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Hey guys,

My name is Reid and I’ve been following baseball since I was 9. I loved to read just about any book I could get my hands on that involved baseball. My favorites were the books that had tons of statistics in them. Any kind of baseball history books that had information about the best old time players from last century also piqued my interest. Baseball became something I thought about everyday and I still have a lot of those same books from my childhood today.

Now, I am 30 and live in Nashville, Tennessee. I follow my Atlanta Braves religiously and was absolutely spoiled by their successes in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s. Now, I am cautiously hoping the process John Hart and company have set out to do will result in a long-lasting contending team as they move into their new ballpark this coming season. The Braves now have one of the top farm systems in the game and they have quite a few veterans lined up to play significant roles next year. It will be important for these vets to show the kids how to conduct themselves professionally each day.

As of today, I work in sales as I sell life insurance for a company called American Income. It’s long hours and days, but I love it. I like to help out others protect them and their loved ones with life insurance should an unfortunate accident occur. We make a difference in people’s lives everyday as I try to find my client a plan that can fit their exact needs. I am unhitched at this time, but I won’t stay that way for long.

I enjoy watching, listening, and reading about baseball as my schedule allows. I’ve always wanted to get into writing about baseball and I’ve done some blogs on other websites, helped run and participate in fantasy leagues for over 12 years, and fantasy sports is by far my biggest hobby today. I love money leagues where the competition is better and there’s something at stake. In writing about the Mariners, I look forward to broadening my knowledge not just about their system, but reading what the other great writers have to say about their assignments.

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