Ryan Ortiz (Yankees)

Hello and welcome beloved readers of Prospects1500! The name is Ryan Ortiz and my job here is to bring you the highest quality prospect conversation in regards to all things New York Yankees. With that said though, this is my chance to let you peek into the life and mind of this baseball fanatic. In a day and age where the NFL and NBA are grabbing the attention of America’s youth, I oftentimes find myself pondering why kids aren’t crawling to as many baseball related activities as possible. Some say the sport is too slow or too resistant to change but I say give me a beer and a baseball game to watch and that is all I’ll need for hours.

I live and breath New York Yankees baseball. The fandom goes back to my grandfather and father, so no I am not some bandwagon Yankee fan posing to love baseball so you will all like me, or rather hate me. I originally hail from New Jersey and as cliché as it sounds when growing up I fell in love with baseball while watching, you guessed it, Derek Jeter. I won’t deny that I’m a very spoiled baseball fan and for that I am most thankful but baseball is so much more than all those championships I’ve seen won. Growing up playing baseball every year through high school I’m now at a point in my life where I don’t get to enjoy the game from a player’s standpoint. I now fill that hole of desire with what many of you readers do too… Fantasy Baseball. (You were thinking something else weren’t you?) I commissioner several different fantasy leagues across all sports. In regards to baseball, I’ve been commissioner and participant in a deep 16-team dynasty league for going on five years. I also share the commissioner responsibilities with a friend for a league that runs year round and is comprised of 3 sports, baseball, basketball, and football. Each owner has a team across all three sports and there is a points system to keep track of the overall year winner. The beauty of it is that owners can conduct cross sport trades, which can really bring up some wacky situations.

For the second half of my life I have lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I was also fortunate enough to spend four years at Auburn University in Alabama where I received a Computer Science degree. WAR EAGLE! My wife and I are currently expecting our first child, a girl, and I couldn’t be more excited for what is about to come. I hope you guys will enjoy the viewpoint I bring to the Prospects1500 site. If you ever desire to reach out about baseball or maybe one of my articles you can find me @Ortizme93 on twitter. If you don’t like something I’ve said then you can find me @NotOrtizme93. With all of that, how about we get to the baseball talk!

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    I inherited Kyle Holder in a dynasty league team this year. We can hold up to 50 minor leaguers. Any reason to keep him? I’m inclined not to.
    Also, I live in Charlotte, NC and saw Josh Rogers completely dominate the Knights last week. Was thinking of adding him to my roster. What’s his chance of getting a shot in the big leagues? ETA?

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