NFBC and Prospects1500: Third Base

Re-drafters have plenty of options  outside of prospects. And would be advised to find their hot corner and corner infield elsewhere. That said, a few of these players make for great upside plays.

Note: Draft positions were exported around January 31.

Yoan Moncada

NFBC draft position – Average: 232 | Minimum: 141 | Maximum: 343

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 1st White Sox

Piece 1A in the White Sox rebuild is the 1st 3B prospect off the board in NFBC drafts.

Most expectations are that Moncada will get at least 150-200 PAs this year. On top of that, Moncada could very possibly come up to play 2B which would add to his value. And make his strikeout-driven low average not hurt quite as much.

Jacoby Jones

NFBC draft position – Average: 582| Minimum: 420| Maximum: 669

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 11th Detroit Tigers

If Jones gets an extended look this year–Roster Resource has him making an appearing in early 2017–then there is a reasonable expectation he exceeds his average 38th round value. And with that I’m going to add him to the queue in my ongoing draft.

Huner Dozier

NFBC draft position – Average: 621| Minimum: 442| Maximum: 739

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 2nd Kansas City Royals

Dozier is a reasonable alternative to Jones, though I do think Jones will end up with more plate appearances than Dozier. However, as a late season injury replacement, Dozier will work just as well.

Rafael Devers

NFBC draft position – Average: 649 | Minimum: 559 | Maximum: 737

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 2nd Boston Red Sox

Devers is a long shot to make the majors this year. And I’m happy to see leaguemates use a pick on Devers. Even if it is a late-round flyer. That’s one less person stealing my 3rd/4th-in-line-for-saves RP.

Matt Davidson

NFBC draft position – Average: 658 | Minimum: 490 | Maximum: 747

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 35th Chicago White Sox

I was prepared to write something snarky about Davidson but then I looked him up and discovered that Steamer projects 9 HRs in only 284 at-bats. Yeah, you may have to hold your noise when you look at his average. But that’s not a bad buffer to have with 43rd round pick.

And if you’re a dynasty league player with deep rosters, you may consider targeting Davidson who is only 25 years old. There is a reasonable chance his owner will deal Davidson cheaply. I’m not expecting a breakout, but I do think someone like Davidson is nice to have sitting around.

T.J. Rivera

NFBC draft position – Average: 667 | Minimum: 573 | Maximum: 742

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 18th New York Mets

Rivera is listed here with 3B, but it is important to note he has 2B eligibility on FanTrax. It’s also important to note that projections expect Rivera to hit less than 150 times. Batting average will be his primary contribution when he does play.

I’ve already taken him once in a 50-round draft, and I suspect I will do the same in my current one if given the opportunity. I’m a sucker for late-draft positional flexibility.

Matt Chapman

NFBC draft position – Average: 668 | Minimum: 552| Maximum: 744

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 6th Oakland Athletics

Chapman projects to play somewhere between some and none this year. Money says it will be some.

However, his strong defense will not do fantasy players much good. And neither will his poor contact skills which, in fact, will hurt one category. The power, though, may make up for it.

For this year, take your pick between Davidson and Chapman. They should provide you roughly the same contributions.

Nick Senzel

NFBC draft position – Average: 705 | Minimum: 650| Maximum: 740

Prospects1500 Team Rank: 1st Cincinnati Reds

I, too, like Nick Senzel. But, expecting him to play this year is a bit of a stretch. And even if he does, he has to contribute. Put both of those together, and I think you can safely pass on Senzel this year in re-draft leagues.

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