Greg Bracken (Blue Jays)

Hello, my name is Greg Bracken and I will be covering the Blue Jays’ prospects here at Prospects1500. Born and raised in Toronto I have followed the Jays for as long as I can remember. I will be putting out my Top 50 list in the coming weeks that I hope along with the other lists on the site will help make a great resource for those looking for an edge in their dynasty leagues.

I still live in the Toronto area with my wonderful wife, who is always understanding of the time I spend researching and following minor league prospects in their pursuit to the major leagues. Unfortunately, the closest minor league park to where we live is in Buffalo (Toronto AAA) so the chance to see minor league games is difficult however we do try to get to Blue Jays home games as often we can.

I began playing fantasy baseball back in the early days of scoring by hand from the boxscores in the daily newspaper.  Over the past 10 years I have been playing in several dynasty leagues all of which have very deep minor league components including the 24 team, 225 man roster GMDL that a few of the other contributors to this site are also in.



  1. How high would you rank Vlad Jr. on overall prospect lists this year? What do project him to do at the big league level? I’ve seen Edwin Encarnacion as a comp. Would you agree? Baseball America gave him a 60 hit 70 power which blew me away. Is he really projected to be a stud like that?

  2. I would have Vlad in the bottom end of the top 100, somewhere around 85. He should be in top 20 after this season with a good year and some of the players currently ahead of him expecting to graduate. He has 30 HR potential and should consistently hit 20+ HR. He is still very young so an Edwin comp may be a stretch at this point.

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