San Francisco Giants International Signings

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Typically in years past, this signing period is designated to July 2, but as we all know, 2020 was not like any year we’ve experienced before. Major League Baseball decided to move the J2 signing period from July 2020 to January 2021. The Giants took the extra time and were able to capitalize on quantity with some high quality prospects. In total the Giants unofficially signed 34 prospects with the highest known signing to be $1M which falls short of the $4M given to Pedro Leon of the Houston Astros.

Most of these prospects are all younger with many days ahead of them while they attempt to etch their names in the MLB record book. It is easy to get caught up in which team signed a top prospect or how much money was given to a player but what is important is seeing these guys develop over time. Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuña Jr., Victor Robles, Ozzie Albies and Jose Ramirez all originally signed with their given teams for under $1M.

Here are a couple prospects I found to be interesting:

Diego Velasquez, SS
The prize of the class initially, Velasquez (17) comes to the Giants from Venezuela and has the potential to stick at SS in the future. At 6’1, Velasquez has the build to help grow into as he matures, but his current weight will need to be improved and it will over time. Switch hitter, Diego shows a good approach with a lot to like in the future.

Ramon Peralta, SS
Peralta (17) signed with the Giants for close to $600,000 out of the Dominican Republic. Not too sure where he fits defensively in the future, potential to slide to 3B but he looks like he’s going to hit and the Giants will find a place for him to play. Developing power and athletic, could see Peralta shoot up rankings once he gets a chance to play.

Jan Caraballo, RHP
Jan or Jean, signed out of the Dominican Republic as one of the top arms for the Giants. Listed between 6’5-6’6 Caraballo weighs in the ballpark of 200 pounds. Chance for more velocity as he develops, I really like Caraballo’s lower half through his delivery and interested to see how the Giants utilize his longer arms through extension. I’m excited to see how he progresses in the Giants system that lacks true SP.

Other Giants international signees to keep an eye on:
Mauricio Pierre, OF
Brian Guzman, SS
Samuel Rodriguez, SS
Jose Perez, RHP
Derwin Laya, 3B

My name is Paul Aiton and I’ll be covering the San Francisco Giants prospects. I grew up in Yorktown, Virginia until 2014, where I’ve since been traveling the country the last few years in attempt to chase a dream, working in professional baseball. I played 3 years in college, one season at New River CC and another two at Averett University after a shoulder injury derailed my dreams of playing professionally. Since then, I’ve gone on to coach high school and collegiate baseball. I also worked with Inside Edge Baseball for 5 years while working in their advanced scouting department. Outside of baseball I like to spend my mornings either on a golf course or taking my puppy Ace on hikes through Arizona. You can follow me @Paul_8en on Twitter. I’m always available to talk about Giants prospects, anything fantasy related or baseball!

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