2019 San Francisco Giants Prospects: A Glimpse Into the Future.

Camilo Doval - photo via Giant Potential

Spring Training is well underway as games have begun and question marks loom, especially for the Giants farm system. Farhan Zaidi has not made any major acquisitions so far in his first off-season that will improve their systems rank, as he’s focused on adding depth in the minors. As we wait to see if Madison Bumgarner returns to form for the big league club and whether he will stay with the team or be dealt at this years trade deadline, there hasn’t been much to feel good about for the Giants since the season ended. That also includes Bruce Bochy announcing that 2019 will be his last season as the Giants manager.

I understand Bochy wanting to ride off in the sunset on a winning ball club, deservedly so but with its current construction, I think it’ll be hard for this team to finish at .500. At some point as the season unveils itself, Zaidi will need to make a decision on where this team is headed and what type of ball club he wants to run. Adding an impact hitter via free agency before the season starts to pair with Buster Posey would help mask some of the deficiencies this farm system has until he is able to improve the overall health of the organization.

I highlighted several key players in my Top 50 list in January who I am looking forward to tracking their development as the season wears on. Below I will highlight some of these guys who I feel will make an impact in 2019 and my way too early prediction for their placement in my mid-season Top 50.

Marco Luciano, SS
Age: 17
2018 Highest Level: DNP
Luciano has started to make an impact early in camp with his elite bat speed and the ability to drive the ball to all fields. Still showing the ability to play SS, Luciano likely starts 2019 in the AZL. I’m looking forward to seeing him play this summer and hopefully watch him shoot up other Top 100 lists. I predict Luciano has such an impact, he’ll leap Heliot Ramos to become the Giants #2 prospect. Some swing and miss is likely to show as Luciano showcases his talent this summer, but I feel with his ability to drive the ball to all fields and play a premium position he’ll have no problems jumping from 3 to 2 and in the Top 100.

Sean Hjelle, RHP
Age: 21
2018 Highest Level: A-
Hjelle is hard to miss and standing at 6’11 he is attempting to become the tallest player in MLB history. Perceived velocity will be something I am looking to see if Hjelle will be able take advantage of this upcoming season especially if he’s able to command his FB that has touched 96 MPH in previous outings. Needing to limit hard contact and keep the ball in the yard, Hjelle will need to continue developing his CH as he climbs the organizational ladder. Still a backend arm, I predict Hjelle will be #8 on my mid-season list, jumping up from 11.

Camilo Doval, RHP
Age: 21
2018 Highest Level: A
The Giants have plenty of RP in the farm, but none of them are more intriguing than Doval. Camilo racked up 78 K’s in 53 IP in 2018 thanks in part to his upper 90’s FB that touches 100 MPH at times with nasty movement. I think Doval will have a largest impact out of all the RP in the Giants system, not named Melvin Adon. Doval came in at 21st on my list, but I predict with another strong showing he will jump to 15th.

Luis Toribio, 3B
Age: 18
2018 Highest Level: DSL
Toribio tore up the DSL last year to the tune of .270/.423/.479/.902 while adding 10 HR’s and showcasing quality plate discipline 51:62 BB:K ratio. I’m looking forward to seeing how Toribio matures as he should begin 2019 in the AZL with Luciano. Any Giants fan should be excited to follow this AZL team in 2019 to see how these two pair together on the left side of the infield. I also expect Toribio to add more power and improve his defense as it left a lot to be desired with .829 FLD% in 64 games. Still another 4 seasons away, I predict Toribio to jump from 22nd to 14th come mid-season.

Jake Wong, RHP
Age: 22
2018 Highest Level: A-
Wong was impressive in 2018 and showed why the Giants selected him 80th overall in the 3rd round. Featuring 3 pitches, FB/CB/CH, Wong will need to continue developing his CB and CH to reach his ceiling as a mid-rotation arm. My thoughts are that Wong will begin the year in Class A Augusta where he can continue to develop as he matures. Only 22, he has a chance to move quicker than some, I predict Wong to jump the ladder from 24th and into my top 10.

Aaron Bond, OF
Age: 21
2018 Highest Level: A
I wrote extensively about Bond in my Top 50 and his ability to show why the Giants drafted him in the 12th round in 2017. With the chance to begin the year in Augusta and possibly a promotion at the end of the year, I think Bond will make an impact on both sides of the ball in 2019. Power and speed will always be a factor in his game, I would however like to see him run a little more in 2019 as he only attempted 13 steals in 73 games. Showcasing loud tools, Bond has a chance to jump from 36 and into my top 30 with a strong start to 2019.

David Villar, 3B
Age: 21
2018 Highest Level: A-
Villar was a sneaky pick by the Giants as they grabbed him in the 11th round out of South Florida in 2018. He quickly showed the Giants right away what he could bring to the table with the ability to hit for average, power and play solid defense. I expect Villar to continue showcasing power and his ability to impact the game defensively in 2019. My biggest prediction for the upcoming season is Villar jumping from 41st and into my top 25.

Jesus Tona, RHP
Age: 22
2018 Highest Level: A-
Tona is an interesting player, someone I didn’t highlight in my Top 50 but still wanted to include him in this list. Tona started as a C in 2015 and in 2018 the Giants converted him to pitching as they liked his mid 90’s FB. Still developing his SL and being undersized at 5’10 will be challenging for Tona to continue to pitch at high level. Appearing in 23 games, Tona racked up an impressive 41:8 K:BB in only 31 IP. I’m intrigued with his ability to limit contact and finish games. The Giants do however have a ton of RP on the farm, but I can see Tona cracking into my Top 50 with another strong showing to start the year.

My name is Paul Aiton and I’ll be covering the San Francisco Giants prospects. I grew up in Yorktown, Virginia until 2014, where I’ve since been traveling the country the last few years in attempt to chase a dream, working in professional baseball. I played 3 years in college, one season at New River CC and another two at Averett University after a shoulder injury derailed my dreams of playing professionally. Since then, I’ve gone on to coach high school and collegiate baseball. I also worked with Inside Edge Baseball for 5 years while working in their advanced scouting department. Outside of baseball I like to spend my mornings either on a golf course or taking my puppy Ace on hikes through Arizona. You can follow me @Paul_8en on Twitter. I’m always available to talk about Giants prospects, anything fantasy related or baseball!

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