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The "Max Arterburn Collection" of his guys and great prospects. Photo via @MaxArterburn on Twitter

Hi! My name is Max Arterburn and I’m very excited to be joining the Prospects1500 to write about the baseball card hobby (aka #TheHobby). Spending my formative years in Michigan, I graduated from WMU with a degree in Industrial Design, which I use in my career as a structural designer of retail displays. I now live in the Milwaukee suburbs with my wife & three children. I’ll be coaching my son’s U10 baseball team for the second year in 2022, and also enjoy film & karaoke league.

I view The Hobby as whatever you want to make of it. Not everyone is into prospects like readers of this site and I am, and that’s great. But, since I was a kid I’ve always been most attracted to two things – prospect cards & great designs. My favorite design from my younger years is 1998 UD3. For most collectors, I know it’s a bit of a hot take – but the set construction coupled with some great integrated die-cut parallels separates it from any other release.

I was 9 when the first truly popular prospect-centric set, 1992 Bowman, came out, so this is something that I’ve been ‘in on’ for pretty much my whole life. What I love most in the modern sense of The Hobby is diving through an entire newly-released checklist to see what great, and not-so-great, prospects are in it for the first time. I don’t really hold back in collecting information on everyone. My neurosis of having an insatiable thirst for knowledge won’t allow it (thanks mom & dad).

I’m always willing to talk about prospects & baseball cards @maxarterburn on Twitter.

Max Arterburn lives in the Milwaukee suburbs. He loves coaching baseball, karaoke, film, and spending time with his wife & 3 boys. He loves the Hobby & uses it as an avenue to obsessively follow prospects. He also loves critiquing card design & fancies 1998 UD3 as his favorite childhood set. He is not an Instagram model.

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