Jacob Swain (Washington Nationals)

My name is Jacob Swain and I am excited to join Prospects1500, covering the Washington Nationals and adding input on the card collecting element as well. I currently live in southern Virginia with my wife and three boys. I played baseball in multiple leagues all through high school and currently serve on the board of directors of our local Dixie Youth Baseball league where I also coach. Coaching this game has been one of my most rewarding experiences.

I grew up in western Maryland and the Orioles were my favorite team. My interest in prospects and minor league baseball, in general, started relatively early as my family and I would regularly attend games with the Hagerstown Suns and Frederick Keys. In my late teens I started going to games and getting autographs of the players, and it grew my love for the game. After my senior year of high school, I somehow talked my parents into going on a minor league baseball summer tour. We traveled through West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland visiting as many minor league ballparks as we could. It was hands down one of the best summer vacations of my life. The summer after I graduated from Elon University in 2004, I had the chance to work with the Fredrick Keys for the summer and it was a fantastic experience that only added to my interest.

Like most kids in the 90s, collecting baseball cards was a big deal. As I got older, though, and there was a lull in the market I lost track of the hobby. Having three boys and wanting them to experience cards the way I did, allowed me to find my way back into the hobby this past year. I became enamored with the Bowman prospecting side of the hobby. I will occasionally dabble in basketball, but Bowman is my main focus. In November of 2018 I decided to start a baseball card business that would allow me to delve deeper into the hobby. My company’s name is Five Tool Sports Cards, and you can find me on Twitter @fivetoolcards. I’d love to hear from any other collectors, and you can also check out some of my cards there as well.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @jacob_swain3 to talk Nationals and give me your insights into their system and prospects you would like to see covered.

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