Jarrod Vickery (Southern League)

I was five-years-old the first time I bought a pack of Topps Baseball Cards for $.44 from the local Wal-Mart. I had played Little League baseball. I had even inattentively watched some baseball with my Dad and my Grandfather. However, nothing to that point compared with opening that pack of cardboard pictures and tasting that stale gum. Some might say the game leads you to the hobby but, in my case, the hobby lead me to the game. Fast forward thirty-four years and here I am, an old traditional baseball stats dog trying to learn all the new, sabermetrics tricks.

I grew up and still live in Northwest Alabama. I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I am an Atlanta Braves fan since the Dale Murphy/Bob Horner years. I also love Alabama football. Roll Tide! While I enjoy watching Major League Baseball on TV, I would much rather be sitting at a minor league stadium somewhere, soaking up the atmosphere, getting to know these players, the process, and the trials they go through to make their dreams come true. That is my passion.

I will be covering the Southern League for Prospects1500. I look forward to writing about my experiences and hopefully providing useful information about all your favorite teams and players. You can find me on Twitter @jvickery55.

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