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Whenever, wherever, you’re reading this intro I hope you are comfortably seated as I take you on my journey. My name is obviously Paul Martin, I still live in Connecticut as I have my whole life. Four years and tens-of-thousands of dollars were spent, by me, on an education in Political Science and American Studies at the fine University of Connecticut. I am still very interested in politics so don’t get me started! However, my favorite aspects of these classes were the writing. I found myself taking so many English courses on the side that I fell into my American Studies double major that even included a class on “Baseball History and Society.”

After college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to venture into politics, or head to law school or do either. Working at a family business for a stretch allowed me to delve into the online world of fantasy baseball more than I ever had previously. I found myself gaining a small following in a Facebook group known as “The Bullpen”, which used to be sponsored by the Prospect361 website. Lenny Melnick ended up approaching me via messenger and asking me if I had any interest in writing for his website. This is when I found my niche as a podcaster. Lenny ended up giving me pretty much full reigns of his daily podcast this offseason as I talked every day for 45 minutes to an hour about baseball. I also started my own podcast called “Real Fake Baseball” during the 2017 season with my co-host Walter McMichael and we do multiple shows a week covering all things fantasy baseball.

The grind truly began this offseason as I started to invite more and more guests on the show. Appearances on “Real Fake” included George Bissell, Tim McLeod, Justin Mason, Marlins MiLB POTY James Nelson, and more. This led to me feeling like, “Hey, I might actually be able to do this like… for a living at some point.” Once that clicked in my head I have been working tirelessly to spread my reach across the internet accepting writing positions at Razzball, Pitcher List, and now Prospects1500. The journey feels as if it is moving at lightspeed, but I have been working on this my entire life. I learned to read by using the sports page in the newspaper and was helping my Dad make roster moves and transactions via the office fax machine.

I just want to thank Scott Greene and the good people at this site for adding me to the roster. Everyone reading this can follow me over on Twitter @PaulTheMartin. Thank you for reading my story as we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Paul Martin graduated from the University of Connecticut with a double degree in Political Science and American Studies. After college the drive to become a baseball writer became real when Lenny Melnick asked for a podcast substitute. Ever since late-2017, Paul has been providing content for, Razzball, Pitcher List, and now Prospects1500. Living in the Connecticut area there are plenty of options for minor league coverage with the closest team being the Hartford Yard Goats. This die-hard Yankees fan has transitioned into a well-rounded cover of all things fantasy baseball and prospects.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Just curious on your insights into a few minor league catchers. My dynasty league can have up to 50 minor leaguers, and I seem to have quite a few young catchers: Luis Campusano and Austin Allen, Padres; Sam McMillan, Tigers; Eric Haase, Cleveland; and Seby Zavala, White Sox. Are you familiar with any of these guys?



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