Future Dodgers (Dodgers)

Hello! I’m Future Dodgers, and I’ll be contributing some Dodger-related minor league coverage to Prospects1500 moving forward. I’m a lifelong Dodger fan, as I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I’ve always held a great interest in prospects, at least compared to most fans.

That interest (plus the desire for a more productive hobby) propelled me to start tweeting and later writing about Dodger prospects last year, under the moniker Future Dodgers. I tweet daily updates and game summaries, write reports on trades and individual prospects, and have my own organizational top 100 prospects rankings which you can find at futuredodgers.wordpress.com.

I think that in this age of baseball, prospects truly come at the intersection of the old world and the new world. Scouting is still vitally important to learning about prospects, as simply “Scouting the statline” won’t get you anywhere when it comes to prospects. However, with Trackman now installed in in all major and minor league stadiums, and the widespread usage of more advanced stats, teams are now much more comfortable using analytics as part of their evaluation of prospects. It’s an exciting time to be a baseball fan, and I absolutely subscribe to the belief that scouting and analytics are not enemies, but rather can work together hand-in-hand to assist MLB teams in their decision making, which is why I try to incorporate both in my work.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy watching baseball, playing fantasy football, reading, running, and eating cheap sushi. You can find me on Twitter @FutureDodgers.

Future Dodgers writes about the Dodgers at all levels, specifically focusing on their minor league system. For daily updates and news, follow him on Twitter @FutureDodgers. For articles, opinion pieces, rankings, and more in addition to what's here on Prospects1500, check out http://futuredodgers.wordpress.com. Feel free to email him at futuredodgers@gmail.com.

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