Josh Peltier (Milwaukee Brewers)

Hello everyone! My name is Josh Peltier and I’m looking forward to helping out with the Brewers beat on Prospects1500. A little bit about me. I am 39 years old, living in the ‘burbs of the Twin Cities with my wonderful wife of nearly 16 years, along with 2 cats and a dog. In addition to being a baseball lover, I am a huge music fan, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on Minnesota cheeseburgers. I’ve recently gotten back into the baseball card hobby, to go along with my dynasty fantasy baseball league obsession.

I have been a Twins fan since the mid-80s and am lucky enough to have had some of my first baseball memories centered around a couple of World Series victories. Once my love for baseball was established, I became interested in collecting baseball cards. I used to save my weekly allowance and ride my bike to the local drug store to buy as many packs as I could. Anyone remember the chalky taste of baseball card chewing gum?

While I still maintain that the Twins are my #1 team, my overall love of the game of baseball has grown over the years through playing fantasy baseball. Being in dynasty fantasy leagues has also extended my love of the game to the minor leagues. Prospects1500 has been an invaluable resource for these hobbies, and I am excited that I will get to contribute my perspective and knowledge on these subjects. Although the Twins are still my #1 team, I am looking forward to diving deep into the Brewers farm system for the site. You can follow me on Twitter at @pelliepellie81 where I mostly tweet about fantasy baseball and baseball cards.

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