Eric Herauf (Kansas City Royals)

Hey everybody! My name is Eric Herauf and I will be your new Kansas City Royals MiLB correspondent. I have been a baseball fan for a long time, really getting into it the year Pedro went to the Red Sox. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the GameBoy was my favorite game and actually come to think of it, I may have gone through two or three copies of it. I still actually have it!

I was born and raised in North Dakota and moved to Colorado shortly after college. I live with my wife, three kids, two dogs and the old grouchy cat. This upcoming season, I will be helping coach my oldest son’s baseball team, which should be an awesome experience and hope to gain some valuable knowledge.

With all that being said, I’m very excited to dig deeper into the Royals minor league system, learn more and bring that knowledge to all you baseball junkies out there just like me! You can find me on Twitter @ejh1528. My DMs are always open baseball talk or just general talk.

Eric born and raised in the great state of North Dakota and now resides in Colorado with his wife, three kids, two dogs and a grouchy cat. He's been a baseball nut for a long time, growing up playing Ken Griffey Jr. baseball for the ole GameBoy. A Red Sox fan at heart, but thoroughly enjoys watching all baseball. Adding to the chaos, he will be an assistant baseball coach for his oldest child's team.


  1. Hey Eric,

    I have Pratto in a keeper league. He had a very solid 2021 especially his power. My concern is what his BA and OBA may look like once he makes it to the bigs. Do you have inside info regarding his hit tool and what weaknesses might be exposed at the major league level? Mountcastle comparisons are exceptable, Gallo comparisons not so much.

  2. Good morning John. Thank you for the comment! I see batting average being a crutch for him. His K% is concerning. Pratto had a 34%(HiA), 29%(AA) and 28.5%(AAA) over the last three years, while his walk rate dropped from 16% to 13% from AA to AAA. He might be a source of power, but the BA and OBP can hurt you if you don’t have a player to counteract him. As for the comparison, I also see him closer to Mountcastle than Gallo.

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