Michael Kelley (Kansas City Royals)

Hello fellow dynasty fantasy baseball players, Royals die-hards, and general fans of all things baseball! My name is Michael Kelley, and I am excited to be the newest member of the great staff we have here at Prospects1500! I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona (arguably the best place in the country for baseball purposes), and currently reside in the Ozarks, which is located in Southwest Missouri. While I daydream of watching middle infielders turn two, working in the insurance industry pays the bills. I will be taking over as the Royals beat writer for Prospects1500, adding writing for this great website to my list of ever-growing hobbies.

I’ve loved baseball for as long as I can recall such things. Growing up in Phoenix we didn’t have professional baseball, save for the old Phoenix Firebirds. The Firebirds were the Giants AAA team at the time, with such notable players as Matt Williams and Rod Beck rolling through the desert on their way to the Bay. As a result, I didn’t have a built-in hometown team to roof for. As many other kids in the early 90s can attest to, I became a fan of the Atlanta Braves. Thank you, Ted Turner and TBS! It certainly didn’t hurt that the Braves were entering into sustained success throughout the 90s.

While watching baseball on TV is fun, and going to a game in person is America’s pastime, it’s has been fantasy baseball that has taken my love for the game to the next level. I started off in the late 90s with Sandbox salary cap baseball, and have progressed all the way to present with re-drafts, keeper leagues and dynasty leagues. Prospects play a big role in those leagues, and that is where Prospects1500 provides invaluable knowledge and information about the next biggest star or middle relief pitcher your favorite team will rely on for the upcoming season.

The Royals have some exciting talent coming through the pipeline. I hope to be able to inform you of who they are, update you with their progress throughout their minor league journey, and have some fun along the way. My analysis will be primarily from a fantasy baseball perspective, however there will be some consideration given to the value the player will have for the parent club. After all, there are reasons that journeyman defensive middle infielders consistently get moved to contending teams at the trade deadline. If you have an idea for an article or want to provide me feedback, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to me on Twitter at @MKelley_ND!

Born in Arizona. Raised in the Midwest, and with lots of baseball. When I’m not writing about baseball or purchasing my next baseball card, I can be seen coasting down the highway to yet another travel baseball tournament with my wife and son. I love the Braves, bat flips and outfield assists.

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