Atlanta Braves Midseason Top 50 Prospects

The Atlanta Braves boast one of the best farm systems in baseball. Flush with high-ceiling starters and a few position players that profile as everyday regulars, the Braves have the pieces to remain relevant at the big league club for years. However, the loss of 12 prospects to free agency and their inability to sign 8th overall pick, Carter Stewart, leaves the Braves thin at the lower levels.  The impact of the Coppollela punishment won’t be felt immediately for another 2-3 years. The inability to compete on the international market with the loss of high profile signees will hurt but for now, Braves fans should enjoy the riches.

I have seen most, if not close to 90% of these guys live at some point in the past two seasons. These rankings, like all are based on future projections and risk. Hitters are generally safer than pitchers while SP are safer than RP.

Prospects1500 Tiers:
Tier 1: Players with high expectations of both making the majors and playing at an All-Star level for a number of years
Tier 2: Players with an above average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 3: Players with an average expectation of making the majors and being a solid contributor
Tier 4: Players who have the potential of making the majors, or have high likelihood of making the majors but providing minimal impact (e.g. middle reliever, low-ceiling UT guys)
Tier 5: Players who are worth keeping an eye on, but likely to never make a team’s 40-man roster

Tier 1

1. Mike Soroka, RHP
Age: 20 (8/4/97)  Prev. Rank: 4
Highest level: MLB

Soroka shined in 5 starts over 25.2 IP for Atlanta. Soroka has good feel for his off-speed and is a bull dog on the mound. The FB has some life and he sequences his pitches extremely well for such a young guy. His command and SL/CH combo allow the FB to play up. He doesn’t boast the highest ceiling compared to others but he is the safest pick. He should stick in the middle of the Atlanta rotation for years. FV 60 – Low risk

2. Austin Riley, 3B
Age: 21 (4/2/97) Prev. Rank: 8
Highest level: AAA

Riley splashed onto the scene in the Arizona Fall League after dominating in AA. A notoriously slow starter, Riley transitioned 2017’s fall breakout into a hot start at AA. The power is 70 raw, 60 in-game. The hit tool is plagued by some swing and miss In AAA, despite a .298 average, Riley has struck out 30% of his at bats. He will shorten up and drive balls to RF with ease. I expect the strikeouts to come down as Riley adjusts. He is more athletic than people give him credit. Good footwork around the bag, soft hands, and a cannon should keep him at 3rd base through his prime years. FV 60 – Low risk

3. Cristian Pache, CF
Age: 19 (11/19/98) Prev. Rank: 13
Highest level: A+

Scouts and coaches rave about Pache’s work ethic and hustle. He has an athletic frame and will add strength and size without losing his speed. Pache is one of the few true 5-tool talents with his speed, defense, and arm being MLB ready and all graded 70+. He is the best defensive CF in the entire system. A scout told me that he would take Pache over Byron Buxton. High praise for a kid that has mostly flown under the radar. Pache’s power is coming. The swing change, athleticism, and bat speed all lead toward a future 25 HR hitter with a .280 average. FV 65 – moderate risk

4. Ian Anderson, RHP
Age: 20 (5/2/98) Prev. Rank: 6
Highest level: A+

Anderson has started to set himself apart from the other young guns in the organization. The Braves have taken it slower with him compared to other 20 year olds but Anderson may have the most upside. He has a projectable frame with 3 plus pitches. His FB sits 93-94 and touches 96. The curve is a hammer at 79 and his CH is firm with excellent arm action. FV 65 – High risk

5. Touki Toussaint, RHP
Age: 22 (6/20/96) Prev Rank: 12

Highest level: AAA

Toussaint may be the most volatile prospect in all of baseball. He has the stuff that screams “Top of the rotation” and the command that leads one to profile him as a pen piece. The upside is insanely high. Touki has a mid 90’s heater that he has recently backed off of in order to improve command. His curveball is a 12-6 hammer and his CH is firm. The command has improved in 2018 as have the results. Despite the risk, Touki’s stuff should put him in Atlanta by the end of 2018. He could provide the Atlanta pen with quality innings right now as Chad Green type but his true value lies in the rotation. FV 65 – Extreme risk

6. William Contreras, C
Age: 20 (12/24/97) Prev. Rank: 20
Highest Level: A

Contreras is a plus defender with a 60+ arm and quick release. He has a strong, athletic build and profiles as a two-way catcher. The bat speed is electric. He is patient at the plate but will expand occasionally. Contreras has plus power and a good feel for the barrel. His swing is balanced with a pull approach. FV 55 – Moderate risk

7. Drew Waters, CF
Age: 19 (12/30/98) Prev. Rank: 15
Highest Level: A

Waters is one of the most dynamic players in A ball. A switch-hitter, Waters has a short swing with plus bat speed. The swing does get long at times and he will expand the zone. There is some swing and miss and pitch recognition that Waters will need to improve on. He is a plus defender with a strong arm. He is a 5 tool talent with an athletic build. Like Pache, the body and profile have room to grow without losing any of the speed and quickness. FV 55- Low risk


Tier 2

8. Kolby Allard, LHP
Age: 20 (8/13/97) Prev. Rank: 5
Highest level: AAA

Allard is the one prospect that nobody can agree on. Some love him, some hate him. The fact is that Allard has dominated AAA hitters at the age of 20 despite a below average FB. His pitchability and command allow his FB to play up against hitters. His curve is special and his CH is plus. Allard is a safe pick to anchor the middle-to-back of the Braves rotation with a chance to pitch like a #2 SP in his prime. It’s important to remember how young he is. Allard would’ve been a college Jr. this season. FV 50 – Low risk

9. Kyle Wright, RHP
Age: 22 (10/2/95) Prev. Rank: 3
Highest Level: AA

Wright has the arm and repertoire to become a SP 2 or 3. He throws 4 above-average to plus pitches. Wright’s mechanics and command though leave a little more to be desired. There are concerns that the elbow may not hold up and despite the electric stuff, his lack of command leaves him vulnerable against advanced hitters. Despite the concerns, Wright can impact Atlanta in a variety of ways. His stuff plays way up in a pen role and in the back of the rotation. He has been better of late but still has a ways to go before he reaches his enormous potential. FV 55 – Moderate risk

10. Bryse Wilson, RHP
Age: 20 (12/20/97) Prev. Rank: 14
Highest Level: AA

Wilson dominated High A to the tune of 1 ER in 26.2 IP before a promotion to AA Mississippi. Once there, he struggled with command and hard contact, before adjusting and settling down. Wilson boasts a 96 mph FB that he works in low in the zone. His SL and CH are above-average. Wilson will mix the FB/CH and FB/SL as he attacks hitters differently in multiple looks. The FB is hittable at times when he misses his spots. FV 50 – High risk

11. Max Fried, LHP
Age: 24 (1/18/94) Prev. Rank: 9
Highest Level: MLB

Fried has already provided the Braves with a flash of dominance and what he could become on June 30, 2018. Facing the Cardinals, Fried fired 6.2 scoreless innings with 11K’s. Command has been Fried’s biggest problem and until he cuts down on the free passes, he will always provide inconsistent results with flashes of brilliance. FV 50 – Extreme Risk

12. Luiz Gohara, LHP
Age: 21 (7/31/96) Prev. Rank: 2
Highest Level: MLB

Gohara exploded onto the scene in 2017, starting in High A and eventually making his way to the Atlanta rotation. 2018 hasn’t been as kind as Gohara has struggled with injuries and personal tragedy. The Braves have used him out of the pen and may view him as a high leverage lefty due to his inability to command his plus FB/SL combo. The lack of an above average CH also hinders Gohara from working over the lineup 3 times. FV 55 – Extreme Risk

13. Joey Wentz, LHP
Age: 20 (10/6/97) Prev. Rank: 7
Highest Level: A+

Wentz possesses a tall (6’5) frame that allows him to throw downhill. Pitching through a shoulder injury has caused the BB rate to spike in 2018 but since returning, he has been dominant. When Wentz is on, he is unhittable. The FB has late life and while he can touch 96, works well at 92-94. The curve is hammer and the CH is firm. Wentz’s sequencing and pitch selection are mature for his age and he has good feel and confidence in his off-speed. He has the stuff to stick in the rotation. FV 55 – High risk

14. Kyle Muller, LHP
Age: 20 (10/7/97) Prev. Rank: 19
Highest Level: A+

The first thing that sticks out about Muller is his size. Listed at 6’7 and 250 lbs., Muller gets good downhill action on his pitches. The FB touches 96 but Muller will work in the mid-to-low 90’s. His CB and SL have bite and his CH flashes fade. Muller is still a bit raw and a bit behind the other SP in the Braves system but the stuff will play. FV 55 -High risk

Tier 3

15. Alex Jackson, C
Age: 22 (12/25/95) Prev. Rank: 10
Highest Level: AAA

Jackson’s carrying tool will alway be his power. Despite the uptick in production last season, Jackson’s BB/K rates remained similar to his Seattle numbers. The OBP will always be low, he will be prone to cold streaks, and defensively he provides very little production. But the power plays. I wouldn’t put too much stock in his AA numbers because of the emphasis has been and will be improving his defense behind the dish. Jackson may be a bit of a late bloomer but at his best, he can become a more athletic Evan Gattis.  FV 45 – Extreme Risk

16. Tucker Davidson, LHP
Age: 22 (3/25/96) Prev. Rank: 24
Highest Level: A+

Davidson entered 2018 as a consensus under-the-radar prospect after a solid 2017 at Rome. The numbers aren’t as good and it seems like his star has faded a bit. The walks are way up as Davidson has struggled to work through the order 2-3x. However, Davidson has a big arm. In my look, his FB consistently sat 94, touching 96. The breaking stuff is fringe and he struggles to get early outs. I love the arm though and at worst, Davidson could profile as a high-end LHP whose stuff will play up in the pen. FV 45 – Extreme risk

17. Patrick Weigel, RHP
Age: 24 (7/8/94) Prev. Rank: 18
Highest Level: AAA

Weigel is still recovering from Tommy John and has yet to make his season debut. Weigel has an XL frame, 6’6 240 lbs, and 4 pitches with his FB touching 97. With the amount of SP depth in the organization, Atlanta can be patient with him as he works his way back. The arm and profile still carries a lot of value and Weigel could be a 2019 bounceback candidate that could see time in Atlanta. FV 45 – Extreme risk

18. Bruce Zimmermann, LHP
Age: 23 (2/19/95) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: AA

Zimmerman isn’t known for plus stuff but has great feel and pitchability. He dominated Low-A as an older player and has seen success in Mississippi. The biggest concern is the increase in BB. At Rome, in a league with free swingers and raw hitters, Zimmerman walked 18 in 84.1 IP. Since his promotion to AA, he has walked 18 in 21 IP. The lack of swing and miss and the reliance on fringe stuff leads me to believe Zimmerman’s future will be in the bullpen with the ability to go long or make spot starts. FV 45 – Extreme risk

19. Dustin Peterson, OF
Age: 23 (9/10/94) Prev. Rank: 27
Highest Level: MLB

Peterson received a cup of coffee in Atlanta while Ronald Acuna, Jr. was on the DL. Peterson has some good pop and size but profiles as a 4th OF/UT type player due to the absence of any plus tools. He has been better in his 2nd year at AAA and increased his stock but the low walk rate and lack of consistent game power will limit his abilities to impact the MLB club. FV 45 – Moderate risk

20. Greyson Jenista, OF/1B
Age: 21 (12/7/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest level: A

The Braves drafted Jenista in the 2nd round of the 2018 draft. He has a large frame and is more athletic than he looks. The former Wichita State Shocker has shown flashes of a plus hit tool with good bat speed and a feel for the barrel. However, he has also looked really bad against average change-ups, consistently on his front foot and expanding the zone. The swing will get long at times but Jenista will shorten up with 2 strikes. For now, Jenista profiles as a LF/1B platoon hitter. FV 45 – Low risk

21. Jean Carlos Encarnacion, 3B
Age: 20 (1/17/98) Prev. Rank: 33
Highest Level: A

Encarnacion has a strong, athletic frame with projection. He moves well at 3rd and has the arm strength, quickness, and hands to stick. The swing gets long and JCE routinely lunges at pitches, slowing his bat and making him prone to expand. When he is able to keep his lower half and hands in sync, the bat carries a lot of thunder. He’s still raw and the approach needs work in order to hit advanced pitchers. FV 50 – Moderate risk

22. Isranel Wilson, OF
Age: 20 (3/6/98) Prev. Rank: 32
Highest Level: A+

Wilson may have the loudest tools in the system but he is so raw that he is only able to flash the tools in game. He has plus bat speed and a big arm that plays in RF. Wilson is a plus runner as well. The swing and miss and pitch recognition have plagued him this year, neutralizing his plus raw power. He is worth keeping an eye on as an under-the-radar prospect and will take time to develop. FV 45 – Extreme risk

23. Huascar Ynoa, RHP
Age: 20 (5/28/98) Prev. Rank: 30
Highest Level: A

Ynoa features a 3 pitch mix. FB, CB, CH and a big frame with projection. The sequencing and command have taken a step forward in 2018. Ynoa’s stuff will miss bats but he will need to continue to improve command and sequencing in order to put away advanced hitters. His stuff is too good for A ball despite his age. An assignment in the Florida State League will be a good challenge to test Ynoa’s command/sequencing. FV 45- Extreme risk

24. Chad Sobotka, RHP
Age: 25 (7/10/93) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: AA

Sobotka is the first true reliever ranked and features an XL frame with an 80 grade FB. Sobotka consistently sits in the high 90’s, touching 100 multiple times in my look. Given his age and his K rate, the Braves could forego using one of their higher upside SP in the pen during the second half for Sobotka. Command is the issue here as Sobotka has walked 13 in 28 AA innings. However, the stuff is unhittable at times and the arm plays as a 7-8th inning setup man. FV 50 – Moderate risk

25. Freddy Tarnok, RHP
Age: 19 (11/24/98) Prev. Rank: 23
Highest Level: A

Tarnok has a tall, slender, athletic frame with projection. His FB plays up out of the pen, touching 96. He also throws a fringe CB and CH that flashes above average with good arm speed. The delivery is stiff and he lacks optimal extension, but the arm is electric and the stuff has a chance to play in the rotation. Tarnok is still extremely raw. FV 45 – Extreme risk

26. Brett Cumberland, C/DH
Age: 23 (6/25/95) Prev. Rank: 17
Highest Level: A+

Cumberland, a switch-hitter, has shown a patient approach with some pop in his career. There is swing and miss in the swing and the power projection is minimal. He does enough with the bat and behind the plate to project as a back-up catcher that can cover 1B. Neither the bat nor the defense warrant a starting role but as a switch-hitter, his versatility will cover his flaws. FV 40- Moderate risk

27. Corbin Clouse, LHP
Age: 23 (6/26/95) Prev. Rank: 44
Highest Level: AA

Clouse is a thick lefty with plus offerings that generate swing and miss. The upside overall is rather low but Clouse could find himself in the Atlanta bullpen by mid- August. Like Sobotka, he provides the Braves with an in-house solution that allows the higher upside SP to remain in the rotation while still addressing their pen issues. However, Clouse is a reverse split guy, holding RHH to a .179 average while lefties have hit .306. The lack of a third pitch to get lefties limits his ceiling. FV 40 – Low risk

28. Tristan Beck, RHP
Age: 22 (6/24/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: N/A

The Braves have long loved Beck and drafted him the 4th round of 2018 draft. The Stanford righty has a low 90’s FB, a fringey CB, and CH.  He excelled in the Pac-12 but did not flash dominant stuff. He should make his professional debut in 2019. FV- N/A

29. Jefrey Ramos, OF
Age: 19 (2/10/99) Prev. Rank: 34
Highest Level: A

Ramos has a strong frame, thick lower half, and could still get stronger. At only 19, Ramos’ best asset is power. He is an aggressive hitter that will expand the zone and is still learning to pick up spin. He profiles as a LF bat first player. Due to his aggressiveness and lack of walks, he is prone to become a low OBP/Avg guy. However, teenage power hitters are worth following and Ramos fits that bill. Guys that can hit will always find a spot. FV 45 – Extreme risk

30. AJ Graffanino, SS
Age: 21 (7/16/97) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A

The son of former Brave Tony, A.J. has had no trouble adjusting to pro pitching since being taken in the 8th round of the 2018 MLB Draft. He is a loose, athletic switch-hitting SS. Graffanino is a smooth defender and has a quick bat and good feel. He makes solid line-drive contact and while he may never become a power threat, he has strong wrists and is quick inside. FV 45 – Moderate risk

31. CJ Alexander, 3B
Age: 22 (7/17/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: Adv. Rookie

Alexander is an intriguing prospect. He fell all the way to the 20th round after dominating the JUCO ranks. He has plus size with minimal projection left and plus raw power. So far, he has had no trouble adjusting to pro pitchers slashing .391/.468/.565 in small 24 game sample. At 6’5 215, he is athletic and faster than one would expect. He could go full helium in 2019 at A ball or come back to earth. Regardless, he has hit his way into this conversation and is worth keeping an eye on. FV 50 – Extreme risk

Tier 4

32. Jasseel De La Cruz, RHP
Age: 21 (6/26/97) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A

De La Cruz has a loose, athletic frame with a fast arm. His control is all over the place and he struggles to repeat his delivery. The FB has life but he is still learning to pitch. The arm is exciting but he will take time and patience to put the pieces together. FV 45- Extreme risk

33. Drew Lugbauer, C
Age: 21 (8/23/96) Prev. Rank: 25
Highest Level: A

After being taken in the 11th round of the 2017 draft, Lugbauer splashed onto the scene with 13 HR in 60 games, earning the nickname “Slugbauer”. He has not lived up the nickname in 2018. Lugbauer’s game power is limited by an overly aggressive approach and a long swing. Pitch recognition is a concern as Sally league pitchers have attacked him with off-speed out of the zone that he hasn’t been able to lay off of. Despite the struggles, Lugbauer has a tall, athletic frame with loose wrists. Defensively, he may not stick behind home plate but if he does, he profiles as a left-handed power hitting backup catcher. FV 45 – Extreme risk

34. Evan Phillips, RHP
Age: 23 (9/11/94) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: MLB

Phillips splashed onto the scene in 2018, striking out 58 in 38.2 IP in AAA. He earned a call-up and was given a chance to earn a spot in the Atlanta pen but was unable to generate the swing and miss results. While his lack of success in Atlanta has a short sample size, the Braves front office did not see enough to keep him in Atlanta. He should still get another chance to parlay his AAA success in Atlanta and profiles as 6-7th inning RP. FV 40 – Moderate risk

35. Ricardo Sanchez, LHP
Age: 21 (4/11/97) Prev. Rank: 26
Highest Level: AA

I may be the low man on Sanchez since every other list has him in the top 30. The Braves protected him on the 40 man and he is a 21 year old in AA. However, I see a hittable FB and poor feel for the off-speed. I saw Sanchez back up Kyle Wright and the difference in stuff was noticeable. He doesn’t seem to trust his off-speed against advanced hitters and starts to nibble. When he does come over the plate, he gets barrelled. Fortunately, being a lefty will keep on the radar. FV 40 – Extreme risk

36. Thomas Burrows, LHP
Age: 23 (9/14/94) Prev. Rank: 39
Highest Level: AA

Burrows has two plus pitches. His FB has run to it and his SL looks like a frisbee. The CH is fringey but can keep righties’ honest. The problem is the lack of control. Burrows walked 30 in 46.2 IP at High A. He doesn’t trust his stuff in the zone and nibbles, falling behind in the count. The Braves did see enough swing and miss stuff despite the walks to promote him to AA. He could become a weapon in the 2019 Atlanta pen, neutralizing both LH/RH hitters. However, he has to trust his stuff and attack hitters. FV 45 – Moderate risk

37. Trey Riley, RHP
Age: 20 (4/21/98) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: Adv. Rookie

The Braves selected Riley in the 5th round of the 2018 MLB draft. Riley has a big arm and by all accounts a plus SL. The CH is a work in progress as is the command. Reports suggest that he struggles to repeat his delivery. Will need to see more to truly asses but for now, he is worth keeping an eye on and could advance up the list in 2019. FV 45 – Extreme risk

38. Riley Delgado, SS
Age: 23 (2/22/95) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A+

Delgado had no problem raking the Sally at a .330 clip before a promotion to Florida. The hit tool is boasted by a mature approach and good bat to ball skills. He doesn’t possess plus bat speed and has maxed out his athleticism. He won’t hit for power but could develop into a steady utility piece. FV 40 – Extreme risk

39. Wes Parsons, RHP
Age: 25 (9/6/92) Prev. Rank: 46
Highest Level: AAA

Parsons first full season as a SP has been successful one by the numbers. Ultimately, he doesn’t miss enough bats to be considered a viable back of the rotation SP. His stuff will play up in the pen but in a system this deep, he may get lost in the shuffle. FV 35 – High risk

Tier 5

40. Jeremy Walker, RHP
Age: 23 (6/12/95)
Highest Level: A+

Walker is the least known arm in a loaded Florida rotation. The FB sits low 90’s but he can work at 94. The offspeed offerings are fringe and he doesn’t generate swing and miss. He does keep the ball down when he is going good but he becomes very hittable if he misses up. FV 35 – Extreme risk

41. Brooks Wilson, RHP
Age: 22 (3/15/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: Adv. Rookie

The Braves selected Wilson in the 7th round of the 2018 draft. He was Stetson’s closer and profiles as a reliever. The stuff can be electric and he could move fast through the organization. FV 40 – Extreme risk

42. Alejandro Salazar, 3B
Age: 21 (10/5/96)
Highest Level: AAA

Salazar shows good bat to ball skills with minimal power projection. The hands are stiff at 3rd with a fringe arm. He doesn’t walk either. He does have a decent feel for the barrel and isn’t afraid to use the RF. FV 35 – Extreme risk

43. Hayden Deal, LHP
Age 23: (11/4/94) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A

Deal relies on a plus CH to induce weak contact. His FB sits 88 mph but he is able to effectively use it inside to righties. The CH is firm and the arm action is excellent. He is undersized and has dominated younger hitters. The pitchability is worth keeping an eye on. FV 35- Extreme risk

44. Braxton Davidson, 1B
Age: 22 (6/18/96) Prev. Rank: 31
Highest level: A+

It feels like Davidson has been around forever but it’s easy to forget that he just turned 22. The issues at the plate are concerning. Davidson’s swing is long and the bat speed is slow. Despite being known for his patience and ability to draw walks, Davidson consistently expands the zone. But, if you are going to possess only one plus tool, then power is a good one to have. Davidson has plus raw power. However, it may not be enough to warrant anything other than organizational depth. FV 30 – Extreme risk

45. Derian Cruz, 2B
Age: 19 (10/3/98) Prev. Rank: 29
Highest Level: A

There is a lot to like with Cruz. He is athletic. He is fast. He is a switch-hitter. He can play up the middle. But until he learns how to tone down his aggressiveness and recognize spin, he will never hit enough to utilize his athleticism. FV 30 – Extreme risk

46. Odalvi Javier, RHP
Age: 21 (9/14/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A

Javier has a projectable frame and at times shows some pitchability. Command has been an issue in his first season of full season ball. When he stays down in the zone, he can generate weak contact and get quick outs. When he misses up, the stuff flattens out and he gets hit hard. FV 35 – Extreme risk

47. Andrew Moritz, OF
Age: 21 (12/22/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: Adv. Rookie

Moritz was selected in the 6th round of the 2018 MLB Draft. He has a good feel for the barrel and a mature approach. He profiles as an athletic CF with the ability to spray the gaps. FV 35 – Extreme risk

48. Hagen Owenby, C/1B
Age: 23 (7/21/95) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: A

Owenby is a little old for the Sally and joined the team after spending the first 2 months of the season in Extended Spring Training. He has a short, compact swing and can find the barrel. The body and power projection are probably maxed out, but he has shown good feel at the plate since joining Rome. FV 30 – Extreme risk

49. Justin Dean, OF
Age:  21 (12/6/96) Prev. Rank: NR
Highest Level: Adv. Rookie

Dean is a bit undersized but has shown a good feel for the barrel with a patient approach. He was selected in the 17th round of the 2018 draft. He has the athleticism to stick in CF which increases his value. FV 30 – Extreme risk

50. Braulio Vazquez, 3B
Age: 19 (4/13/99) Prev. Rank: 35
Highest Level: Rookie

Vazquez has an athletic frame with projection. He is a raw hitter with a long swing and poor pitch recognition. There is effort in the swing and it appears that in effort to tap into his raw power, he has shown a decreased approach. He’s still young and athletic enough to tap into the tools. FV 30 – Extreme risk


Featured image of Cristian Pache – via Bryan Green on Flickr

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