Philip Frank (New York Mets)

Hello everyone! My name is Philip Frank and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be the New York Mets correspondent for Prospects1500. I am currently a junior studying sport analytics and sport management at Syracuse University, planning to graduate in 2023. In the past, I have participated in the Baseball Statistics & Sabermetrics club where we have weekly discussions and activities based on the current state of the league. Baseball and sports have always been a passion of mine and learning how to analyze them through data and analysis classes have been a great experience.

As a Long Island native, I have been going to Yankees/Mets games since I was a little kid as well as Brooklyn Cyclones games, the Mets Low-A affiliate. Going to Cyclones games almost every summer helped me learn and start to get engaged with prospects. Seeing future MLB players Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, and Phillip Evans play at such a young point in their career and become great MLB options was always interesting to me. The whole journey and following them through was a fascinating concept and I wanted to continue that, not for just New York teams, but to find the next best talent in the minors.

Another aspect that got me into prospects was baseball cards. Prospecting and investing in baseball cards became a very strong hobby of mine around 2014. I started around the time Kris Bryant entered the league, my current favorite player, who I followed through his minor league years to the majors. Other players I enjoyed following and collecting were Ronald Acuna Jr, Austin Meadows, and Brendan Rodgers. Seeing their success made me incredibly happy and joining in their journey with them was very special to me. Holding these cards like stocks and learning sales and business on eBay was useful to me as well.

I am new to the writing and journalism side of analyzing prospects. I am excited for all of the great tips from the amazing staff here at Prospects1500. The New York Mets are currently in one of the better positions as a team as I can remember. While prospects may not make an immediate impact now on such a star-filled team actively signing big free agents, they may be involved in trades later on to continue the World Series push. My goal is to combine my knowledge of sport analytics and data to analyze and produce content centered around the Mets minor league system. I want to find the underrated talent that becomes big future stars in the league.

In addition to Prospects1500, you can reach me on Twitter: @PhilipFrank18 and LinkedIn:

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