Milwaukee Brewers Prospects Update: 30-39

Milwaukee Brewers Prospects Update: 30-39
I’m providing some updates on the guys I listed in my Top 50 listing of players I ranked 30-39. Brief updates on their performance so far and where they’ve started 2017.

Wei-Chung Wang, SP
DOB 04/25/1992 
After not pitching at all in spring training, Wang is back in Colorado Springs throwing 6.2 low leverage short relief innings to this point. Doesn’t look as if Brewers are looking to Wang as a starting option any more.

Chad McClanahan, 3B
DOB 12/22/1997 (19.017)
McClanahan has not started his 2017 season yet.

Clint Coulter, OF
DOB: 7/30/1993 (23.162)
Coulter is playing mostly RF in AA Biloxi. He’s not had the success he did there last year and is slashing .226/.293/.340 in 58 PA so far. If he has anything working for him he’s only 23 but he really needs to start hitting. There’s not a lot of reason to think he will.

Kodi Medeiros, LHP
DOB 5/25/1996 (20.228)
Medeiros has taken some lumps at high A Carolina to start the year with four mediocre to poor outings. He’s been pretty hittable his entire minor league career and the Brewers are hoping to see some improvement from their 12th overall pick in 2014.

Victor Roache OF
DOB 9/17/1991 (25.113)
Roache joins Coulter and Reed in the AA Biloxi outfield where success from any of these guys would be a bonus at this point. The 1st round pick is 25 years old now and started slow again at .191/.225/.250 in his 3rd season in AA. Injuries have been an issue for Roache but this is certainly his last chance.

Javier Betancourt, 2B
DOB: 05/08/1995 (21.245)
Betancourt got three spring training at bats and is back in Biloxi for 2017. He’s been as unimpressive as he was last season with the bat slashing .200/.228/.218 in 57 PA’s so far. May be a matter of time until Isan Diaz takes his spot in AA.

Franly Mallen 2b
DOB 5.27.1997 (19.226)
Mallen has not started his 2017 season yet.

Kyle Wren OF
DOB 4/23/1991 (25.260)
After a great spring and long look, Wren returned to AAA Colorado Springs to start 2017. He manages to get plate appearances in an OF crowded with Brinson, Cordell and Phillips, but has only been OK, nothing that will get him promoted to the big club any time soon at .278/.339/.389 in 60 PA, all steps back from his 2016 performance. Wren may get a look later this year if he can step it up and there’s room in Milwaukee, but there are certainly more exciting options.

Trey York, 2B
DOB 04/04/1994 (22.279)
York has not started his 2017 season yet.

Troy Stokes, OF
DOB – 02/02/1996 (20.341)
Very nice start in high A Carolina slashing .313/.400/.516 in 76 PA as the Mudcats leftfielder. Sharing the outfield with big time prospects Corey Ray and Trent Clark, he’s outperformed them both in the early going. Stokes does a lot right with a career 11% walk rate, 18% K rate and 83% success in stealing bases.

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