Jake Tweedie (Texas Rangers)

Hey there baseball fans, and in particular Rangers’ fans, my name is Jake Tweedie. I am originally from Kent, England, currently live in Nottingham, England, and I work in professional soccer.

I’ve always wanted to be involved in sports, but only recently (2016) became a baseball fan. I’ve been around professional soccer for the last 5-6 years, and am really looking forward to this challenge of mixing it up and talking about a sport I’ve not long been a fan of but am avidly passionate about.

My interest in baseball has been there for many years. Over here we’ve had games shown sporadically on BT Sport, but as of 2016 I became a full-on fan. This coincided with BT Sport showing more and more games and obviously the 2019 MLB London Games was a big thing.

My first games were watching Oakland Athletics at the Coliseum on a trip to San Francisco. I became more involved with the sport by picking up some baseball cards on that same trip. I joined a card group based in the UK, picking up everything and anything Oakland related. Although my baseball card love has slowly faded, my love for the sport has not.

I started writing about baseball not long ago, in the hope that one day I would have the opportunity like this to showcase my skills and share my thoughts on the sport with you guys. I’m joining the Texas Rangers minor league coverage team here at Prospects1500. I have a keen interest in lower drafted players and seeing how they develop in their career. This will be the main focus of my posts and hopefully that will show everyone the lower drafted players can be just as important as the higher drafted ones. Moving forward I’ll adapt to show off a wider spectrum of the Rangers’ farm system.

I’d love any feedback and ideas anyone has. Just hit me up here in the comments or on Twitter at @MLBUKAnalysis1.


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