison with the 84th overall pick in 2017 entry draft and plan on playing his as a catcher. Harrison was a 1st round candidate at points in the season. He’s hit well in 102 Pioneer League PA’s slashing 326/422/465. He’s played 8 games at catcher and 14 at DH. Some scouts think he could play in left or right if catching doesn’t work but Milwaukee appears intent on giving him every opportunity to catch.

22. Jordan Yamamoto, RHP (pre-season #51)
Age: 21 (DOB: 5/11/1996)
I had Yamamoto woefully underrated in my preseason top 50 and he’s done well to prove me wrong. I likely have him relatively high on this list but this 2014 12th rounder’s performance has been hard to argue with. Yamamoto spent most of the year in the A+ Mudcat’s crowded rotation with 14 of his 18 appearances as a starter. Overall he’s pitched 84 IP with 26 BB’s, 86 K’s and a 1.190. He’s a bit more hittable than your bigtime performers but Yamamoto has followed up his breakout 2016 with another very nice season.

23. Caden Lemons, RHP (pre-season not ranked)
Age: 18 (DOB 12/2/1998)
Lemons is Milwaukee’s 2nd rounder from the 2017 FYPD. This ranking is all on potential and scouting reports as Lemons has not yet made his professional debut. He’s improved rapidly as the draft approached and recorded at 96 MPH. He will take a long time to develop but had considerable upside which gets him my 23rd spot.

24. Trey Supak RHP (pre-season #46)
Age: 21 (DOB 5/31/96)
A 2nd round draft pick in 2014 that came from PIT, Supak picked up where he left off in the Midwest League. In 41 IP he pitched well to a 1.76 ERA and 0.756 WHIP, striking out 53, walking 10 and allowing just 21 hits in 7 starts. Supak was promoted to A+ and is adjusting with a 4.97 ERA in 63.1 IP. Supak’s performance has vaulted him up the prospect list and should likely get a full year of A+ next season.

25. Jake Nottingham, C/1B  (pre-season #16)
Age: 22 (DOB 04/03/1995)
Nottingham had another poor season as a very young player in AA Biloxi. In 326 PA’s he slashed 215/329/353. They’ve kept him at catcher this year for the most part with 575 innings behind the plate and 95 at 1B. Nottingham has just 5 HR and 95 TB making things a far cry from his days in the OAK and HOU system. I’ll be curious on how Milwaukee decides to handle him last year but it’s not looking good.

26. Cody Ponce, RHP  (pre-season #14)
Age: 23 (DOB 4/25/1994)
Ponce repeated A+ this season getting 21 starts so far. He’s done OK with a 3.59 ERA in 112.2 IP. Ponce has only walked 1.8 BB9 but strikeouts regressed (7.1 SO9 compared to 8.6 last season) and been hittable (10.2 H9). Ponce did not get a look to AA like many of his teammates despite being league average age, so the shine may be coming off this 2015 2nd rounder already.

27. Josh Pennington, RHP (pre-season #53)
Age: 22 (DOB: 7/6/1995)
Pennington started the year on the DL so he’s only pitched 27.1 innings in 2017. He’s been impressive with a 2.96 ERA, 1.098 WHIP 29 K’s and 6 BB’s at A level Wisconsin. Pennington has continued to have only success in his professional career. If healthy (just 106 IP in his 3 seasons), the organization may try to push him to more advanced levels to see how he can hold up.

28. Mario Feliciano, C (pre-season #21)
Age: 18 (DOB: 11/20/1998)
Feliciano spent the season as an 18 year old in the Midwest league, over 3 years younger than the average player. He hit about as well as he did in ARIZ league last season, slashing 241/306/328 in 383 PA’s. He was not overwhelmed but it would be a stretch to think Milwaukee didn’t hope to see better results. I suspect he’ll get another season at the level and will see better numbers. Milwaukee also have him a lot of work behind the plate with 68 games at catcher and 22 at DH. Milwaukee has been very aggressive with their 2016 2nd round pick, and it has not backfired on them so far.

29. Taylor Williams, RHP (pre-season #18)
Age: 26 (DOB 7/21/1991)
It was nice to see Williams come back and pitching after missing 2015 and 2016 seasons with injury. Milwaukee protected him from the Rule 5 draft by placing him on 40 man roster. The organization started him in AA and has limited his pitch counts to 40-65 for the most part. Overall Williams has performed well with some rust in the control area. In 39.2 IP he’s struck out 49 but walked 21. He’s been hittable (9.3 H) along with the walks has led to a lot of baserunners (1.563 WHIP). It’s been the sort of year that helps stabilize the ship and Williams will look to improve durability and performance next season.

30. Devin Williams, RHP (pre-season #19)
Age: 22 (DOB 9/21/1994)
Devin Williams has not pitched in 2017 due to Tommy John surgery this spring. Williams was my #19 prospect pre-season.

31. Larry Ernesto (Ernesto Wilson Martinez), 1B (pre-season not ranked)
Age: 18 (DOB 6/20/1999)
Milwaukee signed the 6’6” 225lb left handed Cuban Ernesto last June. He played 38 games in the DOSL slashing 257/419/434. Ernesto was just sent to the ARIZ league introducing himself with 2 walks, a single and a double in 4 PA’s. Ernesto is surely a power prospect but has shown a good eye so far with 32 BB to 31 K’s. Ernesto was the 26th ranked international player in the class and signed for $1.7 million, some of which was obtained from the Baltimore Orioles in the Damien Magnifico trade. So far so good.

32. Kyle Wren, OF (pre-season #37)
Age: 26 (DOB 4/23/1991)
Wren has toiled away in AAA this year and has had a very nice season in 472 PA slashing 298/375/416. His batting eye is keen with 47 BB and 65 K’s but power has been lacking, especially away from Colorado Springs slashing a much more pedestrian 273/340/356. Even so, there was some buzz about Wren being a top of the lineup option for the big league club as they struggled to get on base, but that hasn’t happened yet. Wren shows some speed with a league leading 24 SB to 5 CS. Wren will continue to do what he does, it’ll be up to Milwaukee if they think they need what he can do at major league level.

33. Jon Perrin, RHP (pre-season #29)
Age: 24 (DOB 5/23/1993)
Perrin moves up this list with another fine season. Perrin slung 85 IP as a starter (48.1) and reliever (36.2) in a crowded AA rotation. Perrin showed his trademark control with 1.7 BB9 and 1.212 WHIP but has proved more hittable in AA (9.2 H9) than lower levels. This may not be a good sign as his stuff has always been questioned, but the 27th rounder’s performance has always outpaced the scouting report. He did miss a month or so with injuries keeping his innings low, so Milwaukee may want to see him at AA again next season.

34. Tyrone Taylor, OF (pre-season #28)
Age: 23 (DOB 1/22/1994)
The good news is that Taylor finally showed some power slugging .607 this year after slugging .328 in 1000+ AA PA’s. However, Taylor has had just 68 PA this year and most of his power was in a stretch in the ARIZ league. Taylor at least earned himself another shot at AA if Milwaukee wishes to see him there, but with all the OF options in the system time is running out on this 2012 2nd round pick.

35. Wei-Chung Wang, LHP (pre-season #30)
Age: 25 (DOB 04/25/1992)
Wang is still just 25 years old. He did make it to MLB pen for 1 appearance but the bulk of his season has been in relief at AAA Colorado Springs and he’s done quite well. He’s thrown 51 IP in 42 games and sports a 2.12 ERA, 1.258 WHIP with 46 K and 12 BB. Milwaukee could really use that sort of performance from a LHRP at the major league level if he can do it. So there’s some renewed optimism for Wang here.

36. Braden Webb, RHP (pre-season #23)
Age: 22 (DOB 4/25/1995)
Webb made his professional debut this April at A ball Wisconsin after recovering from a UCL tear. His performance probably wasn’t as well as he expected for the 82nd overall pick in 2016 draft. He pitched to a 4.83 ERA in 69 IP. His control was off as perhaps expected (4.3 BB) with a long time off. His three pitch mix should get him a look as a starter after splitting his time in 2017 as a starter and reliever. Expect a better year next season for Webb, although it’s not clear yet if that’ll be in A ball again or A+ Carolina.

37. Demi Orimoloye, OF (pre-season #24)
Age: 20 (DOB 1/6/1997)
Orimoloye got his first look at full season ball at A level Wisconsin and struggled mightily. Still full of tools and athletic, it’s not yet translated to the batter’s box. In 451 PA Orimoloye slashed 206/274/346/ There’s some power with 35 XBH and speed with 31 SB, but often looks lost striking out 28.2% of the time. Demi has not seen success since his ARIZ league debut, so I think he takes another year in A ball to see if things can be worked out.

38. Chad McClanahan, 3B (pre-season #31)
Age: 19 (DOB 12/22/1997)
McClanahan was a bonus baby for $1.2M in the 2016 draft. He had a reputation as a hit first guy but the bat hasn’t developed so far. In 348 pro PA’s he’s slashed 204/296/306 with 18 XBH. Milwaukee’s in no rush to develop the 19 year old. The Brewers have been able to keep him at 3B the vast majority of the time but he has started to see some 1B in Helena.

39. Gilbert Lara, SS/3B (pre-season #15)
Age: 19 (DOB 10/30/1997)
Lara struggled mightily in his Midwest league debut slashing 193/226/269 in 234 PA’s. He split time with 50 games at SS and 17 at 3B, the most he’s played 3B as a pro so that shift is coming already. But the bat has just been tough to bear, to the point of having just recently sent him back to the Pioneer league. Lara hit 3 HR this seaon and just 10 XBH with a 33.8% strikeout rate. It would be nice to see some success with the bat at any level at this point.

40. Kodi Medeiros, LHP (pre-season #33)
Age: 21 (DOB 5/25/1996)
Mederios has officially fallen behind fellow Hawaiian Yamamoto on my depth chart. He’s seen some progress in his 2nd go around at the A+ level, but still sports a 5+ ERA. One area of improvement is his control which has reduced his walk rate to 3.6 BB9 from 6.7 last season. His H9 fell to 7.7 from 10.8 last season as well. SO9 went from 6.8 to 8.9. So there’s been some growth but it may be attributable to more appearances from the pen where his performance has been much better in 9 relief appearances vs. 14 starts. Perhaps this is his future role in organization.

Tier 5
41. Troy Stokes, OF (pre-season #39)
Age: 21 (DOB 02/02/1996)
Stokes turned in a decent year at A+ Carolina slashing 350/344/445 in 426 PA. He flashed more power than he had to date with 14 HR and 38 XBH. He was rewarded with a promotion to AA Biloxi and has had continued success to the tune of 279/348/508 in 69 PA there. Stokes has been limited to LF this year where his bat will certainly have to get better, but if he continues to show an ability to get on base, run, and maintains the added power to his game, he could have a shot at majors.

42. Jean Carmona, SS (pre-season #49)
Age: 17 (DOB 10/31/1999)
Carmona was a top 20 ranked international free agent signed by Milwaukee for $785k last year. He made his debut in the DOSL this year slashing 302/406/447 in 192 PA. I’ve not seen reports on his defense but he has played almost every game at SS. Milwaukee must be pleased to see some success from the 17 year old.

43. Nate Orf, 2B/3B/OF (pre-season #50)
Age: 27 (DOB 02/01/1990)
Orf has played all year at AAA Colorado Springs and is having his best season ever. He’s 2nd in the PCL in runs (85), 13th in 2B (25), T6 in 3B (8), T7 in BB (48), Orf is slashing 306/385/465 this season playing primarily 2B and some 3B, and RF. Orf has benefited from playing in high altitude with a home slugging over .100 better than on the road but his BA and OBP is similar. Orf may get a September call up, at least I’d like to see it.

44. Clint Coulter, OF (pre-season #32)
Age: 24 (DOB: 7/30/1993)
Coulter spent the year at AA Biloxi this season. He had some success there at the end of last season after an unearned promotion. This season, Coulter couldn’t match the success slashing just 240/311/425 in 373 PA’s. This was Coulter’s last chance really to make inroads at a big league career. Milwaukee’s 2012 1st round pick I think is done as a MLB prospect and can be considered a bust.

45. Gabriel Garcia, 1B/3B (pre-season #54)
Age: 20 (DOB: 12/16/1997)
Garcia spent another year in short season ball. This time getting 178 PA in Helena.. His numbers are about what they were the previous season in the ARIZ league so he’s slashed 286/398/471 as a pro. Garcia has primarily played 1B so he will certainly have to continue hitting and will get a look at full season ball to start 2018.

46. Weston Wilson, 3B (pre-season #55)
Age: 22 (DOB: 9/11/1994)
Wilson did quite well at Wisconsin to start the season with 277/366/475 in 162 PA’s. He played mostly 3B, some 1B but was old for the league and was promoted to A+ Carolina. He’s not had the same success there slashing 241/308/325 in 213 PA’s in the more age appropriate league. Wilson has played some 2B and OF in the Carolina league so Milwaukee may be tinkering to find his best role in organization. Worth watching only if he can adjust to A+ and improve going forward.

47. Aaron Wilkerson, RHP (pre-season #57)
Age: 28 (DOB: 5/24/1989)
Granted, he is 28, but Wilkerson had perhaps the best performance of any of the Biloxi pitchers that included Jorge Lopez, Luis Ortiz, Corbin Burnes and Freddy Peralta, all much higher on this list. This includes a 10-4 record, 124.1 IP, 3.04 ERA, 132 K to 32 BB, a 1.054 WHIP, 99 HA, among league lead in many categories. That’s three straight good seasons, putting Wilkerson in line for a look at major league level at some point.

48. Payton Henry, C (pre-season #59)
Age: 20 (DOB: 6/24/1997)
Henry has not made his full season debut but held his own in the Pioneer league. He’s stayed behind the plate and slashed 245/356/468 in 163 PA. He’s shown an ability to take a walk (21) and hit for power with 7 HR and 16 XBH. Henry has earned a look at full season ball next year and will be interesting how he does and where he fits in the systems’ catcher hierarchy.

49. Zach Brown, RHP (pre-season #52)
Age: 22 (DOB: 12/15/1994)
Brown has a nice year in 2017. He started att Wisconsin where he pitched primarily as a started and was recently promoted to Carolina. Overall Brown has pitched 91 IP to a 3.36 ERA, 1.286 WHIP allowing 82 hits, 35 BB’s and 92 K’s. Brown is Milwaukee’s 5th rounder from 2016 draft and has solidified himself as a prospect worth watching this year.

50. Brendan Murphy, LHP 
(pre-season not ranked)
Age: 18 (DOB 01/2/1999)
Murphy is the Brewer’s 4th rounder from 2017 FYPD. He is a projectable left handed high schooler from a cold weather. He’s logged just 10 IP in ARIZ league. Scouts note he’s got a smooth delivery, three pitches and advanced control and command that surpasses his stuff right now.

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  1. 31. Larry Ernesto (Ernesto Wilson Martinez) needs some clarification… these are two different players, right? The paragraph is about Ernesto Martinez. Larry Ernesto is a Dominican switch hitting OF who signed in July and was ranked #14 international prospect by MLB pipeline.

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