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Hello everyone, My name is Mike Conrad and I am currently covering the Washington Nationals for Prospects1500.  I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania and live close to the New York Yankees AAA Farm team.  The guy that covers the Yankees for Prospects 1500 and I attend games in an attempt to scout players and talk baseball.  I learned a lot about the scouting process from working with our local scout who was a former player for the New York Mets.

I decided to cover the Nationals due to the fact that I had them as one of my fantasy teams in a league that has 100 minor league players.  I am in several fantasy leagues that includes Diamond Duos II and Diamond Duos IV.  I also do a entry each year in National Championship Fantasy Baseball.  Fangraphs ranked our fantasy dynasty league their top league this year.

When I looked into prospects for the purposes of fantasy baseball I realized that most informational sites were lacking.  I will be posting my Top 50 Nationals prospects soon.  Tell me what you think.  Go Nats!


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Hi, I'm Mike Conrad, covering the Washington Nationals minor league system. Currently in several fantasy baseball leagues and a huge fan of baseball. I live in Northeastern PA - home to the New York Yankees AAA affiliate. Anthony Eramo (our P1500 Yankees rep) and I attend several RailRiders games scouting prospects. I'll provide information on the Nationals for our readers and me to use to obtain an advantage for fantasy baseball. Go Nats!

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