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Hello baseball fans, my name is Adam Wilson and I’ll be your new Cincinnati Reds correspondent here on Prospects1500. As a lifelong Cincinnati native, I know exactly what it means to be a Cincinnati sports fan all too well. I understand the constant optimism we have, only to have that followed closely by the disappointment the season inevitably brings. As a part of the Prospects1500 team, I hope to foster that incurable optimism for the future!

Baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From playing in my backyard as a kid, to becoming a state champion, I’ve continually found new ways to love this game. Some may have dreamed of becoming President but that was never me. As a kid I always wanted to become a major league baseball player. Unfortunately, the best that I could muster was becoming an underwhelming corner outfielder at a Division III school (Ohio Northern University). Given that slight hiccup in plan, I had to find a new calling. I did just that when I became a sports enthusiast and, now, writer.

Following my Sophomore season as a player, I knew my future was no longer on the field of play. That was when I turned to the press box. With my love of statistics and keeping score, it was a natural fit for me. I was always the guy on the bench who kept the book when not playing, and that young fan also did it at every major league game he attended. Officially, my title was Assistant to the Sports Information Director, but it felt like so much more. My enthusiasm for sports blossomed as I covered every sport at my university, except for wrestling and swimming. Baseball could have fallen to the wayside, but, I found my love for baseball only grew stronger with this experience. Now here I am, a veteran dynasty player and Cincinnati Reds correspondent.

My goal with this assignment, and any article that I post, is to provide you with the optimism that every Cincinnati sports fan knows all too well. Along this journey, I hope to bring my youthful enthusiasm and the love for this beautiful game. I couldn’t be more thankful to receive this opportunity and will forever cherish it. If you ever have any feedback for something I’ve written or thoughts on baseball, I will always be interested in hearing what you have to say. Please feel free to reach out and/or follow me on Twitter at @AdamWilly5312. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Adam Wilson is a lifelong baseball fan and the Cincinnati Reds correspondent for Prospects1500. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, he is a former baseball player himself, although admittedly nowhere near the level of those he will write about. Adam graduated from and played two years at
Ohio Northern University, with a degree in Accounting and an MSA in Forensic Accounting and Audit Services. He plays in several fantasy baseball leagues including three dynasty leagues run by Prospects1500’s very own Jared Chapman. He can be reached on Twitter at

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