Scott Delp (Diamondbacks)

Hello to all,

My name is Scott Delp and I’ll be covering the D-Backs on the site. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and to getting to know the Arizona system.

I’d guess I’m the old guy here. I’m 63, live in Palm Coast, Florida with my wife, and baseball is my passion (though hockey and golf are not far behind). I’ve done a number of things related to baseball since I retired. I had my own website for about 30 months (until I realized I had no knowledge of how to promote it and got tired of writing every day for just my family). I then wrote for a couple of other sites and also did a weekly baseball-only radio talk show on the St. Augustine, FL ESPN affiliate for three seasons. I wrote a feature article for a Jacksonville area weekly newspaper on the Jacksonville Suns (soon to be Jumbo Shrimp) booster club.

I am midway between Jacksonville and their AA Marlins affiliate and Daytona where the High-A Reds prospects play. If you cover either of those teams and want any info, let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.

I usually make several trips around the state during spring training to see the Phillies (my wife’s favorite team) and my beloved Mets.

I’ve played fantasy baseball since the 70s when we had to buy the USA Today every week and do stats by hand. Now I am in two traditional 5X5 leagues and three deep dynasty leagues.

I live at the beach in Palm Coast, FL with my wife. I'm an old retired guy whose main job is hosting trivia shows at golf courses for which I get free golf at several upscale golf courses. When it rains and I can't play golf, I read about baseball and try to find the next underrated prospect.

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